Improved Standards in Banking Sector

Nexbank currently acquired college saving bank of Princeton in New Jersey (full article here) which was specializing in 529 Plan College saving plan aimed at helping its members with saving and investing services. John Holt, the CEO of Nexbank, announced that the college saving bank would not change its name sand also the branding but will continue with its current operations being a division of the Nexbank. The CEO on his briefing said that the college saving bank focused on college savings since its foundation on 1987.
Nexbank is a financial institution which aims at satisfying its customers’ financial matters. It allows its customers to save their cash, and also provide them with loans for various purposes according to the client’s need. It deals with three core businesses namely; commercial banking, investment banking, and mortgage banking. Nexbank headquarters are located at 2515 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1100 Dallas, Texas 75201. The offices are always open every Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm. Nexbank has other branches all over the world as it aims at providing its services around the world.
Nexbank aims at delivering excellent values at any given opportunity and also provides its customers with good and well-made solutions geared to making the clients more satisfied and also create a true relationship with the clients. The bank also offers online banking which becomes very convenient and flexible since customers can easily manage their finances at any time. The platform is also secure as you are the only one as the account owner who can access the account and you can easily manage your account. The online platform also allows you to view the account balances, transfer of money to different accounts, save time and money paying your bills online and also see your bank statements.Nexbank is determined to maintain high standards of conducting business for continued satisfaction to its esteemed customers.

Kyle Bass Predicts Massive Devaluation of Currency in China


Kyle Bass is a billionaire hedge fund manager based out of Texas, but originally from Argentina, who made headlines when he bet against America’s sub-prime housing market in 2008, and the result was a recession from which Bass managed to profit considerably. Bass didn’t cause the recession, but he had the foresight to profit from it. As a result, he’s become a sought media persona ever since, and Bass has not failed to use his platform as a means of acquiring influence. Right now Bass is betting against China, and he’s been making noises to that effect since the fourth quarter of 2015. Yet here it is August, and as yet Bass’ predictions have not yielded any result.


One of the things Bass has said a number of times is that there will be a currency devaluation in China within the next two to three years. He has predicted that devaluation will take place by the end of 2016 with a forty to fifty percent likelihood. Really, that’s a prediction anyone could make about any economy any time, and come up right accidentally. No one predicted the Fukushima meltdown in Japan, but it definitely had an economic impact. The difference here is that Chinese banks have followed American banks in their credit procedures, and this has created a bubble that must implode eventually. But when may not be something as easy to predict.


Bass has a history of questionable investment practices. CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. It’s a pseudo-humanitarian organization Bass founded which has the ostensible purpose of alleviating financial strain from the infirm. The reality is that this program forces stock drops among the targeted pharmaceutical companies, and Bass short sells his holdings with them when the drop hits. The net result is the curtailing of R&D funds, which prevents breakthroughs that may have only been on the horizon. Ultimately, CAD hurts the sick more than it helps them; but Bass regularly uses it anyway.


Bass is also heavily involved with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a socialist despot who has defaulted Argentina two times in only thirteen years. A track record like that should make anyone cautious when absorbing this billionaire’s financial advice.

NexBank: A Growing and Promising Financial Institution

NexBank, a $3 billion regional financial institution based in Dallas, Texas, has recently announced they have appointed Mary Pirrello to be their president for the 2016-2017 term. Pirrello previously served as the financial institution’s Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending before being appointed president. With over twenty years of experience in the financial industry, Pirrello has also served in additional leadership positions at other financial institutions before beginning her current stint at NexBank.

In 2015, NexBank reported strong financial results, which they have consistently reported for the past four years. The financial institution reported their total assets equaling $2.72 billion at year-end, which was a 48% growth over what they reported in 2014. Their loan total increased 42% in 2015, and their total deposits grew 32% year-over-year. These impressive results show how successful NexBank has been and why they are a leading industry in today’s financial market.

