Clay Siegall: Passion and Commitment Towards Targeted Cancer Therapies

Clay Siegall’s success as the cofounder, the chairman of board of directors and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics has a strong passion towards finding a better cure for cancer. Drawing his strong passion from personal experience with cancer, Mr. Siegall has committed his entire professional career and education to finding effective and innovative cancer therapies. He has specialized in targeted cancer therapies, which he believes is better than the current traditional options. Towards this end, he has focused the company’s resources towards these new innovative initiatives with significant success. Recently, one of the company’s new conjugate Adcetris was approved by the FDA for use in territories beyond the U.S. Additionally; the company has over 20 new drugs currently being developed in partnership with other companies such as Bayer and Pfizer.


At the helm of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall has helped the company overcome significant financial strains, which threatened the operations of the company during its formative years. Since the company sells licenses for its innovative products, Dr. Siegall believes that the success of the company is built on having a group of legal professionals who negotiate the company deals. He also credits the company’s success to its sales team, which ensures the company lands some of the best deals in the industry. This helped the company increase its revenue generated from the sale of drugs.


Academic and Career Background


Clay Siegall holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Maryland. At the university, he specialized in zoology before furthering his studies in genetics with a Doctor of Philosophy from George Washington University. He has held several management roles in several companies where he served as part of the management boards. He is also a dedicated research scientist specializing cancer research. He has several patents and publications to his name as a result of his research endeavors.


One of the greatest achievements of Dr. Siegall as the chairman of the board of directors, president and chief executive officer at Seattle Genetics, a company he cofounded in 1998, is leading the company into over one billion dollars to finance company’s efforts towards cancer research and development of effective targeted cancer tehrapies. Dr. Siegall is driven by the commitment and passion to alleviate the sufferings of cancer patients and their families.