Month: May 2017

Clay Siegall: Passion and Commitment Towards Targeted Cancer Therapies

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Clay Siegall’s success as the cofounder, the chairman of board of directors and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics has a strong passion towards finding a better cure for cancer. Drawing his strong passion from personal experience with cancer, Mr. Siegall has committed his entire professional career and education to finding effective and innovative cancer…

Leading Digital Online Marketing Company- White Shark Media

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Technology has been advancing over the years and the marketing industry has not been left behind. Marketing of goods and services are being conducted online with various organizations offering the services. One of the leading companies is White Shark Media. White Shark Media is a digital marketing Group which was created with a primary mandate…

The Career And Philanthropy Of Entrepreneur Dick DeVos

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In order to answer speculation about how much charitable giving he and his family have done, Dick DeVos recently revealed that he and his wife have given almost $139 million away. Various charities have been the beneficiaries of this philanthropy with quite a bit of it going to education, leadership, arts, community building, and religious…

Hufnagel’s Rise To Coaching Prominence

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Yanni Hufnagel has parlayed a positive, can-do spirit and a love of teaching and sport into a career as one of the most coveted assistant coaches in all of National Collegiate Basketball Association (NCAA) Division I Basketball. Hufnagel’s passion for basketball started at Scarsdale (NY) High School where he began as a player and later…

Adam Milstein, a Philanthropist in the Making

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Adam Milstein is a man with a great heart. Tracing his origin among the Jewish people, Adam has deep roots in Israel. To this end, he happens to be one of the most recognized real estate investors in all of Israel. Due to his skill in matters regarding real estate, Mr. Adam has been able…

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Fighting the Front Lines Against Cancer

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Cancer is never easy to deal with, so it is always easier when you have others around that will understand and support you. A place like Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a great place to help people and their families who are in those circumstances relax and prepare to…

Highland Capital Works Hard For Their Clients

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Highland Capital Management L.P. is based out of Dallas Texas with additional offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, New York, and Seoul. Currently, they are responsible for over $14.9 billion in total assets. They have a reputation for smart strategies that help clients see maximum returns on their investments. Highland Capital is an industry leader in…

Wengie: 10 Simple Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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If you’ve never heard of Wengie you need to go check her out right now. She has a super bubbly personality that is hard to not get addicted to watching. She is always trying to find hacks to make her life, and our lives, easier. Below is a list of some of her “10 Simple…

Eric Pulier Is Now Investing In Disruptors

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Eric Pulier is always working to improve technology both for corporate and non-profit projects. He’s most known for his enterprise SOA programs and cloud platforms that were developed with US Interactive and the Computer Sciences Corporation. Now he’s out on his own investing in tech startups including his new vAtomic Systems. This company uses gaming…

Tammy Mazzocco Shows an Encouraging Business Lifestyle by Her Actions

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Tammy Mazzocco has developed an interesting pattern of how she conducts her real estate business. She is very successful in the Central Ohio community orf Pickerington. She is a residential real estate agent working with RE/MAX, and she thoroughly enjoys her work. To know more about Tammy visits her page. Tammy gets a big…

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