A financial institution that serves clients nationwide through: Commercial, Investment, and Mortgage Banking, NexBank serves clients throughout the state of Texas as well as nationwide. They also serve: small businesses, corporations, real estate investors, and banks throughout the country as well. NexBank prides itself on their industry leadership and devote commitment to each, individual client. The institution strives to create custom-tailored solutions to solve each individual, specific need, ensuring each client’s banking needs are well taken care of. It is such dedication that makes NexBank such an outstanding success.


Craft Beer Sales Are Up In The U.S. And Anheuser-Bush Wants More Market Share According To Brazilian Entrepreneur Ricardo Guimarães

Imported And Craft Beer sales have surged in the United States beer market. Old brands like Miller, Miller Lite, Bud and Bud Light are becoming dinosaurs in the foamy beverage market thanks to young beer drinkers that want flavor, great packaging and an independent brewery that is concerned about its customers. Anheuser-Bush, the Goliath of the worldwide beer industry, is licking their bottom line wounds because a new generation of beer drinkers think the old brands don’t cut it anymore.

That being said, Anheuser-Bush is not going broke anytime soon. The St. Louis-based brewery recorded over $10 billion in sales last year, but like all big companies investors want more. Imported and craft beer sales grew by 6.9 percent and 17.6 percent respectively last year, and those percentages are way above the growth of the overall beer market, according to Brazilian entrepreneur and banker, Ricardo Guimarães.

Ricardo Guimarães is a seasoned businessman that runs his family bank, but he is also a key figure in the soccer association in Brazil. Mr. Guimarães turned his small bank into one of the most admired banks in the country thanks to his idea to sponsor soccer clubs. Brazilian beer companies have always been soccer sponsors, and Guimarães thought banks could do the same thing, and he was right.

BMG bank is one of the most profitable banks in the consignment credit business in Brazil thanks to soccer sponsorships. Guimarães is also an investor that keeps up-to-date on the American market. When he discovered a new Anheuser-Bush incentive plan for beer distributors, he had to learn more about the plan. The more he learned, the more he questioned the legality of the plan.

The Anheuser incentive plan is designed to give AB InBev products more shelf space in retails stores. Distributors that sign up for the plan will promote AB InBev craft brands instead of independent craft brands. Every distributor that signs up for the plan will get half of their marketing and displays costs back from Anheuser-Bush. According to Guimarães, that sounds like something a Brazilian or Mexican company would do to force out competitors. Several craft breweries in the United States agree with Guimarães. Independent breweries notified the Department of Justice and an investigation is in progress.

Anheuser-Bush needs craft beer business in order to maintain a decent bottom line for investors. Without a strong group of craft brands, Anheuser-Bush will continue to lose market share. Being the biggest brewery in the world doesn’t matter to the new generation of beer drinkers. In fact, they find that style of business repulsing. Mr. Guimarães thinks AB InBev needs a new plan. A new plan that pays attention to what consumers want not what investors want.

Banker Ricardo Guimarães Doesn’t Favor For One Soccer Team He Roots For All Of Them

A recent article posted by, explains how Ricardo Guimarães got involved in the sport of soccer. Today, BMG Bank is the largest sponsor of soccer in Brazil, and Guimarães is the mastermind behind the bank’s success.

Like most Brazilian men, Guimarães grew up kicking a soccer ball. Ricardo was born in Belo Horizonte, so he played soccer in that city while he was attending lower school. He didn’t know it at the time, but he would eventually become the president of the Atlético Mineiro Club from his home state, and he would keep that position for five years.

Another article by, mentions how Guimarães was able to combine his banking career with his football career. Ricardo was born wealthy thanks to his grandfather Antonio and father Flavio. Ricardo had banking genes, and when he became president of the BMG Bank in 1998, he showed Brazil how those genes operate.

Guimarães decided to compete with the big banks in Brazil for the payroll loans that became fashionable in Brazil while Luis de Silva was president. Payroll loans are low-interest loans that are guaranteed by personal income. Guimarães developed a strategy that combined soccer advertising and sponsorships with a down-home type approach to lending. The strategy worked, and BMG Bank became more than a one state bank.

