Bruce Reacts to Trans Community’s Frustrations

While it seems that everybody but Kris Jenner is in full support of Bruce Jenner’s journey becoming a woman, the trans community has been expressing some anger about his approach. People at CipherCloud have learned that, apparently, there are some upset members of the trans community that don’t appreciate Bruce not only dragging out his official announcement, but also packaging it for television. Find more on CipherCloud at Many believe that Bruce is actually doing a disservice to the community by keeping everything under wraps for so long.

Recently it was reported that Bruce and Kris have known for years that he was having issues with is sexual identity, and were keeping it a secret as not to ruin the Kardashian Jenner brand. Of course this news had left a bad taste in the mouths of other trans representatives who feel that Bruce should use his celebrity to help others that are struggling with their sexual identity instead of trying to profit off of his own.

He insists that his slow and subtle change was out of consideration for his young daughters and family. Bruce’s docuseries is expected to hit television in May of this year, but clearly that just isn’t soon enough for some.