Sergio Cortes Masters The Moonwalk And Other MJ Signature Moves

To be a Michael Jackson impersonator requires one thing: dancing. Everyone isn’t going to have to smooth voice that Jackson had. Some people may not look like him at all. It is still possible to lack these things and provide a decent impersonation of Jackson. You can lack the voice and the looks, but you must have the dance moves.

Michael Jackson didn’t invent the moonwalk, but he certainly perfected it. Sergio has watched the footage, and he knows how to pull off a great moonwalk among other things.

Sergio certainly has become a force in the entertainment industry because he has been able to provide a performance that looks like Michael Jackson on stage. Some fans may call it eerie because the resemblance is so similar. There is a lot of Internet buzz about this because Sergio is bringing the magic back to the beloved MJ songs like “Thriller” and “Smooth Criminal.” There is footage of Sergio practicing online. Someone that has seen his on stage knows that he must put in hours to perfect this. It would be simpler if he had a stage to himself, but he has dancers. He goes the extra mile to have the backup dancers that like MJ had. This is impressive, but it is also an intense practice schedule. This also equates to more people that have to be paid by Sergio. He loves what he is doing though. He has managed to become a performer that is ready to take the stage and create what MJ did on stage. That is a commitment that has made him the best Michael Jackson impersonator out there.

That is what Sergio wants to do. He has the desire to take the tour around the world. Cortes is getting recognized more because he has the look and the moves of Jackson. There were lots of things that Jackson did on stage that Sergio could embed into his own performance. That is the thing that separates him from others. He runs around the stage the way that Jackson used to run around. He dances in unison with the dancers. He kicks and makes the hand gestures that Jackson used to make.

There are even times when he mimics the facial expressions of Michael Jackson. This is what fans will remember as they leave his MJ tribute shows. They will remember the hard work of Sergio Cortes.

Ariana Grande Posts Sweet Lyric Teasers

If you are a big Ariana Grande fan, then you have probably been following along with her on Twitter as she reveals some of the lyrics from her new album. What do you think of them so far, if you have been watching her Twitter account? Are they making you oh, so excited to hear the songs?


Ariana Grande is doing great in her career. Dr. Jennifer Walden has certainly heard a lot about her. She has a lot of fans, and she know how to use her voice to her advantage. When it comes to her lyrics, the ones that she has been posting on Twitter are great, as well. They might only be teases of the new songs to come, but they show a lot of potential. Her new album is sure to be one that everyone is going to love.
If her lyrics have anything to say about it, Ariana Grande’s new songs are going to be completely and totally sweet.

“True Life” Star Talks About Removing Her Butt Pads

Britney was on the show “True Life,” which airs on MTV. The show featured Britney as well as another man, and they both said they hated their body. Britney didn’t like her butt, and she felt that her behind was not big enough. In the era that we live in today, many people are obsessed with having a big behind. Brittany Talks About Her Butt Pads. People have done plastic surgery, they’ve had butt implants, and some have even had injections, just to make their rump bigger. It’s understandable that someone may want a shapely behind, but some are willing to go to the extremes to get it.

Britney used to wear butt pads, and she is trying to be a plus sized model as well. Britney finally came out to the world, and she told everyone how she felt about her body and it changed everything. Beneful employees are proud of her for feeling better. Britney finally has given up the butt pads, but it seems as if it has affected her career. Britney believes that because her behind is no longer as ample as it was with the butt pads, she is not getting as much work as before.

It’s not necessarily true that the butt pads have reduced the work that Britney is getting, but she feels as if the shape of her behind has kept her from excelling in the modeling world. More than likely, Britney needs to just accept herself for who she is, and she should expect others to do the same.

Gisele Budnchen And Tom Brady Welcome A New Pet

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady now have a new addition to their family, and it’s a four-legged friend. No doubt the couple is happy to get some time off from their respective jobs, especially since they’ve gone through a lot lately. Gisele & Tom. Tom Brady has finally found out his fate from the deflate gate situation. Tom was accused of knowing that the football that he was playing with was under inflated. Even though Tom was punished for his role in the entire situation, but he continues on with life.

Fans like Brian Torchin know that Gisele recently retired from modeling, although she is still very young in age. Gisele is a supermodel and she used to be the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio. Giselle and Tom have been together ever since Tom left his pregnant girlfriend for Gisele. Funny enough, Gisele and Tom’s ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child, they ended up being friends. On a side note, Gisele and Tom sold their multimillion dollar home to Dr. Dre, and the home was filled with one-of-a-kind artifacts and pieces of furniture. Dr. Dre bought the home, and he decided to get rid of all the furniture and put in his own.

Many of us would love to know what it feels like to be able to waste money and re-furnish a home that’s already well furnished, but it’s unlikely that many of us will achieve that kind of wealth. For now, Gisele and Tom can enjoy their four-legged friend, their riches, and their success.

George Lucas plans affordable housing after studio expansion is blocked

The Skywalker Ranch has long been home to the movie and TV empire of George Lucas, who sold the majority of his movie assets to the Disney empire in 2013. Skywalker Ranch sits in Lucas Valley in Marin County, California and has long been the planned location of a new state of the art studio planned by Lucas and his team, NY Daily News reports. After around 25 years of planning the studio Lucas Film finally canceled the project after neighbors of Skywalker Ranch defeated the last submitted plans they felt would cause road and environmental problems in the area.

