Fabletics Knows How Yo Stay On Top Of Fashion.

Fabletics is a fascinating online and physical based outlet devoted to the casual and wear side of fashion. The company was founded in 2013 by the well known celebrity Kate Hudson. Fabletics is fashion conscious when it comes to workout clothing as well as their collection of casual clothing. Their trendsetting styles are responsible for keeping Fabletics the king of the “active wear” clothing market. Amazon is a competitor to Fabletics; they too are a popular online clothing company that has an outstanding 20% hold on the online garment retailing market. Fabletics, however, has shown amazing growth by becoming a $250 million fashion company, and they accomplished this within only three years.


For a very long time the average consumers have been under the belief that if a garment is very expensive, then that garment must be made to the best quality standards. In today’s global manufacturing economy, the fact is that this is often not the case. It is also true that if an item is produced and marketed at a very low price, that the item is somehow not worth purchasing. These mindsets are rapidly becoming antiquated. In this mass produced world of goods, it is often better to rely upon the comments of previous buyers. Consumers will more often take interest in items that have positive comments, ratings of high value, or which otherwise have been reviewed by shoppers as being worthwhile. Shoppers will also look to purchase items that are unique, that have very distinctive and fresh designs, and to shop at outlets where the customer service representatives will actually contact the buyer to discover whether or not they are happy with their purchase.


Many physical locations for almost all manner of department stores have been disappearing or completely relocating their stock to online stores only. This is chiefly due to the increasing number of consumers who have the mindset that physical stores are only useful to inspect or try out the items that they are interested in purchasing. However, they do not buy the items in the physical stores, because they have learned that there are a plethora of alternative companies to be found online that offer the same items at a much lower cost. So, far too often, the physical store loses out on the sales. Interestingly, Fabletics has not gone through this type of sales loss, because they connect their physical stores to their online outlets. This allows them to keep track of what the customer desires online, and keep their physical outlets stocked with the same items.


Fabletics uses a special policy plan wherein the members of their online stores have their browsing data kept track of. This lets Fabletics recognize which of the items are looked at the most often. Those items are then stocked in the physical store locations to ensure that not only is the online outlet being used, but the physical store is also just as likely to be used by shoppers.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Kevin Seawright Focuses on Helping the First-time Homebuyer

Kevin Seawright is a philanthropist and entrepreneur in Baltimore, Maryland. After working in Baltimore city government and a community agency in Newark, NJ, he founded RPS Solutions in 2015. RPS Solutions is a real estate agency with a specific vision in making affordable housing for those on low-income and first-time buyers.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright is acting and managing co-partner with a goal to establish more homeowners in the Baltimore area because more homeowners bring more stability to the area. To date, 48 percent are homeowners in Baltimore.

Seawright is proud to announce that RPS Solutions is making incredible progress in his vision to strengthen the affordable housing market. The achievement of individuals in purchasing their own homes promotes pride and confidence with the buyer.

Purchasing a home, it is one of the largest acquisitions in a family’s life. Home ownership offers economic benefits for the buyer and vibrant neighborhoods for the community. Home ownership contributes to eliminating the problems that come along with low-income tenant issues.

Kevin Seawright has a substantial career history in financing and the community and this has led him to create this real estate agency. Seawright attended Almeda University and graduated with an MA in Business and later attended the University of Notre Dame excelling in Executive Leadership. Most of his positions have focused on these strengths including his outstanding talents in finance and budgeting with his personal gift for leadership.

From 2001 to 2011, Seawright progressed through the Baltimore City Government managing millions of dollars in five different departments including housing. In 2011, he took the position of Vice President of Operations for The Contractors in Washington DC Metro Area where he managed and strategized $50 million dollar funds. He also managed the personnel.

His next position was at Collington Episcopal Life Care Center in 2013, and then he moved to Newark Community Economic Development Corporation or NCEDC, in Newark, NJ where he received a great experience in dealing with the community.

RPS Solutions has only been serving the Baltimore public for two years, but many residents are going to benefit from the philanthropic focus of this agency.

