Larkin & Lacey

There are so many people in America and in the world with diametrically opposed plights. To even things out and to get as much as possible, each demographic has started an organization around identity. These identities are vast. They range from gender and to race to sexual preferences, religions, general interests and industries.

When people first consider talking about civil rights, they may think that the only points to talk about are racial points. This is not true. Racial issues are very important when it comes to civil rights, but there are other issues. For example, there are civil rights issues surrounding labor. People’s time is precious, and their bodies are fragile.

Also, there is an immeasurable amount of greed in the human spirit, and you cannot expect employers do operate based on ethics. Labor organizations rose up from this issue because laborers needed to be represented so that their civil rights could protected.

The American Federation of Labor was founded in 1896 by Samuel Gompers, a man who came to the United States in his youth as an immigrant. The Congress of Industrial Organizations was founded by John L. Lewis in 1935. The Knights of Labor is no longer around, but it was an organization that included all types of labor—even housewives.

The unions are to thank for a lot of regulatory legislation that has passed, regarding workplaces. Unions have been so entrenched in politics that they have had a role in advocating for America to get involved in wars.

In 1955, the two big labor organizations, the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations, became one big organizations—the AFL-CIO. This organization still exists in the modern day. However, there was some disagreement amongst unions that were apart of it, and an organization named Changed To Win was formed by disillusioned unions who wanted to break off from the AFL-CIO. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is the kind of civil rights organization that focuses on race and identity. Their focus is on giving immigrants resources to survive and to enjoy a dignified quality of life. The organization and its founders, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, and residents of Arizona.

The region happens to be a hotbed for Hispanic culture and population, so those types of people are the focus of the organization. Lacey and Larkin are Pro-DACA, and you can see news about it plastered all over their site.

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Troy McQuagge: A Leader, A Financialist, A CEO Extraordinaire

Troy McQuagge is an extremely well-known name in the financial world. He is the current CEO to one of the biggest health insurance names in the country, USHEALTH Group. His experience and dedication to the company have been remarkable, which is why he is considered to be such a benevolent person to the health insurance sector. With an entrepreneurial spirit and head in the game, he has led USHEALTH Group towards a fruitful destination of success.


Troy McQuagge was originally from Florida, but now currently resides in Texas, which is the where the headquarters of the health insurance giant is located. However, owing to his job, he has to travel to different parts of the country to make sure that everything is in order in all of the USHEALTH offices. His incredible amount of experience in the field has helped him immensely when it comes to the company. He knows exactly what the company needs in order to succeed, and therefore knows that should be enforced. He is known to be an incredibly dynamic person who believes in motivating others to put their best foot forward and achieve their goals. He knows how competitive the health insurance market can be, and therefore tries to always stay up to date with the latest trends to be ahead of the competition. His employees refer to him as a brilliant visionary with his head in the business. They company has seen a remarkable improvement in their profits, and most of this is because of the new policies that Troy McQuagge has put into place.


When it came to USHEALTH Group, he used his business and corporate knowledge and found new ways in which the company could boost their sales and appeal to a larger audience. He took over as the chief executive officer of the company in 2010 and has been serving in this position ever since. He knew what the job would entail when he took on the position and thought that he would be able to make a considerable difference to the company. His job was to take on the brilliant legacy that USHEALTH Group had built over the years and make sure that the company only sees a positive progression here on.


Because of his incredible contribution to the company, Troy McQuagge was awarded the prestigious CEO World Awards. The award was given to him by Planet One Awards, an organization that aims to award those who have had a significant impact on their respective professional fields. The awards ceremony is held annually and has awarded some of the biggest names in the past. Winning this award was a big step not just for Troy McQuagge but USHEALTH Group as well. The world was soon noticing how much growth they had seen, as a result of their efforts.


When it was time for him to receive the award, Troy McQuagge took the stage and in the most humble fashion accepted the award. In his acceptance speech, he went on to say that the award was not just for him, but for everyone at USHEALTH Group who has worked hard to reach where they are today. He spoke of the award as a testament to the commitment to excellence that USHEALTH Group has, and the innovation that they have been bringing along.


Troy McQuagge is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. He attained a BA in Legal Studies while he was there. He has always been a goal oriented person who wanted to climb up in his professional life and someday be at the top of his industry. Soon after graduating from college, he obtained a job at a company known as Allstate Insurance. He then quickly switched over to United Insurance Companies after spending almost two years at the former. Very early on in his career, he would take up leadership roles at his firm’s, getting the trust of the higher ups who also had high expectations for him. His goal was always to surpass those expectations and show them that he could do much more than what they expected him to. These qualities stand evidence to the fact that Troy McQuagge has always been a born leader who knew that he could do anything if he put his mind to it. During these initial phases in the insurance industry, he would also set excellent sales records, and exceed them every year, which was his way of measuring his professional growth. When the United Insurance Companies (UICI) was bought over and changed to a private firm, he new owners decided to retain Troy McQuagge because of his incredible skill and the impact that he was already having on the company. Soon after, he rose to the position of President of UICI. He brought on new changes to the way things worked at the company, which resulted in them in seeing some of their most profitable years.


