Month: November 2016

Choosing A Good Reputation Management Firm

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Are you searching for a way to protect against online threats and attacks? Do you want to choose the best online reputation management system for your business or brand? Many people do not understand the negative impact of having a bad online reputation. A need for Online Reputation Reviews monitoring or reputation repair could occur…

How Hiring a Consultancy Firm Can Change Your Business

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Midas Legacy is a firm that deals with consultancy and general advice for wealth management and success. The company has its main offices in Winter Garden, Florida with an extensive network of clients. The company’s primary customers include investors, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and the individuals seeking for early retirements. The company’s major focus is to assist…

Dr. Clay B. Siegall Spearheading the Development of Cancer Treating ADCs

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Dr. Siegall is one of the top researchers in the United States. He furthers the fight against cancer through a Bothell, Washington-based biotechnological company that develops antibody-based medications. These drugs have high targeting ability and transport cell-killing agents to the cancerous tumors and cells. Dr. Siegall was instrumental in the development and commercialization of ADCETRIS,…

Cleansing Conditioner Is Changing Hair For The Better

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In the past. women relied solely on traditional shampoo and conditioner combinations. The thinking was that you needed a soap based product to remove dirt and pollutants from the day. People didn’t realize that those shampoos were damaging their hair and making it frizzy and dry. Instead of helping the hair the shampoo was stripping…

Handy Hitting Record High in Sales

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Handy is a freelance handy-work service that was launched in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua, Ignacio Leonhardt, Weina Scott. Think of it as Uber, but for contractors for house cleaning, electrical work, plumbing, painting, furniture moving, and other common household services. The service is currently available in select cities in the United States, Canada…

Keith Mann Launches the Scholarship for Professional Achievement to Support Innovative Students

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Keith Mann has taken the initiative of awarding scholarships to budding entrepreneurs. The bursaries program is aimed at recognizing upcoming creative individuals in the society. Dubbed the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, the program is a partnership with the Uncommon Schools of New York. This program is intended to select a single…

Sam Tabar Is Now An Executive With FullCycle Energy Fund

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  FullCycle Energy Fund recently hired legal and financial expert, Sam Tabar to become their chief operating officer. FullCycle Energy Fund is a firm that invests client funds in alternative energy vehicles and new environmental procedures. The initiative is to transform older power plants and fossil fuel companies into cleaner energy production units at lower…


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