Clarkson gets teased about her weight

Is it hard to believe that celebrities have feelings too? Apparently Chris Wallace thinks that it is okay to make hurtful comments about Kelly Clarkson’s weight.

Wallace made an appearance on “The Mike Gallagher Show” on Friday and it is there that he made some not so nice comments about Clarkson. His comments ranged from stating that the star blew up to giving her tips to stay away from a certain type of pizza.

Clarkson has yet to make an official comment about the hurtful words that came from Wallace. The star is scheduled to appear on “Ellen” to talk about all the disapproval of her weight from the media, fans, and others.

Though Wallace has yet to make a statement regarding what was said on the “The Mike Gallagher Show” his colleagueGreta Van Susteren has stepped up and revealed her feelings regarding the comments that were made. Susteren took to her blog and wrote about her repugnance for the comments that were made. She feels that the statements made were detestable and Wallace should apologize for them.

Igor Cornelsen agrees that this occurrence reveals that stars and celebrities endure the same type of teasing that everyday people may receive. Though they may be seen on television or heard on the radio, these individuals are still human. Many young people look up to Kelly Clarkson and Chris Wallace so hopefully Wallace will apologize and Clarkson will handle the situation with maturity.