How the Kabbalah Centre Works

There has never been a better time for you to grow spiritually than right now because the Kabbalah Centre exists. The Kabbalah Centre is one of the oldest facilities in the country that teaches the Kabbalah, which is one of the most ancient Jewish practices and teachings in the world. The Kabbalah is something that a lot of Jewish individuals are learning each and every day and can help you to grow spiritually if you are looking to expand your religious knowledge and know things that you have not known in the past.

One of the first things to consider if you are interested in learning more about the Kabbalah Centre is to visit the Kabbalah Center itself. The Kabbalah Centre is a wonderful place for you to learn this amazing ancient practice and it has thousands of members who congregate there every single week. In fact, you can even become a member if this is something that you are interested in and it can help you to expand spiritually and learn more about this ancient practice without any of the problems that might come as a result of trying to teach yourself.

There are a variety of different ways for you to learn more about the Kabbalah send her to see if it is a good religion facility for you. The Kabbalah Centre can easily help a variety of different people both young and old. You can also learn more about different events that might be happening at the current moment by visiting the website and seeing what is available so that you might want to check it out yourself. The calendar of events that is on the Kabbalah Centre website is very easy for you to check out and use even if you are not a member at the current moment. The Kabbalah Center is a great place to start if you are looking to grow spiritually and know that this is an option that is beneficial for you in your life time. You can go there alone or with your loved ones by your side if this is something that is interesting to you and your religious beliefs.

Securus Technologies Wins the Battle of Press Releases with GTL

Securus technologies have been receiving good press over the last few days over their strategic acquisitions and accreditation from BBB with an A+ rating. It was perhaps expected that an earlier press release by Global Tele Link Technologies regarding patent infringement on part of Securus technologies needed a lot of corrections. These corrections have been aptly provided by Securus in a press release of their own. The press release methodically takes apart the claims made by GTL point by point. The six point correction list points out factual mistakes and gives examples of discursion and paraphrasing throughout the press release by GTL. I think the main takeaway from this exchange is that GTL is in no position to claim damages from Securus right now and there has been no court verdict that suggests otherwise. Even if litigation is filed a verdict would only be possible after years of hearing and millions of dollars spent. I find the last correction point very interesting especially because it is supported by data. In this point, Securus argues that contrary to what is being mentioned in the GTL press release, they believe in cooperating with competitors via license agreements. It can be easily verified by the fact that Securus has already earned $60 million from such agreements. The corresponding figure for GTL is zero. Facts suggest that Securus enjoys a situation of technical superiority over GTL. They have far more approved and pending patents that their rivals. Securus have never lost any patent infringement cases in the court, winning 19 of them. On the other hand, GTL has not won any and have lost 2.As the CEO of Securus Technologies Richard A. Smith tersely points out, it is hard to find logic in GTL’s decision to take the confrontational route on this issue. I think GTL needs to rethink their strategy on this issue and would be better off if they take the path of cooperation.


American Businessman Raj Fernando And His Support For Charity

Raj Fernando is a well known American businessman. He is the founder of two successful ventures namely Chopper Trading and Scoutahead, which he serves as the chief executive officer. Fernando studied at Beloit College and University College London. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics and history from Beloit College.

While attending college, Fernando started working at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He worked in the organization as a non paid assistant. Raj served in various positions in the firm rising in the ranks to the executive level. Additionally, Raj worked for the Chicago Board of Trade. Starting his career in 1991, Fernando went on to serve the two companies until 2001. He created his own company in 2002.

After creating Chopper Trading in 2002, Raj steered the company to growth employing over 250 professionals. The firm also traded on ICE, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, LSE, ICAP-Broketek, Nasdaq, and CME. Raj likes to maintain a pleasant surrounding atmosphere in the workplace. That is because he understands the effects stress associated with business can have on his employees. Additionally, he also likes to employ people that advance the company by making the rest of the team better. The A Players as he calls them are the reason his firms have made great accomplishments.

Scoutahead is his latest venture. Fernando created the firm in 2016. Scoutahead is a startup that operates through the internet that is designed to enhance professional growth. The company also improves corporate productivity and growth through modern communication systems.

Outside his business, Raj has contributed to the effort of the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission. He has supported its mission of upholding competitive, open, and financially sound markets. In 2010, he was a featured panelist on disruptive trading practices. Raj addressed the Commission’s discussion.

