The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Aids Advocacy Groups for Civil Rights of All

Attempting to create a fair and equal justice system, various groups are attempting to bring fairness to the United States. The advocacy for the civil rights and human rights movement is attempting to bring civil rights to immigrants and migrants.

The groups are helping to make all individuals equal within the justice system. It is the hope of these groups to bring light to civil rights being violated and to help to allow for racial profiling to be eliminated.

Racial profiling is a big problem within the United States. The problem is not only aimed at individuals who are black but also of the people of various other ethnic backgrounds. Because of this active role, there are now more human right organizations out there who are helping to put a stop to this problem. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

These organizations know how hard it can be to change behavior within the judge system and how hard it is to make the system fair. The problem is that you not only have to change the mindset of those individuals who sit within the court room walls but also the people who are called to serve within the court room. If bringing more attention to this problem is how to fix the problem, the advocacy groups are hoping to make a difference.

Unless you have been on the receiving end of racial profiling or having your civil rights violated, you can say that you feel the affect however you most likely do not actually know how it feels.

The civil rights of immigrants and migrants are being violated everyday in this country. It is their human right to have civil rights and to have those rights upheld. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

The problem is that people believe that in order to have civil rights, you have to have been affected by slavery however this is not the case. No matter what ethnic background you come from, you have civil rights that are afforded to you.

Once a migrant or immigrant lands on soil in the United States, whether they have come illegally or not, they should have their civil rights upheld within the court system. In case you do not know what the difference is between a migrant and immigrant, a migrant is someone who enters into this country for the sole purpose to work where as an immigrant comes here to receive asylum or to better their lives permanently by becoming a citizen. That is the difference between the two.

The Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund is aimed to help people who have been wrongly arrested or whose civil rights have been violated. This fund was started by the money that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin won in a lawsuit against the county that they were arrested wrongly in.

Michael and Jim were arrested in late of 2007 and were later found to be free of the charges. This did not stop them however in the process of creating a lawsuit to ensure that other individuals like themselves are arrested without cause.

The fund helps to ensure that advocacy groups and organizations have the help they need in order to help more individuals.

José Henrique Borghi is transforming the advertising industry


José Henrique Borghi is the President of the advertising agency Mullen Lowe. In the advertising industry of Brasil, he considered one of the gurus of the trade. He is respected by both his peers and clients in equal measure. His ability to create advertising campaigns is unparalleled. He has gained a lot of experience since he joined the industry in 1989 at Standart Ogilvy where he started his career. This is after graduating from PUC University where he graduated in Advertising and Propaganda. His talents and abilities made him stand out and joined other big advertising agencies until he started his own agency, BorghiErh.

Expanding and mergers

Due to the great work that the company was doing, it was bought by Lowe in 2006 and renamed Borghi Lowe. Since then, the company gained recognition throughout the country and internationally. In 2015, the company merged with Lowe & Partners and the Mullen Group. This merger created MullenLowe Brazil. José Henrique Borghi was named as the President of the company after the merger. This is highly attributed to experience in the industry and the ability to create memorable campaigns.

Awards and accomplishments

José Henrique Borghi has been awarded many times. The awards he holds include 10 awards at The One Show, 7 at The London Festival, 11 at The New York Festival, and 15 April Advertising Awards. He says that he attributes all these awards to the hard work that he puts into his craft and grabbing the opportunities as they came by to know more: click here.

The way forward for the advertising industry

In regards to the future of the industry, José Henrique Borghi says that there will be integration between the media, content, business relationships and the private life of the people. He says that all these independent factors will become one to ensure that the strides made are strong.

IDLife; Logan Stout’s Company That Is Hitting The Industry With A Bang

In the modern world, product promotion has become a recent trend since many companies have emerged supplying the sector with the different variety of commodities. Owing to this, securing a share of the market has proven difficult. Therefore, for the likes of Logan Stout, survival in the market is mainly based on their brilliant ideas. Logan Stout is the co-founder and the seating CEO of IDLife.