Insurance Company Sued by Former Hawks Ownership Company over Ferry Settlement

The former NBA franchise ownership group, the Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball LLC, has filed litigation against the New Hampshire Assurance company for failing to compensate them on their agreed policy through their settlement criteria. For the company, they feel that the New Hampshire Insurance Company has failed to take responsibility for the claims. This was a contract which involved the settlement claims which were made by the former management company of AHBE. Danny Ferry is the former managing director of the issued litigation. According to him, this civil lawsuit must be taken seriously by the court to ensure that the New Hampshire Insurance Company should not act under bad insurance faith for many other companies in the future.

The former management group of the Hawks Entertainment and Basketball Company had the inclusion of the former controlling partner Bruce Levenson. Bruce of the UCG has worked in the company to ensure that they pay their premiums in time to have them covered by the various insurance claims. It was to his shock that the New Hampshire Insurance Company has worked to fail the company during their new course of action. The former management of AHBE is claiming a new order of their compensation in the new employment practices related to certain losses. For the company, there is nothing that affects them more than bad insurance faith. For them, taking into business deals with the insurance company was a way to make their compensation criterion available.

Their insured policy had the inclusion of certain employment-related practices which were not limited to workplace torts and wrongful termination of employment contracts. According to the documents presented in court, AIG was given notice by AHBE in 2015for the claims asserted to be covered by Ferry. There was an undisclosed agreement reached by the two companies over the settlement. According to Forbes.com, this marked the end of their six-year contract scoring more than $18 million in the contract.

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Comparative Constitutional Law Expert Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law focuses on the similarities and differences between the laws of different countries. This type of law also includes the study of a variety of legal systems. It takes a look at civil law, socialist law, Canon law, common law, Hindu law, Islamic law, Chinese law, and Jewish law. Comparative law is extremely important to economic globalization, democratization, and internationalism. This law also focuses on criminal law, tax policies, property protection, labor relations and human rights. This particular law helps in understanding the laws in the United States and also finding solutions for global legal issues.  Check on works.bepress.com


According to pluralism.ca, Sujit Choudhry was born in 1970 in New Delhi. He graduated from Harvard University. Choudhry is experienced in comparative constitutional law. He was a Dean from the year 2014 until the year 2016 at the UC Berkley School of Law. Choudhry made history by being the first Indian at a top US law school to become dean. He is recognized as an international authority not only of comparative constitutional law, but comparative constitutional development. At the New York University School of Law he obtained a position as a Cecelia Goetz Professor. He also held a position as school chair at the faculty of law in the University of Toronto.  Hop over to this.


Read blogs on blogs.law.nyu.edu


In Toronto, Choudhry was a member in the advisory panel. He supported same sex marriage in Canada. In the Supreme Court of Canada he was the counsel of records for two cases. The two cases he was part of were the Charkaoui security certificate case and the Guantanamo detainee cases. The Guantanamo cases were Khadr 1 and Khadr 2. Sujit Choudhry is now the founder and the Faculty Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He has been a consultant to the World Bank Institute and a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster. The work he does concentrates on the basic mythological questions concerning the comparative laws. He was a Rhodes scholar. He held two fellowships. One of the fellowships Choudhry held was for the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The second fellowship was the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship from Harvard University. Choudhry has written many chapter books, reports, working papers and a little over seventy articles. One of the books included the Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation. He is currently co-editing The Oxford Handbook of Indian Constitutional Law and Constitution Making.  Reference:  law.nyu.edu


More info here https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sujit-choudhry#/entity


Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Background and Achievements

Dr Avi Weisfogel is the founder of New Jersey based Dental Sleep Masters. Since his first week as a general dentist, Dr Avi has shown great interest in the treatment of people with sleeping defects. He established Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and managed it for fifteen years earning multiple awards and recognition from the community during the process including the designation as best dentist for several years.


As his accolades and recognition grew so also did Dr Avi Weisfogel intensify his research and study into how dentists and physicians can help alleviate sleeping disorder in patients. This passion made him establish a company known as Healthy Heart Sleep, a firm that works with physicians and dentists all over the globe on the establishment and management of sleep laboratory. As this company grew in popularity, Dr Avi Weisfogel’s research also increased. This led to a gradual increase in the number of physicians and dentists that were involved in the research. Dr Avi joined several dentistry marketing clubs and used the opportunity reach more patients.


