Roberto Santiago positions himself as one of the Best Real Estate Developers in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is one of the leading real estate developers in Brazil. At 58, the shrewd businessman has created a name for himself in the Brazilian real estate industry by developing some of the most luxurious modern real estate projects in the country. Santiago started out in his career as a writer but soon realized that writing would not allow him to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a premiere businessman in the country. He took a leap of faith and plunged into the real estate industry at a time when it was just picking itself up.


As Brazil has grown in recent years to establish itself as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, it has become one of the best countries to invest in. As is common for most developing nations, the real estate industry in the country is one of the best industries to invest in. Roberto Santiago, fully cognizant of this fact, set out to establish himself in this industry and benefit from the great returns that it promised to offer him.


His premiere project, the Manaira Shopping Mall, is based in the Paraiba state of Brazil. Inaugurated in 1989 in the Joao Pessoa city of Paraiba, Manaira Shopping Mall has come to be known as the greatest real estate success of the city. The native-born of Joao Pessoa was proud to invest in his home city and never shied from the ups and downs that he faced in developing this property. The Manaira Shopping Mall has been hailed for its great architectural design which has seen it incorporate many facilities therein. Mr. Santiago had a vision for the mall which saw him develop it continuously over the years to incorporate more important facilities such as a college, an electronic amusement park and a concert hall. The diversity of the facilities contained in the mall make it one of the most convenient places to visit in the country. There is no limit to the number of services and products one can access in the Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba.


Banking on the success of the Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago has embarked on the development of a second mall, still in the city of Joao Pessoa. The Mangabeira Shopping Mall was inaugurated in 2014 and is hoped to widen and crystalize the customer base of the Manaira Shopping mall. The Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago’s premiere real estate project, covers over 75 thousand square meters and hosts an impressive 280 stores. This mall, together with the up and coming Mangabeira Shopping Mall have crystallized Mr. Santiago’s position and reputation as one of the most successful real estate developers in Brazil. And by the look of things, his star will keep on shining in the coming years, and one can only expect more groundbreaking projects from the shrewd businessman.


Entrepreneur, Financier, and Advisor- Igor Cornelsen

Investing is not an easy task to undertake, it is very overwhelming to most people especially for the first time. However, also the investors themselves who consider themselves pioneers face different challenges when it comes to running a business as well as investing.

Whether one is investing in a commodity or foreign exchange, they need to connect with an expert for advice. Igor Cornelsen is one of the most respected Brazilian financier and investor.

Mr. Igor is a Brazilian businessman who does not invest in one type of investment as well as commodity.

He can be described as one of the most influential business advisors in the world whose work is clearly seen through his strategies. According to Igor Cornelsen; losing cash during investment is a usual thing but it can be avoided at the end of the day.

He has been advising his fellow investors as well the aspiring business people on how to invest safely because it is possible. Over the years since he began doing business; Mr. Cornelsen has managed to bring his business into safe vehicles.

Igor has been able to demonstrate how one can run a business safely, bring back huge returns and make the business run for many years.

Igor Cornelsen has a vast knowledge of how the stock market works as he had an opportunity to serve in the stock market during his early career years. Igor has also served in several financial facilities as well as banks both private and public.

Mr. Cornelsen can also be described as a futurist in the financial and the economic sector. Learn more about Igor Cornelson:

He has been advising his country; Brazil on the economic status, and how to invest soundly in the market. The financial advisor has gone further to advise new investors in the Brazilian stock market and his advice is that the investors should first familiarize themselves with the prominent investors in the market.

He further says that it is good to know that pioneer of the market because Brazilian economy has both private and public sectors and it is ranked number eight in the world and the largest in Southern America.

Igor Cornelsen’s advice to people is that they should invest in damaged stocks instead of damaged goods.

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Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Helped Change the Fashion Market

In a recent interview that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did, they talked about the things that they have done and the way that they have accomplished so much in the time that they have been running Fabletics. They talked about the way that they could be successful and the things that they did to get to the point where they are at. Throughout the interview, several trends kept coming up because of the way that they did things. The idea that they provide women with a service they need at a price that is affordable and through methods that are convenient is one of the biggest reasons for their success.


