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Sergio Cortes Masters The Moonwalk And Other MJ Signature Moves

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To be a Michael Jackson impersonator requires one thing: dancing. Everyone isn’t going to have to smooth voice that Jackson had. Some people may not look like him at all. It is still possible to lack these things and provide a decent impersonation of Jackson. You can lack the voice and the looks, but you…

Ariana Grande Posts Sweet Lyric Teasers

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If you are a big Ariana Grande fan, then you have probably been following along with her on Twitter as she reveals some of the lyrics from her new album. What do you think of them so far, if you have been watching her Twitter account? Are they making you oh, so excited to hear…

“True Life” Star Talks About Removing Her Butt Pads

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Britney was on the show “True Life,” which airs on MTV. The show featured Britney as well as another man, and they both said they hated their body. Britney didn’t like her butt, and she felt that her behind was not big enough. In the era that we live in today, many people are obsessed…

Gisele Budnchen And Tom Brady Welcome A New Pet

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Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady now have a new addition to their family, and it’s a four-legged friend. No doubt the couple is happy to get some time off from their respective jobs, especially since they’ve gone through a lot lately. Gisele & Tom. Tom Brady has finally found out his fate from the deflate…

George Lucas plans affordable housing after studio expansion is blocked

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The Skywalker Ranch has long been home to the movie and TV empire of George Lucas, who sold the majority of his movie assets to the Disney empire in 2013. Skywalker Ranch sits in Lucas Valley in Marin County, California and has long been the planned location of a new state of the art studio…

Josh Hartnett reveals Batman regrets

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Pearl Harbor star Josh Hartnett has revealed he was asked to play the part of Batman by director Christopher Nolan, but turned the role down, according to Variety. The actor is now appearing in HBO’s Penny Dreadful and revealed he had feared he would become typecast as a star of Hollywood blockbusters and little else….

Security puts Justin Bieber in a Chokehold at Coachella Music Festival

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If you are one of the many people who are less than excited to hear about anything Justin Bieber related, I have somegreat news for you. The out of control pop punk finally got what he deserved at the Coachella Music Festival. Security put him in a chokehold following an altercation and kicked him out…

One Direction Fans Might Not Be Too Happy At The Moment

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While One Direction fans and the other members of the band might not be too happy that Zayn Malik has decided to quit the group Simon Cowell seems to think that it was a good choice for the young singer. He is quoted to having said that Zayn needs some time to himself and some…

Lewinsky to Join The View?

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As if our favorite scandalous political intern did not cause enough of a stir in the 1990’s, Monica Lewinsky may be stirring up more trouble on ABC’s The View. Rumors are swirling that Lewinsky could be a new host on the popular daytime talk show.   The rumors started after Lewinsky was invited to appear…

Jennifer Lawrence Leaving X-Men Franchise After X-Men: Apocalypse

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During an interview with MTV News, actress Jennifer Lawrence confirmed that she will be leaving the X-Men franchise soon. The next film due out in the franchise is X-Men: Apocalypse, which 24-year-old Jennifer told MTV News will be her last X-Men film. Jennifer has played the shape-shifting mutant character Raven Darkholm/Mystique since first starring in…

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