Adam Milstein, Hager Pacific Properties, And Successful Real Estate Investing

An article published in Ideamensch during the month of December, 2016, summarizes an interview with Adam Milstein, the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He talks about his past, his current work, his philosophy about real estate, and what motivates and drives him to succeed.


Milstein came to the United States from Israel in 1981 for the purpose of attending the University of Southern California to pursue a MBA degree. Upon graduation he stayed in Southern California and starting a career in commercial real estate as a broker. He used his life experience in Israel which included service in the armed forces. This put him ahead of the typical graduate. After three years as a broker, he moved into the area of real estate investment. This led to the formation of Hager Pacific Properties along with his partner David Hager.


Adam Milstein is a hard worker who enjoys his work. He is persistent and consistent in his approach to his business. He says you must follow up every contact. Realize that there are no short cuts in real estate investing and that you must be in it for the long haul. Success does not come quickly but is the result of hard work and the passage of time.


When asked for the one idea he follows over and over, it is to understand the issue at hand. Do not rely on anyone else. Understand the problem and be part of the solution.


Milstein is involved in several charitable causes including an organization that provides free books in Hebrew for Jewish families. Family is the most part of his life. He says the best money he ever spends is for dinner with wife and children. Adam Milstein gives back to the community from his success in real estate.


Adam Milstein does not set specific goals. He just loves his work and believes that consistent hard work pays off in the long run. Once you realize commercial real estate investing is not a get rich scheme, you can work hard and success will come. Real estate investing takes patience and the passage of time.

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