All people need clothes. Just because people are working out doesn’t mean that they need to be dressed in rags or old clothes that are going to not make them feel confident about themselves. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg understood that and they wanted to be able to make the right choices for their business and for the things that were going on. Because they knew that their clothes were going to be the best option for them to sell, they decided that athleisure wear was what they needed to focus on and they continued to do so throughout the length of their business.


There are some athleisure wear brands that are expensive and that the average person may not be able to afford. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did not want that for their business. They wanted to include everyone, even people who were on tight budgets. By offering their clothing at a lower price point, they are able to cater to the market that other companies are not able to do. This has set them far apart from the things that these other companies are doing and from the opportunities that they have.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are always looking for the next best thing and they want people to know that convenience is key. No matter what they are doing with their business, they are always working to make sure that Fabletics is a convenient option for all of the women who use it. They offer the clothes through different avenues and are still expanding to include even more options. They know that the way that they sell things can make a difference in whether or not they are able to succeed with these types of sales.

IDLife; Logan Stout’s Company That Is Hitting The Industry With A Bang

In the modern world, product promotion has become a recent trend since many companies have emerged supplying the sector with the different variety of commodities. Owing to this, securing a share of the market has proven difficult. Therefore, for the likes of Logan Stout, survival in the market is mainly based on their brilliant ideas. Logan Stout is the co-founder and the seating CEO of IDLife.

The brilliant CEO, Logan Stout observed the health product line market and noticed that most of the companies were taking most of their time encouraging people to buy their commodities. Instead, according to Logan, product promoters should consider their client’s health history as well as needs. As a result, Logan established a company that has a reputation of offering a wide variety of products that meet each person’s unique combination of their health needs.

As a product promotion company, one of the primary objectives of IDLife is to assist associates to earn a considerable amount of money. In a statement to Affiliate Dork, in IDLife, there are many ways of earning revenue, 14 ways to be precise. Surprisingly, in IDLife, even newbies are in a position to earn through finding buyers.

In many product promotion companies, new members have to undergo through a thorough scrutinization all in the name of ensuring qualification. However, for IDLife, anyone can easily become an associate by enrolling. Their members range from coaches, personal trainers, physicians, and personal trainers among others, all who are passionate in assisting others to succeed concerning their health.

Today, IDLife is ranked in the upper 100 Top Solid MLM Companies in the global list. Working with such a fast-growing company is such a privilege. The fact that the firm offers a unique and wide variety of products makes it simpler for associates to find buyers. Also, IDLife offers products that members can see and feel the quality hence make them deal with a product they wholeheartedly trust.

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About IDLife

IDLife was established in 2014 by Logan Stout in partnership with Jen Widerstrom, Darwin Deason, and Troy Aikman. The company was founded on the ground to offering personalized fitness and nutrition products. Their line of product has influenced the fast rate at which the company is growing.

IDLife which means ‘individually designed life’ has enabled individuals across the globe design the life of their dreams as well as achieve their full potentials through its associates. According to the CEO, IDLife has ensured that customers no longer need to go to a store picking a variety of supplements that they need. Instead, they tailor-make unique products that meet various needs in one product hence reduce the cost. IDLife deals with a variety of products which range from; IDNutrition, sleep strips, work out supplements, appetite chews, as well as the meal replacement, shakes among others.

How Adam Goldenberg’s Unmatched Fashion Expertise has Steered JustFab to Success

Adam Goldenberg is a co-chief executive officer of JustFab, an e-commerce retailer that deals in the sale of clothes, bags, and other accessories. JustFab is a conglomerate that owns Fabletics, FabKids, and ShoeDazzle. Goldenberg is responsible for the success of this company. He oversaw the rebranding of this fashion heavyweight to Techstyle in 2016.

Goldenberg’s thoughts on the company’s valuation

In 2014, JustFab closed an $85 million round of funding under the management of Adam Goldenberg. The investor that led this financing was Passport Special Opportunity Fund in collaboration with Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover, and Shinning Capital. Based on the sources close to the company, this round of funding came with a $1 billion valuation. This business valuation came about because of the increased number of investors. According to Goldenberg on, JustFab designs its products and manages its inventory. By so doing, JustFab can provide better terms to its suppliers and enhance its growth as a business. When asked about future endeavors, Goldenberg said that the company initiated an IPO and secured about $500 million worth of revenue in 2015.

