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Dick DeVos; a success story

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Dick DeVos is known for his many different ventures in business. It is, however, his work at Amway that put him and his career in the limelight.   He began his business ventures when he was young, but his career began in 1974 when he joined Amway Corporation. Before joining the company, Dick was a…

American Businessman Raj Fernando And His Support For Charity

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Raj Fernando is a well known American businessman. He is the founder of two successful ventures namely Chopper Trading and Scoutahead, which he serves as the chief executive officer. Fernando studied at Beloit College and University College London. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics and history from Beloit College. While attending college, Fernando started…

David Osio’s Davos Real Estate Group has released a New App

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Davos Real Estate has announced the release of a new mobile application known as the “Davos CAP Calculator.” While making the announcement, David Osio and other executive directors of Davos Real Estate Group said that the app will enable clients to make an estimate of ROIs on real estate investments. According to them, the app…

Adam Goldenberg: One Of The Heroes Of The Fashion Industry

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The world is rather uninspired when it comes to fashion. A lot of people have resigned to being cookie cutter copies of each other. However, this is not necessarily because they choose to be. It is more because that they don’t really have much choice. A lot of the retail companies are selling the same…

Green Park Brands CEO Livio Bisterzo takes chickpeas to spiraling heights with Hippeas snacks

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A relatively new entrant to the field of health foods creation has emerged and is attracting considerable interest. Having studied in London, England, and with several years of experience in the health and natural food industry, entrepreneur Livio Bisterzo pursued a dream of creating an original but healthy snack product that would resonate to  millennial…

The Giant Brazilian Media Company RBS Group Is A Sirotsky Family Business And Grandson Duda Melzer Is The President

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When the newspapers broke the story that President Dilma Rousseff was in jeopardy of losing her job, Duda Melzer, the president of the media giant RBS Group, made sure his nine newspapers got the story right. The Rousseff impeachment proceedings is one of the top stories of 2016, and Melzer made sure his 24 TV stations and 18 radio stations reported every detail without exaggerating the situation. That is the way Melzer rolls. He is a no-nonsense media mogul that appreciated honest news reporting. Duda Melzer is a member of the Sirotsky family. The Sirotsky family has been in charge of reporting news in the South of Brazil for the last 60 years. Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho started the RBS Group in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in 1957. Nelson Pacheco Sirotsky, the Chairman and President of RBS for the last 20 years, stepped down in December 2015. Duda took over for his uncle in 2016. Duda was the Vice-president of Business Development before he was asked to take over the day-to-day operations of the RBS Group’s massive media empire. Duda was well-equipped to handle the job. Melzer has an MBA from Harvard and has an extensive background in the media and franchising industries. Duda is also an accomplished speaker. The RBS Group keeps expanding. The RBS Group manages a digital news agency, a digital development company and the radio and TV stations as well as the newspapers that are part of the Group. The future of news reporting is online, and RBS is positioning itself as one of the leaders in online news reporting in Brazil thanks to Duda Melzer’s leadership. Follow Duda:

Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory

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Mike Baur is the co-founder and director of the of Swiss Startup Factory. He has worked for 20 years in Swiss banking. Mike Baur now is responsible for the fundraising and financing of the new company. It is called factory because his company wants to develop new Swiss companies that deliver products and services to…

New Policy: Could It Rescue Ukraine?

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The US and Europe imposed sanctions on Russia for intervening in Ukraine, and they have unleashed more damage to the Russian economy than what anyone could have expected. In fact, the Russian ruble was rated as the second worst performing currency in the world in 2014 because of the sanctions that the US imposed on…

The Manse On Marsh: How To Choose A Reliable Senior Community

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A reputable assisted living facility will ensure that residents live in a pleasant and safe environment. And that’s where The Manse On Marsh comes in – to provide the top quality amenities and services that meet the needs of families and their loves ones. If your elderly parent or relative is having more and more…

Craft Beer Sales Are Up In The U.S. And Anheuser-Bush Wants More Market Share According To Brazilian Entrepreneur Ricardo Guimarães

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Imported And Craft Beer sales have surged in the United States beer market. Old brands like Miller, Miller Lite, Bud and Bud Light are becoming dinosaurs in the foamy beverage market thanks to young beer drinkers that want flavor, great packaging and an independent brewery that is concerned about its customers. Anheuser-Bush, the Goliath of…

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