The brilliant CEO, Logan Stout observed the health product line market and noticed that most of the companies were taking most of their time encouraging people to buy their commodities. Instead, according to Logan, product promoters should consider their client’s health history as well as needs. As a result, Logan established a company that has a reputation of offering a wide variety of products that meet each person’s unique combination of their health needs.

As a product promotion company, one of the primary objectives of IDLife is to assist associates to earn a considerable amount of money. In a statement to Affiliate Dork, in IDLife, there are many ways of earning revenue, 14 ways to be precise. Surprisingly, in IDLife, even newbies are in a position to earn through finding buyers.

In many product promotion companies, new members have to undergo through a thorough scrutinization all in the name of ensuring qualification. However, for IDLife, anyone can easily become an associate by enrolling. Their members range from coaches, personal trainers, physicians, and personal trainers among others, all who are passionate in assisting others to succeed concerning their health.

Today, IDLife is ranked in the upper 100 Top Solid MLM Companies in the global list. Working with such a fast-growing company is such a privilege. The fact that the firm offers a unique and wide variety of products makes it simpler for associates to find buyers. Also, IDLife offers products that members can see and feel the quality hence make them deal with a product they wholeheartedly trust.

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About IDLife

IDLife was established in 2014 by Logan Stout in partnership with Jen Widerstrom, Darwin Deason, and Troy Aikman. The company was founded on the ground to offering personalized fitness and nutrition products. Their line of product has influenced the fast rate at which the company is growing.

IDLife which means ‘individually designed life’ has enabled individuals across the globe design the life of their dreams as well as achieve their full potentials through its associates. According to the CEO, IDLife has ensured that customers no longer need to go to a store picking a variety of supplements that they need. Instead, they tailor-make unique products that meet various needs in one product hence reduce the cost. IDLife deals with a variety of products which range from; IDNutrition, sleep strips, work out supplements, appetite chews, as well as the meal replacement, shakes among others.

Entering The Next Realm

A new culture and the next generation has arrived.

But it may have appeared in a form that you don’t recognize. The era we’re entering is one where banks change, become for the people and reside in your neighborhoods. So as a Dallas, Texas, resident you have a lot to look forward to.

NexBank is who gives it to you.

But what’s important right now is for you to know your needs. Finance is an important topic. The moment you forget this is the moment you lose in society.

Having this respect is necessary, but we don’t want to waste your time. It’s clear that you don’t need our help to define what a great bank for you is. So what we’ll do instead is tell you more about NexBank.

We’ll cover why it’s important that you take advantage of location.

NexBank is a local bank that seeks to build community. It’s current size proves that it only has the intent of supporting the locals who register. And the reasons for this are obvious. This agency doesn’t work in the international market.

What this means is that you have a clear, direct shot to everything you need.

Though the needs you have can be diverse and plenty, the one-on-one attention you’re bound to get at NexBank means everything in the long run. What you don’t need are vague promises that only serve to make you a part of a factory line that your bank tries to call customer service.

Instead, you need everything in banking, everything at your fingertips and within an office who calls you by your first name. So now, you understand what we mean by saying a next generation. Your eyes should also be opened in knowing why NexBank is that new era in banking for you.

The Benefits of NuoDB Technology

NuoDB is a SQL database for the use of cloud technology that is categorized as an NEWSQL database because it has the same qualities of SQL databases, but it also includes options to support scale-out processing with cloud-based technologies. It is a flexible and scalable database that allows clients to succeed in today’s competitive society with the use of a three-tier structure. With a focus on cloud applications, it provides the latest technology for companies with a use of traditional databases. The NuoDB technology differentiates from conventional approaches with the utilization of a three-tier structure that includes administrative, transactional, and storage tiers. This layered approach allows NuoDB to easily work together with other applications and create much-needed flexibility. NuoDB was created by Jim Starkey in 2008, who now serves as a company advisor, and was released to the general public in January 2013. It has undergone numerous updates, and it is currently on version 2.0.3.