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Goldenberg oversees the renaming of JustFab

In 2016, JustFab changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group. Goldenberg and his team decided on this name to put emphasis on the company’s roots, which is technology. During the launch of this new designation, Goldenberg emphasized that TechStyle, previously JustFab, has stayed true to its vision. He also added that the company has come a long way and is a top brand-building platform in the United States. This new name captures the identity of the business where fashion and Silicon Valley works together. The new corporate marketing officer, Shawn Gold, hinted this news to the public according to Shawn Gold joined the company to enhance consistency and help promote marketing efforts of each brand portfolio.

Other ventures

Goldenberg has created other fashion brands, such as Intelligent Beauty. He also founded Gamer’s Alliance, Inc. in 1997 and sold it two years and four months later. Goldenberg served as Intermix Media’s chief operating officer for close to seven years. It is at this firm that he began venturing in e-commerce businesses. He co-founded Intelligent Beauty in 2006 upon realizing that there was a lucrative niche in beauty, personal care, and fashion spaces. Within a period of four years, this company became one of the largest marketing and advertising firm in the fashion industry. He is the current director of, one of the top beauty retailers. Goldenberg has been serving as the head of this entity since January 2009.

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Insurance Company Sued by Former Hawks Ownership Company over Ferry Settlement

The former NBA franchise ownership group, the Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball LLC, has filed litigation against the New Hampshire Assurance company for failing to compensate them on their agreed policy through their settlement criteria. For the company, they feel that the New Hampshire Insurance Company has failed to take responsibility for the claims. This was a contract which involved the settlement claims which were made by the former management company of AHBE. Danny Ferry is the former managing director of the issued litigation. According to him, this civil lawsuit must be taken seriously by the court to ensure that the New Hampshire Insurance Company should not act under bad insurance faith for many other companies in the future.

The former management group of the Hawks Entertainment and Basketball Company had the inclusion of the former controlling partner Bruce Levenson. Bruce of the UCG has worked in the company to ensure that they pay their premiums in time to have them covered by the various insurance claims. It was to his shock that the New Hampshire Insurance Company has worked to fail the company during their new course of action. The former management of AHBE is claiming a new order of their compensation in the new employment practices related to certain losses. For the company, there is nothing that affects them more than bad insurance faith. For them, taking into business deals with the insurance company was a way to make their compensation criterion available.

Their insured policy had the inclusion of certain employment-related practices which were not limited to workplace torts and wrongful termination of employment contracts. According to the documents presented in court, AIG was given notice by AHBE in 2015for the claims asserted to be covered by Ferry. There was an undisclosed agreement reached by the two companies over the settlement. According to, this marked the end of their six-year contract scoring more than $18 million in the contract.

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George Soros Impact

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management Company based in New York. Politically, he is a powerful individual here on earth. Soros has reconfigured the political scenes of different countries globally due to his massive influence since the mid 1980s. In particular; Soros has played a vital role in American politics and culture in a more profound way than anybody .His influence stems from the more than $13 billion personal fortune together with the $25 billion worth of assets his firm controls. George Soros has a passionate messianic zeal and views himself as someone whose mandate is to bring transformation around the globe by turning its institutions to become better. In several instances, Soros has fancied himself as an economic reformist, as evidenced in his books such as ‘The Alchemy of Finance’ and ‘Underwriting Democracy’ on Investopedia. During an interview with The Independent, in June 1993, Soros brags about him being a creator of everything.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest Hungary to Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz. In 1947, Soros family relocated to England and enrolled him at the London School of Economics (LSE).After completing his studies from LSE; George Soros secured a job at the London brokerage firm Singer and Friedlander, where he gained experience in international arbitrage. After four years, he moved to New York and worked as a stock trader on Wall Street. Later, He joined the Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Inc. as a portfolio manager.

