Beneful Offers Me Enough Choices So That My Pup Can Grow Up With the Brand

I picked out my new puppy a few weeks before he was old enough for me to bring home. This turned out to be perfect because it gave me time to prepare for his arrival. One thing I had to do first was look over dog foods to choose a brand for him to eat. I knew I wanted a brand that offered me plenty of options to grow with him. That is why I was so happy to come across the Beneful puppy brand. They have plenty of varieties that made me confident they would have something to offer him every step of his life.

First off, Purina’s Beneful had a great option for what I would need first, a great puppy food. Their Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food with real chicken was perfect for my little guy. The puppy formula offers plenty of great nutrients to help my pup grow including a lot of calcium, DHA to help with brain development, and of course great ingredients like chicken, carrots, and peas.

As my pup grows I know his nutritional needs will change, but with Beneful I don’t have to worry at all. For the first few years of his adult life when he is super active running with me, headed to the dog park, and on hikes I can feed him Beneful Playful Life.

Of course, as dog’s age their metabolism slows down so I hope that I can switch him to regular dog food like Beneful Originals range. There are three different flavors so that every dog can get the taste they like. Salmon, chicken, and real beef are all choices, and they all offer a nutritionally sound diet with plenty of nutrients to support my pup.

I hope that the Originals line will be enough, but if my pup starts to get a little hefty as he ages from less activity I can always switch him to Beneful’s Healthy Weight made with real chicken and with accents of carrots, apples, and green beans. This recipe has a better caloric mix for dogs that need some help meeting their healthy weight goals. All of these choices allow me to be extremely comfortable with choosing Beneful as the brand for my pup.