How Fersen Lambranho Makes Everyone Strive for the Best

When I first read about Fersen Lambranho I wanted to know what his passion was. He seemed to be someone that was headed to the top, but I was curious about what made him want to get there. It would be his Brazilian background that seemed to aspire him to rise above the challenges that may have been set before him. There is poverty rate in Brazil that rages at 20%, yet it was from Brazil that Fersen Lambranho came to Harvard and completed a management program. He earned a degree in Brazil, and he continues to rise has one of the asset managers for GP Investments.

Fersen Lambranho

Fersen Lambranho made me want to become a better version of myself. It was like he was someone that was not using any type of excuses. He wasn’t letting anything hold him back. He could have easily said that Brazil was not the place for people to earn a higher education. He could have said that poverty in parts of Brazil were barriers to become a professional businessman. People in poor countries make that excuse daily. Lambranho saw differently though, and he has proven that he deserves everything that he has received over the years.

Fersen Lambranho

What Fersen has done is set a model for others to follow. He has worked in many different positions and learn a lot of different things. He has a degree in engineering, but he has also handled the business world from a financial standpoint. He has been able to pursue his dream and even help other people follow theirs.

Fersen Lambranho

There is a level of commitment that he has to working hard in his homeland. He is associated with more than 20 different organizations. Lambranho has been able to excel because he simply has had the desire to work and have the patience to let the work pay off. With him I realized in my own life that there are no secrets or shortcuts to success. Everything is right there in the open. I have managed to become someone that is focused now because I see the bigger picture.

Fersen Lambranho also serves as motivation for many others that just may not think that they can do something valuable. He manages billions of dollars, and he has taken his financial expertise on a global level. People may not never expect this financial prowess from a Brazilian, but Lambrahno has delivered in every imaginable way.

Security puts Justin Bieber in a Chokehold at Coachella Music Festival

If you are one of the many people who are less than excited to hear about anything Justin Bieber related, I have somegreat news for you. The out of control pop punk finally got what he deserved at the Coachella Music Festival. Security put him in a chokehold following an altercation and kicked him out of the event.

Bieber and his posse approached the artist’s entry at the stage where Drake was performing. They showed security their credentials and attempted to gain entry. Security told them that the area was already at capacity and that they couldn’t enter.

Bernardo Chua wonders: Do you think that would stop someone as out of touch with reality as Justin Bieber is? If you said no then you are correct. Bieber had a staff member escort him into the private area. When his posse tried passing they got into a tiff with the security staff. Bieber was then put in a chokehold by security and removed from the area by force.

Bieber’s publicist claims he left on his own terms. I like the version of the story where he gets thrown out by security much better. Of course, since we live in the age of legal action, Bieber is considering suing event staff over the incident instead of taking it like a man.