Soros began his philanthropic work in 1979 when he launched the first of his many Open Society Foundations at his country of birth. The foundation was meant to help in building a vibrant and tolerant democracy so as to make the government accountable to its citizens. Moreover, Soros opened an office in Moscow so as to disseminate a large amount of money to different causes and groups in 1987. His spending on philanthropy increased from just $3 million to $300 Million from 1987 to 1992 alone. During this period, Soros opened several foundations covering the whole of Central Asia and Eastern Europe. In 1993, a flagship project on Forbes was opened in New York to aid in injecting capital into American groups and causes. Soros’ “Open Society” group of foundations seeks to advance standards for freedom, the rule of law, democracy, social justice, human rights and social responsibility.

Today, Open Society Foundation (OSF)’s net worth is estimated to exceed $1.9 billion on Annually, OSF gives out millions of dollars in the form of grants to groups and causes whose objective is to promote worldviews and goals that are in accordance to those of George Soros. According to Forbes, George Soros gave a promise in September 2016 that he will inject $500 million in organizations dealing with migrants and refugees, particularly those residing in Europe. He has a personal history as a refugee having fled Hungary, and that is how he found himself at the London School of Economics.

American Businessman Raj Fernando And His Support For Charity

Raj Fernando is a well known American businessman. He is the founder of two successful ventures namely Chopper Trading and Scoutahead, which he serves as the chief executive officer. Fernando studied at Beloit College and University College London. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics and history from Beloit College.

While attending college, Fernando started working at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He worked in the organization as a non paid assistant. Raj served in various positions in the firm rising in the ranks to the executive level. Additionally, Raj worked for the Chicago Board of Trade. Starting his career in 1991, Fernando went on to serve the two companies until 2001. He created his own company in 2002.

After creating Chopper Trading in 2002, Raj steered the company to growth employing over 250 professionals. The firm also traded on ICE, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, LSE, ICAP-Broketek, Nasdaq, and CME. Raj likes to maintain a pleasant surrounding atmosphere in the workplace. That is because he understands the effects stress associated with business can have on his employees. Additionally, he also likes to employ people that advance the company by making the rest of the team better. The A Players as he calls them are the reason his firms have made great accomplishments.

Scoutahead is his latest venture. Fernando created the firm in 2016. Scoutahead is a startup that operates through the internet that is designed to enhance professional growth. The company also improves corporate productivity and growth through modern communication systems.

Outside his business, Raj has contributed to the effort of the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission. He has supported its mission of upholding competitive, open, and financially sound markets. In 2010, he was a featured panelist on disruptive trading practices. Raj addressed the Commission’s discussion.

In Chicago as well as the United States, Fernando supports many charity efforts. He sits on the board of directors of a no-kill animal shelter, PAWS Chicago and the board of trustees of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Raj has also supported Wounded Warriors along with the Clinton Foundation. Additionally, Raj is on the board of directors for the key American Security Project.

Keith Mann: The Youth Are Important to Him

As someone that had once mentors and people looking out for him, helping him, and being there for him, Keith Mann knows the importance of having people in your corner and people that believe in you, stand by you, and support you during tough times. That is the genesis of this latest charitable project, which was held together with Dynamics Search Partners, where they raised over $22 K, which is valuable money that will go a long towards helping a lot of students. This event was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden and the money will being going towards student testing for the 2014-2015 at a brand-new high school to be opened by the charter school.

As many of you know and as Keith Mann discussed recently, there is a major divide between low-income students and high-income students. Because of this, a lot of low-income kids that want to go to college are not able to and are forced to withhold their dream. No student should have to go without education and suffer if they want to learn. These days, there are a lot of things for young students to get into, unhealthy things, and if they want to go to school and make a better life for themselves and their families in the future, this money will go a long way towards making that happen.

Keith Mann is someone that knows the importance of the future and the importance of our children. Because of this, he is doing everything in his power to even the playing field and give them every possible chance to succeed without any boundaries and without any limits. Sadly, in today’s world, a lot of things boil down to money and it can be hard to go to school, pay for books, and pay for supplies with money. Money is what is going to make a difference as well as taking an interest in the lives of these children and helping them. Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners truly are interested in helping children and setting them up for a big and bright future.