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The Continuing Successful Acting Career of Crystal Hunt

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Crystal Hunt, born on 1985, is a successful American actress and producer from Clearwater, Florida. Crystal’s interest in acting started at an extremely young age and so did her success. Hunt participated in talent pageants when she was only two years old showing off her impressive talents at such a young age. She later appeared…

The Magic of Visual Effects in the Movie Industry and Beyond

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Movies have come a long way from their inception. They are a far cry from the black and white silent films of our great-grandparent’s generation. People were astounded when “The Jazz Singer” came out in 1927; it was the first full-featured talking picture. Coloring was another process to behold in the film industry, from the…

How To Collect Great Art When The Budget Is Low

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Adam Sender’s art collection began in the late 90s and grew from there. He had left working at SAC capital and was only just starting his own hedge fund. Adam Sender has always been known for his eye when it comes to these hedge funds. However, he had the same instinct when it came to…


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