High Hopes For Talos Energy Oil Company

On May 21, 2017, the Talos begin drilling an oil well in the Mexican waters. This was the first offshore discovery oil well to be launched by another company other than Petroleos Mexicanos since 1938. In Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco, Zama-1 oil well holds approximately 100 to 500 millions barrels of crude. It cost Premier Oil Company $16 million to drill oil and about 90 days to complete. In 2015, Talos Energy LLC, Premier Oil, and Sierra Oil & Gas won the right to the protest in the first round of bidding. After Mexico voted to align private investments to the oil industry. Charlie Sharp believes that “Zama is one of the most interesting exploration wells to be drilled in the sector this year.” Overall, Sierra owns a 40% stake, Talos owns a 35% stakes and Premier owns a 25% stake in the well.

Talos Energy is a private oil and gas organization that scouts out throughout the Gulf of Mexico in search of oil and gas. Duncan and his partners founded Talos, eighty years ago. Duncan has six hundred million dollars of equity from Talos Energy Company. This is from the Gulf Coast producing over sixteen thousand barrels of oil per day last year. Talos has about one hundred and twenty employees from just fifteen after getting a deal with Apollo Management and Riverstone Holdings last year. Talos has been known to be the best small business workplace by
Workplace Dynamics this year.

Apollo Global Management is one of the top investment manager offices in London, Houston, New York, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and much more. As of September 30, 2012, Apollo has managed relatively $110 billion of equity; real estate funds and credits over nine industries. Throughout these industries, Apollo has been astronomical resourceful and knowledgeable with their company.

After the Talos Energy Company collected oil and gas, they were ready to buy into the market again with $475 to $500 million dollars this year. This would allow the company to be able to grow more as a business and hire more employees. After Ben Winkelman retired from the oil and gas company, he was enticed to drill one more oil well. As for chief accounting officer and controller, Michael Harding offers a bigger job. Previously he was a worker at Apache Corp but he decided to leave that a work at Talos. Michael enjoyed being able to know all the geologists and engineers. Overall, the employees at Talos love the upbeat environment and reports “there is never a dull moment at the company” to Workplace Dynamics.

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US Money Reserve’s Website New Appearance For New Customers

US Money Reserve is now doing things to bring in mobile customers and those who are attracted by a more high-tech appearance for the company. They had their website redesigned with more sleek features and interactive buttons that make it easier to find important links.

US Money Reserve has put together one of the largest gold and silver inventories in the precious metals industry and even has rare European and Pacific numismatics. With this new website, there are even more photos to look displaying coins, and they can be viewed on devices of all kinds.

US Reserve stated that they made these changes to help visitors become even more excited about buying gold and silver.

The man who captures the essence of US Money Reserve’s mission is Philip Diehl, the company’s president and longtime consultant. Diehl is also the former US Mint Director who brought great customer service to the department, and also turned the entire operation into more of an automated and modern place.

Diehl even made the Mint generate over $2 billion in revenue that in turn came back at a high value to taxpayers. He’s a trusted expert in coin values, and even recently on a major media network he was quoted as discussing stopping minting the penny.

The information on investing in gold and silver covers everything from understanding current market trends to becoming familiar with the intrinsic value of precious metals. Paper currencies and bank tender can lose its value from a number of different causes including a nation’s debt, a sudden turn in the markets, a trade and tariff war, and many other currency problems.

But for investors who buy gold and silver, they have a chance to protect themselves against a sudden loss in currency value and negative bank interest rates.

The catalog at US Money Reserve is easy to find, and you can start purchasing gold and silver immediately using a variety of forms of payment. It’s good to signup and read their free information kit before purchasing so that you understand the risks and setbacks that could occur with buying precious metals.

But US Money Reserve is always standing by to answer your questions whether they’re about the price and other things included in the kit, or about completing a transaction or making a return. Client-Connect Advantage is one of the most reliable chat software in ecommerce and US Money Reserve is available through it 24/7.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Vinny Parascandola a Profound Financial Advisor

Vincent parascandola is primarily a financial advisor and a senior Executive Vice President at AXA, United States. Vinny Parascandola lives and works in the New York City. Vinny is professionally responsible for maintaining productivity, recruiting, retaining employees, managing development and sales. With his experience of over 25 years, Vinny has gained several skills in running the affairs of AXA.

