Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Fighting the Front Lines Against Cancer

Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Cancer is never easy to deal with, so it is always easier when you have others around that will understand and support you. A place like Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a great place to help people and their families who are in those circumstances relax and prepare to heal and overcome those obstacles. The main Cancer Treatment Centers of America is located in Boca Raton Florida and they are a non profit organization with five hospitals across the United states. The hospital uses different elite types of treatment. CTCA was founded by Richard Stephenson, after his mother died of cancer and he did not like the treatment she was provided during her battle with cancer.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988. The hospital has had many positive accreditation and positive feedback. The first headquartered office was in Illinois, but was relocated to Florida. Each hospital is recognized for a different thing. Patients always receive the best care when entering any of the five hospitals, the hospitals make it a priority.

Recap of the Article
The article starts off by stating how CTCA is doing a collaborations with two other programs, Nan Health and All scripts creating a custom technology program that will help improve treatments, as well as inform the doctor on how the treatment is going. The program also holds evolving cancer care data. The patients can review and choose what treatment plants they want and what would be best for them. Clinical Pathways will be a great asset to the community, that library that is used to retrieve the information holds over 2,700 evidence based treatment regiments for all cancer types. The program will be a life saver to all patients.


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