ClassDojo Is Redefining The Learning Experience

ClassDojo is more than just a smartphone application. In the recent years, the platform has had a positive impact in the education industry through its cutting edge services that seek to transform learning. The platform helps teachers, parents, and students to connect. This makes it easy for the trio to work together in helping the child get quality education. The app has generated ideas and information that have resulted in better classroom experience for both teachers and students. For the first time, parents have been able to follow the progress of their children’s academic life.

Unlike other platforms that aim to create an ‘ideal’ classroom that teachers and students are required to fit in, ClassDojo gives teachers the ability and freedom to create the best classroom for themselves and their students. The success of this strategy has made it possible for both parents and teachers to get feedback from each other via the app’s private messaging feature.

ClassDojo is a social media app dedicated to transforming the classroom environment. Through the application, teachers can share projects, results, and their opinions on students’ performance with the parents. Notably, the valuable feedback provided by the parents is used to enhance the classroom experience. ClassDojo continues to add more features on the app for purposes of augmenting communication and improving learning. Some of the features are only available to premium users. This move will help the company to raise the resources needed to improve the platform regularly.

ClassDojo has been widely adapted in the United States. Presently, over 90 percent of K-8 schools in the country are using the classroom application. Globally, the platform is being used in over 180 countries. The company is working on availing the application to more teachers and parents by increasing the languages used in different countries. Notably, ClassDojo has been the recipient of several awards, including Forbes’ Education Innovation Award of 2011. It was also ranked among the 25 Most Disruptive Companies of 2017.

Talk Fusion – Helping Businesses Use the Power of Video Marketing Efficiently

Talk Fusion takes pride in calling themselves an all in one marketing company and offers a unique range of video communication and commercialization services that helps businesses and organizations in ways more than one. The company was started by Bob Reina in 2007 and has now grown to become one of the most dependable technology firms in the industry when it comes to video communication and marketing products and services.



The company was awarded by Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016 in the category of Communication Solutions Products of the Year. Rich Tehrani, CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation said the awards given by TMC are only to the best in the industry. Talk Fusion being the best in the category is a winner in every sense for the innovation they have brought to the marketing sphere through the means of video-based products and services.



The marketing world has become highly competitive in the recent years, and companies in every sector are trying out new marketing techniques to grab the attention of the potential customers and investors. The advancement in the field of technology has helped tremendously as well, and so has the widespread use of the internet and emergence of social media. But, in the last few years, these marketing channels have become more challenging, saturated, and competitive as well. However, Talk Fusion offers businesses with the video marketing and video chat applications that can enable video conferencing as well as communication on a scale chosen by the user. The users can also send a video-based email or send video-based text, something which wasn’t thought of earlier.



Bob Reina, Founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion say that receiving an award by the integrated media giant is a significant achievement for sure, but it is the beginning of the long journey of Talk Fusion in the marketing world. Bob Reina also said that the company is developing new video based marketing and communication products that would be launched in the future. The Video Chat application of Talk Fusion is highly recommended for the businesses as well as individuals and is available for download on internet application stores.