Vinny Parascandola is a graduate from Pace University in New York. In 2014, Vinny returned to Alma mater to deliver a commencement speech to the graduating class. Vincent began his career at Prudential as an agent in 1987. He later held several management positions in 1990s at MONY, a life insurance company. In 2004, Vinny joined AXA Advisors where he served as a divisional president. He also served as a co-manager at AXA New York Metro Branch Company. He later received a series of promotions to his current position as an executive vice president.

AXA Equitable Financial Services, LLC, commonly known as AXA is popular for targeting and operating with people who have High Net Worth. Among other services, AXA companies provides both wealth management solutions and financial protection. Moreover, they offer life insurance services, advice and retirement strategies. Since 1859, AXA has spearheaded its role in the community, with both reliability and stability.

In addition Vinny has received several awards in his line of duty. A case in point is the GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Award. Presently, Vinny is an active member of GAMA. Furthermore, Vinny is eloquent in his speech. His masterly in language has earned him a chance to speak at various international conference platforms. In his career, Vinny has proven exceptional skills in leadership while serving in high-ranking positions.

For the record, AXA Company is among the top financial protection Companies. Their main role is to give equitable life insurance policies in the New York. With over 6000 professionals, AXA Company provides effective financial strategies and plans. In the final analysis, the immense success and efficiency at AXA operations are both attributed to Vinny’s progressive commitment to his work.

The Significance of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho in Brazil’s Law Industry

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a professional in the Brazilian legal industry. He has been an attorney for decades, and his reputation stands outs. Carvalho was awarded his degree in law from the Mackenzie University and kicked off his profession by renting a small room that used to be his office. After a couple of years, he managed to establish himself and is the co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros, which is a Sao Paolo-based law company. The firm has currently broadened its services and has established branches in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. The attorney has managed to handle the most complex cases that have been in the public eye. He has been hired by different types of clients, and they include politicians, entrepreneur, companies, governments, and famous people in the community. Ricardo Tosto was given an opportunity to participate in the formation of policies that transformed the legal industry.

Carvalho formerly worked in various law organizations are important to the community. The Judicial Modernization Committee appointed him to act as its president. He has also been one of the important advisors of the Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies. Ricardo is part of foundations such as Study Center for Attorney Partnership, Revista dos Tribunais, and the International Bar Association. The attorney is recognized as a top writer. He has written many articles that have been published in different magazines.

Leite, Tosto e Barros has been offering excellent legal services and was ranked among the leading law firms by Yearbook Analysis Advocacy 500. The company has majored in handling litigations that face different types of business. It has also focused conflict resolution. Leite, Tosto e Barros has address lawsuits that deal with environmental law, banking, spin-off, copyright, and consumer law.

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Susan McGalla, The Woman Who Made Business Easier For Woman

There are many women that want to be able to be successful in business, but most of the advice that are given to those women who want to achieve are pretty generic, leaving many women to struggle in business. One woman, however, have figured out how to be successful in business, and is now an icon for women to follow in order to be successful in business. That woman is Susan McGalla.


She had many leadership positions in business, including being the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc, former chief executive of Wet Seal Inc, and the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. One must wonder, however, on why she is able to be as successful in business as she is right now.


One reason that she may have been this successful is in the fact on how she was raised in her childhood. She grew up in a family with two older brothers and a football coach, who didn’t cut her any slack at all just because she was a girl. She was brought up by parents who had encouraged her to work very hard and to present her ideas with confidence, regardless of what her audience thinks. Her gender, as well as other people’s gender, were considered something that wasn’t a helpful thing or a hindering thing.


For that reason, she was always comfortable around men and women, and was able to work well with both, which is a key concept on how to be successful. Her confidence had made other women’s confidence to be high as well, and they are now more likely to work with both men and women with great success.


Find out more about Susan McGalla: