It’s Time To Update Your Wardrobe For The 2016/17 Season

When it comes to fashion trends it’s never too early to look to the future. The 2016/17 fashion forecast is multifaceted, to say the least. Four styles were featured on this year’s runway that made a bold statement about the future of the fashion industry: historical romanticism, modernistic simplicity, retro-sports, and a new twist on athleisure-wear. Advances in technology, the creation of new textiles, innovative color trends, and bold patterns have inspired designers to look both back in history as well as far into the future in order to create products that are the first of their kind in the industry.

In the past, people drawn to the look of the Victorian era or Gothic apparel appeared as though they had stepped right out of a historical painting. With technological advances in the manufacturing of rich-looking fabrics like in JustFab that embrace the extravagant yet demure appearance of the style, historical romanticism has returned with a vengeance and has now reached trend-setter status. On the other hand, for those drawn more toward crisp almost sterile tailored designs, the skin-like feel of new textiles in light almost clinical colors combined with minimalist accessories will find the look of modernistic simplicity most appealing.

Sportswear has always been a top seller in the retail industry. When combined with a retro 1970’s look, however, you get the perfect mix. The retro sports vibe can easily go from the gym to the streets. The accentuation of timeless sports elements with add-ons like snaps and shoulder buttons are freshened up with new colors and textures that are sure to appeal to the masses. Finally, the increased interest in athleisure-wear has returned with a cozier, softer, just-got-out-of-bed feel that takes on a classier romantic look that has been termed “the ultimate in city chic.” It’s all about combining elongated layers of plush fabrics with soft tones which is sure to be a huge hit this coming season.

It’s never too early to begin planning for the upcoming fashion season. Retailers like the online store JustFab have already begun to create and produce trend-setting designs that are sure to please. Members find themselves in the company of stars like Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan who know that what you wear is important but so is getting your wardrobe and accessories at an affordable price. Keeping pace with the fashion industry and upcoming trends can be difficult but less so with JustFab whose in-house design team is all about keeping up with new trends and providing quality products at affordable prices.

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Lime Crime Make-Up: Doe Deere’s Brainchild

There is a new line of cosmetics that’s causing a sensation worldwide. It’s called Lime Crime and people have almost broken the internet in their rush to order the products. Lime Crime cosmetics come in a wide range of bright and beautiful colors. Many of them are outside the color palette used by traditional mainstream cosmetic lines. Lime Crime is nothing if not unconventional. However, those bright colors may blind people to Lime Crime’s socially conscious side. You see none of the ingredients in the make-up line comes from animals. They are totally vegan. Plus the products are not tested on animals. PETA and Jumping Bunny certify this.

Wearing Lime Crime cosmetics is fun. It offers a level of self-expression other cosmetic lines just can’t match. For many people wearing Lime Crime make-up is a symbol of their freedom from the constraints of the modern cosmetics industry. People that wear Lime Crime are not even trying to blend in. Their goal is to stand out. The uber-bright colors are a silent scream of independence that turns heads and puts smiles on people’s faces. Many people feel like at last they have found a cosmetics line that lets them show what’s in their soul.

The lipstick, nail polish, rouge, and eye-shadow offered in the Lime Crime line come in colors many people have never seen or even heard about before. Colors like Venus, Shell, Aura, Creation, Icon, Rebirth, Divine, and Muse may not have been in your crayon set when you were a child, but when you put them on they’re sure to make you smile. The colors are unconventional, reckless, and beautiful. They allow people to play with color in ways they haven’t done since they were children. These bold, flawless colors are game changers that enable people to show their long-hidden inner child.

The entrepreneur behind the Lime Crime line is Doe Deere. Born in Russia and based in Brooklyn, New York, this former entertainer and model has actually created a way for people to entertain themselves and their friends by simply dabbing on a bit of this and a touch of that to create a look that’s unique and special. What also makes Doe Deere on pinterest different is her marketing strategy for Lime Crime. It’s strictly internet based. Deere has been able to reach out to people online and provide them with the type of make-up for which they have long searched and sends it directly to their door.

It’s a brilliant concept. One which is sure to inspire legions of imitators. But Doe Deere isn’t concerned, because imitation is the highest compliment. Deere has put her production methods online so people can see just how the cosmetics are made. She has pulled back the curtain and lets you see the wizard at work.

Writing Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia is one of the most successful websites to ever grace the internet. The vast amount of information on this website gives individuals all over the world the ability to fortify themselves with the amount of knowledge that they need to really succeed in this world. Without the contribution of individuals all over the world, Wikipedia wouldn’t be what we know it to be today. There are some guidelines that individuals can use in order to really make their contributions on Wikipedia stand out. These guidelines are easy ways to really become a great contributor on Wikipedia.

The first thing that you want to do when you are contributing an article to Wikipedia is follow the layout. Depending on the type of article you are writing, there are different layouts that you can choose from. These layouts will allow you to create professional articles that will match up to the other articles on Wikipedia. When you are creating a Wikipedia article you must always remember to cite your sources. This is the basis of all that Wikipedia has to offer. The articles on Wikipedia are only as good their sources. This is something that needs to be addressed when you are writing for Wikipedia.

Copy Kristen’s Style… Do A Visual Search with Slyce!

Slyce has created an amazing visual search technology, which can be integrated, right into an existing application that a retailer may have. If a retailer has an application, which allows its customers to shop through their store for items, then the Slyce technology can be integrated into it. Visual search can be helpful, if a customer does not know the name of the product that they are searching for, but they may have an idea who sells the product. With the visual search technology, a customer can take a picture of the item, run it through the application, and be able to find the item in the store.

Using the “snap to buy” feature, which is one of Slyces technologies, a customer can take a picture of an item, which they may see a person holding, and use the application to analyze the photo. After doing an analysis of the photo, an exact match can be returned of the product, and if it’s in the retailer’s store, the buyer can see a product description, a price, as well as be given the choice to buy the product right away. Using Slyce technologies can actually help to boost any retailers’ sales.

Since people go out on a daily basis, they may be doing activities, and they suddenly come across a purse, or something that catches their eye. If the consumer asks the person holding the purse, who they bought the purse from, they may give a store name, but the consumer may still be confused as to where, and how to buy the product. By using the technologies that Slyce provides, the consumer can take a picture of the purse, analyze it through the technology, and come back with an exact match, allowing them to purchase the item right away.

Studies have proven that visual searches, as well as product recognition, can help to connect a consumer with an exact product, which can then lead to higher sales for the company selling the items. Not only is a visual search great for a retail seller, but it’s also very beneficial for a consumer, who may not want to spend all day shopping for a single item. In the world today, many people are looking for the fastest ways to find and purchase items that they want, but not everyone wants to take the time to search for a single product on the Internet.

Slyce technologies allow customers to use visual search, in order to find a product, as well as allowing the consumer to take pictures of ads or billboards, in order to find the product. Slyce offers several services, which can help a consumer, as well as help a retail business to connect with a buyer, or connect a consumer with a seller of a product. Slyce also offers social media campaign services, which can further help a retail business to advertise their products, as well as allowing the products to be recognized by consumers. Using Slyce technologies, makes it easier for consumers to find products they want.