The planned studio project was finally abandoned in 2012 after the latest objections from members of the Marin County community. Lucas has now announced he plans to create a 224 home community of affordable housing on the Lucas Valley property in a move many in the community have seen as a form of revenge on his well heeled neighbors. Ricardo Guimarães BMG doesn’t know how much reception this move will get. The plans will soon be presented to members of the Marin County government, but local officials have already spoken in appreciative terms over the project to bring affordable housing to the area.

Josh Hartnett reveals Batman regrets

Pearl Harbor star Josh Hartnett has revealed he was asked to play the part of Batman by director Christopher Nolan, but turned the role down, according to Variety. The actor is now appearing in HBO’s Penny Dreadful and revealed he had feared he would become typecast as a star of Hollywood blockbusters and little else. Fans at Anastasia Date ( know that Hartnett now admits this was a bad choice as he later watched the Batman role given to Christian Bale who has gone on to become one of the most respected actors in Hollywood.

Hartnett now states he made some bad career choices in an interview he gave to Playboy as he felt he had to leave the role of a Hollywood leading man and explore other possibilities as an actor.

Security puts Justin Bieber in a Chokehold at Coachella Music Festival

If you are one of the many people who are less than excited to hear about anything Justin Bieber related, I have somegreat news for you. The out of control pop punk finally got what he deserved at the Coachella Music Festival. Security put him in a chokehold following an altercation and kicked him out of the event.

Bieber and his posse approached the artist’s entry at the stage where Drake was performing. They showed security their credentials and attempted to gain entry. Security told them that the area was already at capacity and that they couldn’t enter.

Bernardo Chua wonders: Do you think that would stop someone as out of touch with reality as Justin Bieber is? If you said no then you are correct. Bieber had a staff member escort him into the private area. When his posse tried passing they got into a tiff with the security staff. Bieber was then put in a chokehold by security and removed from the area by force.

Bieber’s publicist claims he left on his own terms. I like the version of the story where he gets thrown out by security much better. Of course, since we live in the age of legal action, Bieber is considering suing event staff over the incident instead of taking it like a man.

One Direction Fans Might Not Be Too Happy At The Moment

While One Direction fans and the other members of the band might not be too happy that Zayn Malik has decided to quit the group Simon Cowell seems to think that it was a good choice for the young singer. He is quoted to having said that Zayn needs some time to himself and some time to just live life as a 22-year-old. And maybe he’s right. Fans at Bulletproof Coffee ( know that the pressure of being famous so young has to get to some people, and it obviously has for Zayn. Once he’s had a break and had some time to consider everything maybe he’ll come back stronger than ever. I’m sure One Direction fans will be able to find it in their hearts to forgive him once they hear some solo music from him. He has a great voice and he is sure to make it far on his own if that is what he choices to do in the future.

Lewinsky to Join The View?

As if our favorite scandalous political intern did not cause enough of a stir in the 1990’s, Monica Lewinsky may be stirring up more trouble on ABC’s The View. Rumors are swirling that Lewinsky could be a new host on the popular daytime talk show.


The rumors started after Lewinsky was invited to appear on the women’s focused talk show as a guest to discuss her anti-bullying campaign. It has been alleged that the production crew on the show really enjoys the former White House intern and the perspective she could bring to the show. Her guest appearance may very well serve as an audition for the former White House intern. Fans at Anastasia Date agree that if she does really well and engages the audience, she may have secured a permanent seat with the panel of outspoken women.


While some people say they love what Lewinsky could bring to the show, other people have their doubts and believe it could prevent future content. As presidential elections are nearing, some are apprehensive that having Lewinsky’s permanent presence on the show could potentially hinder the shows ability of gaining access to Democratic presidential front-runner Hilary Clinton.


In case you forgot, the Lewinsky scandal shook the United States in 1998 after it was uncovered president Bill Clinton had sexual relations with the 22 year old intern. The news of the affair led to a serious investigation of the president and eventually to the impeachment of President Clinton by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Jennifer Lawrence Leaving X-Men Franchise After X-Men: Apocalypse

During an interview with MTV News, actress Jennifer Lawrence confirmed that she will be leaving the X-Men franchise soon. The next film due out in the franchise is X-Men: Apocalypse, which 24-year-old Jennifer told MTV News will be her last X-Men film.

Jennifer has played the shape-shifting mutant character Raven Darkholm/Mystique since first starring in 2011’s X-Men: First Class. In the first three X-Men films, Rebecca Romijn starred as Raven Darkholm/Mystique. Jennifer took over the role as the younger Mystique since X-Men: First Class takes place in an earlier time line.  The fate of Mystique remains a mysterious but audiences will find out after X-Men: Apocalypse is out. Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that the film will be in theaters on May 27, 2016 so unfortunately we will all have to wait another year to find out what the apocalypse holds for the mutant x-men.

Rumors are that Gambit may be getting his own spin-off films while there may be another Wolverine film in the works.