Don Ressler Addresses Fashion for All Women and Every Body Type

The secret to succeeding in the fashion and business industry is to become adaptable. It is even true with the current evolving technology. The e-commerce market has transformed how the fashion world operates. The internet was a simple technology tool that has grown to dictate how we make purchases. Don Ressler has shown a clear understanding of the fashion markets. He is an entrepreneur that has dealt with style, health, and the e-commerce market. Don started his business early in the 21st century with a company called He played a huge role in building the company from its ground levels through a clear marketing strategy. The company was later sold to Intermix Media. It deals mainly with topics of health, nutrition, exercise, sports, and diet.


After selling to Intermix Media in 2001, Don Ressler decided to work for the firm. It was at this time at Intermix Media where he met a business partner known as Adam Goldenberg. The two founded a company named Alena Media. Alena Media operated under Intermix Media. It became a highly profitable company that made millions of sales every year. Intermix Media was sold to News Corp in 2005. At the time of selling, Alena Media was the only profitable company for the group. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have come up with several startups that have become successful. One of their latest businesses is Fabletics.


Fabletics is a company that was started to address needs in the activewear and sportswear market. It was started by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. The brand has since grown to be a leader in the athletic brand markets. The brand is today known as an all-inclusive fashion. What this means it caters to the needs of people with all types of sizes. The fashion brand makes tailored clothing for plus size women. It helps them feel good about their clothing and their fashion style. People of different sizes and bodies have different fashion tastes. Their fashion desires vary with different colors, designs, and patterns. Fabletics has addressed all these fashion requirements.


Don Ressler has put a lot of effort in the fashion industry. He can be described as someone with a keen eye for the markets. Along with his partner, Adam Goldenberg, they have recruited the best designers in the fashion industry. The result is fashion clothing that inspires and lifts the moods of its wearers.

Don Ressler Blends Creativity with Style to Bring High-end fashion

When it comes to the basics of living, clothing is a necessary item to keep humans warm and protect them. However, it doesn’t mean that men should wear clothing only for protection. Dressing has evolved to become a way to become a way one expresses elegance and style. Fashion comes in here. Style brings variety to clothing and gives an opportunity for people to express themselves the way they want. Unfortunately, today’s fashion rarely addresses fashion needs for everyone. Fashion has significant gaps in the market of plus size women. Don Ressler has strived to meet these significant gaps.


Apart from dealing with the gap in the plus size market, Don Ressler has dealt with the activewear industry. Many items have come up with clothing items that people wear for events and occasions. The items are usually meant when someone is going out or visiting a friend. However, when it comes to clothing items meant for working out or exercising, one can hardly find any fashion clothing. Most of the clothes are usually the typical dull clothing. Don Ressler has addressed the issue and come up with the famous athleisure brand. He has worked closely with Kate Hudson to bring in the latest trends in activewear and sportswear.


The kind of clothing produced by Fabletics has created a revolution in the activewear industry. In the past, athletic clothing was the same thing across all women. Finding something new in the stores was difficult. Don Ressler has come up with great designs for the activewear clothing. The Fabletics brand has gained the praise of many women that enjoy the fashion. People can now dress well even when they wear activewear.


Don Ressler has always followed a unique business approach. He has ensured that his brand of clothing offers something for everyone. He knows that fashion should be fascinating and that it should bring out the personality of an individual. He always ensured that there are different styles for different people.


Don Ressler started his brand with a simple vision that has turned out to be a huge success. He began JustFab a few years ago with the aim of changing trends in the fashion market. He received funding from Matrix Partners that gave them $33 million. The company has since been able to grow and reach a broad customer market. Don Ressler has been highly successful because he is highly passionate about fashion. He created JustFab and is always creating new subsidiaries.