When the city of Belo Horizonte awarded the Diploma of Merit to one of their distinguished home-town men, Ricardo accepted the honor with appreciation and humility. Even though Guimarães had left Belo Horizonte for the bright banking lights of Sao Paulo, he never forgot the people in his birth city. Ricard donated his time and money as the city grew, and the city wanted to recognize Ricardo’s accomplishments by giving him the Diploma, according to an article published by

BMG Bank has experienced tremendous growth the last eight years under Ricardo’s leadership. The bank is now the second most profitable bank in the consignment credit business. BMG Bank has partnered with the fifth largest bank in the country, and opened another bank that only handles payroll loans because of the demand Guimarães created with soccer fans.

Soccer sponsorships have been rewarding, but Guimarães has expanded his sponsorship program. The bank is sponsoring Marcelo Melo; the tennis doubles sensation. The BMG logo will be on his tennis shirt during the Summer Olympics as well as when he plays other matches around the world. BMG Bank is being recognized by other countries because soccer and tennis fans around the globe support businesses that have a presence during matches. The bank is also sponsoring volleyball players, so BMG Bank will be well represented when the world comes to Brazil in August for the Olympics.

Ricardo Guimaraes, A Great Businessman and Supporter of Sports in Brazil

Ricardo Guimaraes is a skilled businessman born in Belo Horizonte to Flavio Guimaraes. He is the grandson of Antonio Mourao Guimaraes, the founder of BMG Bank where Ricardo Guimaraes has served as the president. Ricardo Guimaraes received a Merit Honor diploma from the city council of Belo Horizonte on April 18th 2011. He started his career as an office assistant at BMG bank in 1980.
Daniel Nepomuceno conducted the ceremony for the award initiated by Leo Bourgeois de Castro, the president of the house. Later in the meeting, Leo Bougeois pointed out the great work that Ricardo Guimaraes did as the president of Atletico Mineiro between 2001 and 2006. During the event, Mr. Fred Costa also highlighted Ricardo Guimaraes’ qualities. He noted that Ricardo Guimaraes had achieved great success as a businessman resulting to brand loyalty as well as hard work ethics. Additionally, Mr. Costa spoke about Ricardo Guimaraes’ support for sporting activities nationally. Ricardo Guimaraes has supported and invested in tennis, volleyball, and football, as reported on blog Dino.
Ricardo Guimaraes became the head of the family business in 1998. Through his management skills, he has guided BMG to be a leader in payroll loans. Ricardo Guimaraes has overseen the exponentially growth of the bank by dealing with clients having a low default rate percentage. His love for sports especially football saw him sponsor and lead Atletico Mineiro as the president. Ricardo Guimaraes views sports as an excellent opportunity of strengthening a brand. To this end, he had the three letters of BMG bank written on the players’ shirts for maximum and accurate visibility.
With the growing trend of the BMG business, Ricardo Guimaraes felt that there was a need for the business to diversify the products that it offered to meet the demands of new clients. Ricardo Guimaraes went on to acquire Schahin Bank as well as GE Money Brazil. He acquired the two financial institutions in order to bring onboard new products and become competitive in other sectors of business. This information was mentioned on Noticias R7.
According to Ricardo Guimaraes, Brazilian entrepreneurs score low on pro-activity. He pointed this out after details of a study conducted by Endeavor in collaboration with the British Research Institute, Meta were disclosed. The study findings indicated that a Brazilian entrepreneur’s profile consist of a big dream as well as vision and creativity with less pro-activity.
The research institutions questioned 9,000 respondents. The study was based on four key areas that include creativity, pro-activity, vision, and dream grade. Ricardo Guimaraes noted that Brazil had the highest score in the categories of creativity and vision. He also added that in terms of women and men, men were still on the lead by a small percentage. According to Ricardo Guimaraes, the Brazilian tax and documentation sector should be synchronized to reduce on cost for businesses.