Dwayne Johnson: Black Adam is Coming

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is really gung ho about staring as the anti-hero Black Adam in the DC Comics film Shazam. Johnson has said the film is not going to be released in 2019 as originally planned. Rather, the film is going to come out a lot earlier. Johnson is riding the box office wave of Furious 7 and San Andreas. He is slated to appear in Furious 8 and may get his own spinoff movie from the series. When an A-list actor talks, you better take his words seriously according to major business investors. Johnson may even be trying to nudge DC and Warner Bros. into moving the film into the production pipeline quicker than previously planned.

For those who are not familiar with Shazam and Black Adam, Shazam (once upon a time called Captain Marvel) is a hero that once competed with Superman and now is owned by the same comic book company, DC, a very young Billy Batsom, becomes, essentially, a Superman-clone by uttering the word “Shazam”. Ancient powers transform him into a hero.

Black Adam is the meaner version of Shazam. He is not an outright villain though. He is a complex anti-hero who is 51% a bad guy. No wonder Johnson would like to see the Shazam movie pushed into production quickly. Black Adam probably would get his own film sometime after Shazam hits theaters.

Shazam may debut in one of the Justice League films first.