In the year 2012, he established Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and began lecturing dentists and other medical physicians on how to treat patients with sleep disorder.


In 2014, he established Dental Sleep Masters, his most recent project which aims to help dentists further understand how dentistry can remedy sleep disorders. Dr Avi Weisfogel’s approach is comprehensive and integral with a dedication to finding and creating solutions that will benefit patients. Dental Sleep Masters is leading the cause to help diagnose and treat patients with sleep apnea.

The Future of Tidal Lies in the Hands of Desiree Perez

The vastly experienced artist boasts of more than 17 years of performing experience. She performs in selected major theme parks and resorts in Florida. She is also working with a few local entertainment companies to handle both seasonal and year- round projects through her three talent agencies as well as numerous other theater companies located within and outside Central Florida.

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Desiree attended Valencia Community College where she pursued studies in Performance and Education in Music and Theatre. She also has education background in Performance in Music. At one point in time, she served as an Honors Choir Singer at Florida State University.


A producer, Desiree Perez is popularly known for 2014 On the Run Tour: Beyonce and Jay-z and the 2013 Change: The LifeParticle Effect. She is also an actress, a singer, dancer, musical theater instructor, vocal coach as well as a voice-over artist. Check and Read more here.


Recently, Desiree Perez is making a name for herself because of her close association with Tidal – a music streaming company founded by singer Jay-Z. Apart from Tidal, she is managing two other companies belonging to Jay-z namely Roc Nation and Roc Nation Sports. Desiree is not only a performer or artist but also a business woman with the savvy and street smartness any entrepreneur needs to survive in the highly competitive entertainment industry. She has been working with Jay-Z; to not only keep the business afloat, but also to generate new plans for improving the services, and consequently the profitability of the music streaming app.  Source: m.tmz.com.

Des Perez has consistently turned down takeover offers from companies such as Spotify, Samsung, Google, Softbank, and Sprint. As at now, the future of Tidal Company lies in the hands of this business savvy woman. With the many years of experience under her belt, she has everything it takes to find the best deal for the company. The fact that she owns several entertainment firms gives people the confidence that Tidal will soon be on its feet again.

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Brad Reifler: The Dynamic Investor

Brad Reifler is a highly successful innovator in the financial world. Since 1982, Reifler has been able to use his remarkable sales and marketing skills to start up several successful investment enterprises. He has managed to succeed even when the markets have been down.

During the financial crisis of 2008, Reifler was able to adjust his game and come out ahead. By 2009 he created an investment firm which provided the same opportunities to Middle America that was previously only available to the top 1%. Recently, he has used a significant amount of his fortune to advance careers of U.S. Military Veterans.

In 1982 Brad Reifler founded the Reifler Trading Corporation. The company specialized in global derivatives. RTC was a major success for 18 years which gave Reifler the opportunity to expand. In 1995, he founded Pali Capital.

This enterprise focused mostly on the equity markets and would benefit greatly from the expansion of hedge funds. Reifler was CEO of Pali Capital for 13 years in which the company did in excess of $1 billion in commission income.

According to Crunchbase, in 2009 Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital, LLC. Reifler put together a coalition of board members from Fortune 100 companies when he launched the enterprise. He would also create Forefront Income Trust which provides middle class investors the same opportunities as the top 1%.

He accomplished this by giving small investors access to investments that were previously inaccessible. He also eliminated fees and offered investment options that are not correlated to the stock market. This allows more diversification in their portfolio which allows for higher returns. Perhaps, Reifler did this in response to the 2008 financial crisis which primarily burned small investors.

In March of 2016 Brad Reifler partnered with Easter Seals Dixon Center to promote veterans initiatives. Their mission is to give veterans access to meaningful employment, education and healthcare.

Forefront Capital has initially pledged $3 million to the veterans initiative. Brad Reifler has over 34 years of success in investment. His consistent success can be attributed to his talent at seeing trends and refusing to be complacent. He also has the capability to see opportunity where others fear to tread.

Learn more about more Brad Reifler: https://about.me/bradreifler