Cleansing Conditioner Is Changing Hair For The Better

In the past. women relied solely on traditional shampoo and conditioner combinations. The thinking was that you needed a soap based product to remove dirt and pollutants from the day. People didn’t realize that those shampoos were damaging their hair and making it frizzy and dry. Instead of helping the hair the shampoo was stripping the hair of its natural protective oils that are also what give hair its bounce, shine, and manageability.

Sometimes people would claim that their hair would behave better when it was dirty. What was really happening was that the hair had replenished its natural oils and became more protected and less frizzy. Of course, you need to cleanse your hair but what should you do if not use shampoo? Enter the invention of the cleansing conditioner.

When celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean realized that keeping his celebrity clients hair in top conditions was nearly impossible using shampoo he knew he had to create something that would nourish and strengthen the hair instead of stripping it of its natural oils and leaving it frizzy. Chaz Dean uses botanicals and natural ingredients to create the Wen cleansing conditioner.

Wen is applied liberally to the hair and is worked through gently to remove dirt, debris, and odors. It is rinsed with cool water and styled as usual. When hair is dry it is noticeably healthier, shiny, and easy to control. People all over the world have discovered the incredible results that they can achieve with Wen cleansing conditioner. Wen is the most gentle and effective way to care for your hair.

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