Doe Deere: A Maverick in the Beauty World

Doe Deere is one of the most recognizable names in the beauty industry today. Though she spent much of her early life and later years in New York City, Deere spent her early days in Russia. Her time in that country had a major impact on her life and an impact that still exists today. Hearing about how some women felt oppressed and had little opportunities to showcase their own personalities and senses of style, Deere dedicated herself to creating a fashion and beauty empire that would encourage women of all ages, shapes and sizes to look and feel their best.

Deere became an eBay user back in 2004 and used the site as a way to showcase some of the unique fashions she created. The popularity of that line led to the designer creating her own line of makeup too. Lime Crime Cosmetics pays homage to her early days because it includes the user name she originally created on eBay. Though the line started out as a slow seller, it didn’t take long before it became one of the top brands in the world. Shoppers can now find Lime Crime products both online and in some of their favorite stores like Urban Outfitters.

Lime Crime is unique because it is one of only a handful of makeup lines that contains only natural ingredients and does not test on animals. Many of the products that Deere first introduced were suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but she later worked with her manufacturers to ensure that all products sold under the line are vegan-friendly. Deere also turned heads for the unique colors she chose and for the names she gave her products. Unicorn Lipsticks, which was the first Lime Crime product line, remains one of its best and hottest sellers today.

Women love Lime Crime because the line includes unique colors not available in other lines. Many major makeup manufacturers and producers stick to popular colors and shades that only look great on certain skin tones. Lime Crime offers products in bright and bold shades that dare women to think outside the box and express themselves every day. Deere remains hands on with both her customers and her fans. Lime Crime users can connect with the fashion guru on websites like Instagram and Pinterest. Deere’s commitment to her fan base led to the popularity and success of Lime Crime Cosmetics and other products.

How to Get the Perfect Instagram Picture

If you don’t share an outfit on Instagram, is it truly stylish? You have put time, thought, and true effort into a series of perfect outfits, it is equally worth the effort to learn some tips to share the best picture of them you can with your friends. Vogue asks some of the best photographers for their advice below

Photography Tips
– Use sunlight as often as you can. If you expect to be taking photos at a restaurant, request a table by the window.

– Account for the wide angle lens. iPhones have a very small lens compared to a stand alone camera, so compose your shot as straight as possible.
– Be open to your lines and try a few different options and see what works best.
– If you are shooting in the street, be ready and aware of the action to capture movement or an interaction you won’t be able to replicate.
– Go where the shot will work as opposed to trying to create at. Rooftop shots with a gust of wind can give life to an oversized jacket with a dramatic backdrop. Always be careful and aware not to be in real danger. You can choose what goes in the shot after all.
– Get closer. Viewing Instagram photographs is a small format, so details can be easily lost. For a crisp image, step closer as opposed to zooming in.

– Reflect your personal style in your photographs. Test and see what you like and how it looks in different situations and lighting. Use three very different photographs (just you in daylight, you and a friend at night, and a group shot someone else took) and try out your style options. What works best on all three? You can always fine tune individual images differently, but you want to keep a consistent look. Think of it as your branding, so stay on brand while being inventive.
– Part of your style is the emotion and tone of the photograph. Incorporate how you want the viewer to feel during the planning of the image.
– Part of your style is your palette. Review the colors you are naturally drawn to and what compliments your outfits. Once you zero in on a few colors, be consistent.

– The VSCO app offers more filter options than Instagram.

– The Snapseed app allows more fine tuning than Instagram.

Tag it
– You share to get noticed. What are the tags people you want to begin talking to are using? Use them to join the conversation.

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How To Choose The Right Makeup

Choosing the right makeup can be the toughest part about transforming yourself. If you don’t properly use the right products, you can be missing out on enhancing your skin and look to the best of your ability. Getting the right makeup for your skin is so important. The best brands need to be on your face so that when you go out for any party you look your ultimate best. It’s not always an easy process, but it can be an exciting way to enjoy getting your makeup done. I have found that these tips will help you choose wiser when you’re in the store.

How To Choose The Right Makeup

– Go For Cruelty-Free Eco-Friendly Makeup

Try to find something that is completely cruelty-free and really works well with your skin specifically. You’ll find that the biggest problem is usually that most makeup products are not made with the environment in mind. If your skin reacts to it the wrong way, you could experience rashes, burns, and any skin problems that may occur. Lime Crime for example is a wonderful example of a company who provides top of the line cruelty-free makeup at an amazing rate.

– Find Something That Suits Your Skin

Skin testers are there for a reason. When you head to the shop or makeup store, don’t be scared to use the makeup on your hand or even your face to give it a shot. Leave it on your face for a few minutes to see how your skin reacts, and you can almost right away make an informed decision on what you want to use for the future. Find something that really fits your skin type and the way your skin feels. If it hurts your face and you begin to notice any active swelling, then maybe you should make a change with your skin. Every person is different based upon many reasons, so try to find out what works for you mainly.

Lime Crime

Lime Crime is one of the few brands that actually have Eco-friendly and very light makeup that doesn’t get the skin. The makeup they make does not smudge incessantly in an awkward manner. Expect for your skin to shine bright and look flawless naturally. Doe Deere is the creator behind Lime Crime, and her strong understanding of the process of makeup. Choosing their brand will help you get products you can be proud of using.

Remember, when choosing any makeup for your skin, you need to be wise with what you put on your face. Avoid anything that causes for your skin to breakout and just ruin itself. Doe Deere on pinterest has created a brand that almost every girl can rely on for quality.