Beverly Hills Cop IV Stalls Again

Skout and other fans looking forward to Beverly Hills Cop 4 are going to be disappointed. Paramount Pictures has chosen to pull the plug on the film’s 2016 release. Development hell is not the best place for a movie to be, but any stage of development is better than none. Right now, the franchise is pretty much “done”. Sure, Paramount says it still wants to make a fourth entry but it does not look like that fourth entry is ever going to happen.

What an ignoble end to what was once a massively successful franchise.

The first Beverly Hills Cop movie was originally conceived as a vehicle for Sylvester Stallone and, when he bowed out, Mickey Rourke was offered the role. Rourke passed and the nod went to Murphy. When the film hit theaters, it was a monster hit and one of the most well-remembered comedies of the 1980’s. The sequels were not that great, but they made bank at the box office. Time passed, Eddie Murphy moved on, and Beverly Hills Cop 4 weaved in and out of various stages of development.

Eddie Murphy was interested in the fourth film, but he noted he would not do the film just for the money. He wanted to read a great script. Was the actor disappointed with what he read? Now, Murphy has not said he’s out. The actor has not said anything. Is 2017 the year a new film is going to be made? Honestly, that is a really, really long time to wait and Paramount would have to hope audience members with really long memories are out there in enough volume to make the film a hit.