Disney Ban Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 30, Disney’s new ban of “selfie sticks” at its American theme parks, that it announced on Friday, goes into effect. Visitors will not be permitted to bring selfie sticks on to any Disney grounds. This decision came after a visitor last Wednesday tried to use a selfie stick while riding a Disney California Adventure roller coaster.

Some people have complained since the Friday announcement that Disney is merely attempting to force its own photo service on visitors, but the company has already responded that selfie sticks were never permitted on rides because Disney has never allowed visitors to ride with loose items that can cause accidents. The visitor who broke the loose items rule at Disney California Adventure actually forced the shutdown of the ride for about an hour because of safety concerns.

What does this mean tomorrow?

Anyone who has a selfie stick will be asked to leave it with park staff or return it to their vehicles, rooms, et cetera. Visitors can continue to go to park staff members to take their pictures whenever needed. The ban for parks outside of the U.S. starts on Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

It is not surprising to the Boraie Development team that Disney has made this choice. Because selfie sticks are so long, they can cause accidents and obstruct views. Safety aside, the shutdown of a ride for an hour also costs Disney a lot of money.