Troy McQuagge is someone who is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the financial and insurance sector, having spent his entire career in it. Having worked right from the beginning in it, he knows the ups and downs at every level of the company, and as the leader could implement ways to improve it. Troy McQuagge has managed to do that in every aspect of his career, at with every company that he has worked with, which is why he is seen as such a big asset everywhere he goes.

Don Ressler Addresses Fashion for All Women and Every Body Type

The secret to succeeding in the fashion and business industry is to become adaptable. It is even true with the current evolving technology. The e-commerce market has transformed how the fashion world operates. The internet was a simple technology tool that has grown to dictate how we make purchases. Don Ressler has shown a clear understanding of the fashion markets. He is an entrepreneur that has dealt with style, health, and the e-commerce market. Don started his business early in the 21st century with a company called He played a huge role in building the company from its ground levels through a clear marketing strategy. The company was later sold to Intermix Media. It deals mainly with topics of health, nutrition, exercise, sports, and diet.


After selling to Intermix Media in 2001, Don Ressler decided to work for the firm. It was at this time at Intermix Media where he met a business partner known as Adam Goldenberg. The two founded a company named Alena Media. Alena Media operated under Intermix Media. It became a highly profitable company that made millions of sales every year. Intermix Media was sold to News Corp in 2005. At the time of selling, Alena Media was the only profitable company for the group. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have come up with several startups that have become successful. One of their latest businesses is Fabletics.


Fabletics is a company that was started to address needs in the activewear and sportswear market. It was started by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. The brand has since grown to be a leader in the athletic brand markets. The brand is today known as an all-inclusive fashion. What this means it caters to the needs of people with all types of sizes. The fashion brand makes tailored clothing for plus size women. It helps them feel good about their clothing and their fashion style. People of different sizes and bodies have different fashion tastes. Their fashion desires vary with different colors, designs, and patterns. Fabletics has addressed all these fashion requirements.


Don Ressler has put a lot of effort in the fashion industry. He can be described as someone with a keen eye for the markets. Along with his partner, Adam Goldenberg, they have recruited the best designers in the fashion industry. The result is fashion clothing that inspires and lifts the moods of its wearers.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Helped Change the Fashion Market

In a recent interview that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did, they talked about the things that they have done and the way that they have accomplished so much in the time that they have been running Fabletics. They talked about the way that they could be successful and the things that they did to get to the point where they are at. Throughout the interview, several trends kept coming up because of the way that they did things. The idea that they provide women with a service they need at a price that is affordable and through methods that are convenient is one of the biggest reasons for their success.


All people need clothes. Just because people are working out doesn’t mean that they need to be dressed in rags or old clothes that are going to not make them feel confident about themselves. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg understood that and they wanted to be able to make the right choices for their business and for the things that were going on. Because they knew that their clothes were going to be the best option for them to sell, they decided that athleisure wear was what they needed to focus on and they continued to do so throughout the length of their business.


There are some athleisure wear brands that are expensive and that the average person may not be able to afford. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did not want that for their business. They wanted to include everyone, even people who were on tight budgets. By offering their clothing at a lower price point, they are able to cater to the market that other companies are not able to do. This has set them far apart from the things that these other companies are doing and from the opportunities that they have.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are always looking for the next best thing and they want people to know that convenience is key. No matter what they are doing with their business, they are always working to make sure that Fabletics is a convenient option for all of the women who use it. They offer the clothes through different avenues and are still expanding to include even more options. They know that the way that they sell things can make a difference in whether or not they are able to succeed with these types of sales.

Eric Pulier Is Now Investing In Disruptors

Eric Pulier is always working to improve technology both for corporate and non-profit projects. He’s most known for his enterprise SOA programs and cloud platforms that were developed with US Interactive and the Computer Sciences Corporation. Now he’s out on his own investing in tech startups including his new vAtomic Systems. This company uses gaming technologies and incorporates them into real life scenarios in its apps and turns them into useful services. Pulier believes in young people and their creativity to design futuristic technology, and that’s why he serves on the Board of Innovation at XPrize. Pulier himself was a young man who followed his own creative mind to become an IT entrepreneur.


Pulier had two interests growing up in computers and literature. When he attended Harvard he majored in literature and also wrote columns in the Harvard Crimson newspaper. After completing his studies at both Harvard and MIT, Pulier relocated to the greater Los Angeles area to begin his career as a software and systems developer. He worked with People Doing Things for a few years, a non-profit group that used computers to address issues in healthcare, education and finance. The first company he started was Digital Evolution in 1994, and the companies he founded afterward became focused on large business solutions.


In 1998 Eric Pulier made CRN’s VAR Business list of Top 30 eVisionaries due to the software he brought to the business market. He started exploring cloud systems and virtual machine technologies when he founded Akana and Desktone in the early 2000s. His first major cloud enterprise software and network management system was ServiceMesh, a product that was soon bought and added to the Computer Science Corporation’s cloud suite. Pulier was an executive with the CSC for a few years until he left to explore seeding tech companies.


Pulier’s work with the government also was documented during the Clinton administration. He worked with the Clinton Global Initiative and also had the privilege to setup the Presidential Technology Exhibition to celebrate President Clinton’s reelection in 1996. He also helped design virtual reality systems for Starbright World, a program that helped patients in children’s hospitals have fun with 3D games.