Nathaniel Ru’s Sweetgreen Restaurant Is The Current Sensation In The Food Industry

Most restaurant companies would love to ape the business model of elite salad chain, Sweetgreen. The food-chain has been able to raise capital from big investors such as Steve Case, Daniel Boulud, and Danny Meyer.

Given that more people now have access to information on their health and best diet options, many have chosen to take the healthier route of organic foods. Sweetgreen has already expanded into 40 locations and still counting. According to the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Nathaniel Ru, theirs is a quest to feed people with quality and health foods.

Nathaniel Ru’s idea was born during his senior year at college. The entrepreneur together with his friends had a hard time locating restaurants that had healthier options on their menus. Those that did were more uptight and less fun discouraging many people from visiting them.

Half a year later, their college experience would push them into creating one of the fastest growing fresh and organic foods retail chains.

When Nathaniel Ru approached the landlord to a tavern space on M Street, Washington, the owner couldn’t help recognizing the zeal and determination in the three young men’s faces. She agreed to rent them the space they needed as long as they came back to her with a solid business plan and financial backers.

The green eatery grew from humble beginnings into a formidable retail force in the farm to table style restaurant.

In the internet age, the three entrepreneurs have not been left behind. They have leveraged the power of the internet and mobile technologies to ensure that most purchases are made through the company’s website or application. Their background in computer technology has been one of their biggest advantages.

The trio has also rethought management strategies in their company. Nathaniel and his partners do not believe in towering corporate headquarters. Most of their management operations are decentralized. Another management strategy that the entrepreneurs employ is having their main offices closed at least five times a year so that everyone gets a chance to work in the restaurants.

Nathaniel Ru and his partners, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, have been friends and business partners since they first met at Georgetown University.

Besides finding themselves in the same entrepreneurship class, the trio had quite a lot in common. They were all raised by parents who ran their businesses and were first-generation immigrants.

One of the most challenging managerial task that the three business leaders have had to undertake is letting other people handle their duties.

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