Brad Reifler: International Enterpreneur and Investor

To make it big in the world of international finance, a person needs education, knowledge, and the personality to put that knowledge to good use. In today’s world of finance, many people are rising stars in the field. However, there are also ones whose reputations have already been established. Such is the case with Brad Reifler, who as the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital Management has established himself as an international investor and entrepreneur whose acclaim continues to rise.

Having got his start in the 1980s when he founded the Reifler Trading Company, Brad has built upon his experience with that company and many others to reach a level of respect few people ever achieve. Regularly consulting with long-time members of Wall Street or board members of Fortune 500 companies, Brad understands not only the many details that go into creating a successful company, but also how working together with others also plays an important role. With his experience working on four continents and working with a variety of employees, he understands the team approach is best when attempting to make a company as strong as possible.

With his interest in equity markets, Brad has been able to achieve results few if any others ever have. Upon founding Pali Capital in 1995, he reported through Reuters that immediately went to work analyzing various sales strategies in order to give his sales team the best chance for success. As a result of his analysis, he developed a strategy that combined in-depth credit analysis with a highly differentiated product offering to impress clients and help them achieve their goals. Upon leaving Pali after 13 years, he and his team were responsible for over $1 billion in commission income. As this international entrepreneur and investor has demonstrated, experience and a winning attitude pay off every time.