Creating Online Writing Page

Wikipedia is the most popular internet encyclopedia and just like any other wiki, anyone can do some editing. There are more than three million articles written in the English language making it the largest wiki worldwide. Most people visit the site whenever they wish to know about a certain subject. It is also used for researching where one is writing about a certain topic and wishes to get additional information. The information available at Wikipedia is mostly work previously done by other people who later upload it for other people to view. Those passionate about writing also have a chance to express their love for writing by writing about something mostly of their interest. This is what is referred as Wikipedia writing which will be discussed in this article. Please note that if any of this is too confusing, you can always hire Wikipedia writers to help you with the struggle.

Creating a Wikipedia page is a process that requires the writer to follow. The first step is to do a search to confirm whether there is another title under the same subject exists. The results will show whether there is a related article to ones subject. The red colored link is an indication that the title is not in existence while the blue link indicates existence of such title. By clicking the red link, a blank page appears and the save page button should be clicked to create the page.

Apart from encyclopedia articles, all other articles must include a namespace prefix followed by the title. Media files have an exception when it comes to creating a page in that they are uploaded through a separate and dedicated interface accessed through the ‘upload file’ click.

There are another category of namespaces that can only be created by either the administrators or other users whose access levels are higher. They include mediawiki pages, education program pages, special pages and module pages.
If one wishes to change or edit an existing page or a section of it and the title as shown in the uniform resource locator (URL) of the browser’s address to a new title, one should click edit and then do the changes before clicking the enter button. The new title will appear as if it was the one originally put.

A Wikipedia spam is that unwanted advertisement link in a site. The problem is that they appear as full uniform resource locators replacing the legitimate and original content of a page with the hope that their pages will be viewed by those who visit the site. One can remove a spam by overwriting it with the original older version.

One Direction Fans Might Not Be Too Happy At The Moment

While One Direction fans and the other members of the band might not be too happy that Zayn Malik has decided to quit the group Simon Cowell seems to think that it was a good choice for the young singer. He is quoted to having said that Zayn needs some time to himself and some time to just live life as a 22-year-old. And maybe he’s right. Fans at Bulletproof Coffee ( know that the pressure of being famous so young has to get to some people, and it obviously has for Zayn. Once he’s had a break and had some time to consider everything maybe he’ll come back stronger than ever. I’m sure One Direction fans will be able to find it in their hearts to forgive him once they hear some solo music from him. He has a great voice and he is sure to make it far on his own if that is what he choices to do in the future.

Deadpool Gets His R Rating

The young male audience that makes up the bulk of the readers who purchase Deadpool comics are going to be thrilled at some news. Rob Liefeld and Ryan Reynolds have noted the film version of the off-the-wall assassin will be rated R. Originally, it was assumed that 20th Century Fox wanted to produce the film with a PG-13 rating. The PG-13 would, hopefully, draw in a larger audience.

With the recent flop of The Expendables 3 (a film that followed two previous R rated films), studios learned some films are best served with the R rating. Deadpool is one such project that just is better suited for a “restricted” rating.

Fans at Handy know that Deadpool is a character who is a ruthless killer with a bizarre, wisecracking personality. In many ways, Deadpool is a parody of traditional superheroes. The books have been released under the Marvel Max (adult’s only), but the bulk of the Deadpool books were, well, along the lines of a PG-13 rating.

Still, the character of Deadpool is not one that is designed to appeal to wide audiences. The books were never super sellers. Rather, the character was focused towards a niche market that rabidly enjoys the adventures of the “merc with a mouth”.

These adventures are going to play out on screen a lot better with an R rating. The film is slated for a February 16, 2016 release. Hopefully, Deadpool fans will turn out in huge numbers on a cold winter weekend.

My Life Changed For The Better, Thanks To Skout

I have always wanted to own my own business, but I never had the means to do so. I borrowed money from family members, friends, and I even talked to strangers, in order to get some funding. No matter what I did, I never had enough money to start the businesses that I really wanted to try. I was told that I should do some searching online, so I jumped online, in order to find a place that might loan me some money. I have no credit history, I’m a young lady, but I’m very ambitious.

After searching for hours, I got tired, and I decided I just wanted to have some fun online. I came across the social media network Skout, and after reading about it, I decided that I would join. People on Twitter have been talking about it for years. I put up a picture of myself on my profile, and I also listed many of my hobbies. One of the biggest things that I emphasized on my profile, was that I was an entrepreneur, and I really wanted to start a business. Someone read my profile, and I was sent a message, so I answered.

I assumed that the guy was trying to flirt with me, but he kept asking me about my business ventures. After a while, I became a bit skeptical, and I even thought that he might be trying to steal my ideas. I was shocked to find that the person was completely genuine, and he said he was looking for a business to fund, not one to steal. It turns out the guy that I was talking to, was a millionaire, and he was always looking for new business ventures.

I asked him what he was doing on Skout, and he claimed he was looking for a girlfriend. Although he came onto Skout looking for a companion, he accidentally ended up finding an entrepreneur, such as his self, and we hit it off. We began talking on the phone, and after giving him my business ideas, he decided he would take a chance on me. He allowed me to sign a reasonable contract, and after one year of working with him, I am completely independent, and I work for myself.  More similar stories are even shared on their blog section of the website.

BBC’s Jeremy Clarkson Suspended

BBC star Jeremy Clarkson of the hit show “Top Gear” is in trouble again, and this time it doesn’t sound too good in his favor. Last May, Clarkson was giving a serious warning about his behavior on the screen as he was caught using a racial slur during the filming of one of his shows.
According to an article found on reddit and written by, Clarkson had hit one of his television producers last week which is why he has been suspended from the rest of Top Gear’s season this year. Even though there are only three episodes left of this season it has been confirmed by BCC that they will not be showing at least this Sunday’s episode. Even though this was a terrible thing that Clarkson did, his edgy personality is one of the reasons that Top Gear is so popular. People at Anastasia Date know that, despite all the trouble he is causing and the fact that this was his “last warning”, it is unlikely that he will be fired. Hopefully they will find a way to come to some kind of agreement before next year so that the show can go on. It really is a very entertaining and well-loved show.