In Chicago as well as the United States, Fernando supports many charity efforts. He sits on the board of directors of a no-kill animal shelter, PAWS Chicago and the board of trustees of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Raj has also supported Wounded Warriors along with the Clinton Foundation. Additionally, Raj is on the board of directors for the key American Security Project.

Goettl Air Conditioning Has The Answers To Your Questions

When it comes to air conditioning, it can be confusing for a lot of people. There is nothing wrong with that and there is nothing to be ashamed of, that is for sure. It is just the way it is. They might know how to turn it on, change the filter, and turn it off and the settings, but as far as repairs, they might know a little, but they might not know a lot. Some other air conditioning companies might take advantage of this and rip off the customer. They see it as a weakness and they can’t wait to come in, make stuff up, and over charge them.

Thankfully, those living in Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas have a company that is trustworthy, honest, and reliable and that is Goettl Air Conditioning and Ken Goodrich. One of the many wonderful things about Ken is that he knows what to look for in employees. When they step into his office, he knows whether they have it or not. He wants to know they have empathy and sympathy for their customers. He wants to know that the job means something to them and they are not simply looking for a paycheck.

He takes a great deal of pride in knowing his employees are going to help out the customers and be there in a moment’s notice. No one knows when a disaster might strike with an air conditioner. In those areas that were mentioned, they can get so humid, it is unbelievable. That is why they offer installation, maintenance, and repairs. All the customer has to do is simply pick up the phone and they know they will have someone out there to handle all of it and be upfront about it and give them a fair price and do a job well done.

Another great reason to support Goettl Air Conditioning is the fact that Ken Goodrich is always giving back to others. He helped a veteran go back to school after coming back from the war, so he can further his education. He also recently helped a man that was suffering from extreme heat in his home and also had plumbing issues and was unable to fix them due to his fixed income. The man didn’t have to pay a cent thanks to Ken Goodrich, his son’s football team, and the Sunny Plumber. They did an eight thousand dollar job for free. That is a company with its heart in the right place.

Improved Standards in Banking Sector

Nexbank currently acquired college saving bank of Princeton in New Jersey (full article here) which was specializing in 529 Plan College saving plan aimed at helping its members with saving and investing services. John Holt, the CEO of Nexbank, announced that the college saving bank would not change its name sand also the branding but will continue with its current operations being a division of the Nexbank. The CEO on his briefing said that the college saving bank focused on college savings since its foundation on 1987.
Nexbank is a financial institution which aims at satisfying its customers’ financial matters. It allows its customers to save their cash, and also provide them with loans for various purposes according to the client’s need. It deals with three core businesses namely; commercial banking, investment banking, and mortgage banking. Nexbank headquarters are located at 2515 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1100 Dallas, Texas 75201. The offices are always open every Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm. Nexbank has other branches all over the world as it aims at providing its services around the world.
Nexbank aims at delivering excellent values at any given opportunity and also provides its customers with good and well-made solutions geared to making the clients more satisfied and also create a true relationship with the clients. The bank also offers online banking which becomes very convenient and flexible since customers can easily manage their finances at any time. The platform is also secure as you are the only one as the account owner who can access the account and you can easily manage your account. The online platform also allows you to view the account balances, transfer of money to different accounts, save time and money paying your bills online and also see your bank statements.Nexbank is determined to maintain high standards of conducting business for continued satisfaction to its esteemed customers.

Erick Pulier’s Incredible Career

Erick Pulier will always appear in the list of names of individuals who have made milestone achievements in their careers. Pulier is a highly skilled technology professional who has amassed himself a lot of praise from individuals, corporations and government. His journey to success has inspired many young people who feel that it is not possible to achieve success because of the stage of life.

Pulier started to pursue his interest at a young age. In high school, he managed to start a computer database company. He later joined the prestigious Harvard University to study literature. While in Harvard, he was appointed as one of the editors of the university’s biggest column “The Harvard Crimson”. He also enrolled for an IT course at the neighboring MIT.

After graduating from Harvard, Pulier started his own company People Doing Things in Los Angeles. Through the company, he provided digital services that were designed to create new ways of interacting technologically. His impeccable performance in digital technology earned him a spot in the list of individuals who were selected to help created the Presidential Exhibition in 1997. He was also among those who participated in Al Gore Health Care and Technology Forum the same year. Pulier has founded and co-founded several companies and some of the companies he is associated with include Media Platform Inc., US Interactive, Desktone and SOA Software.

Erick Pulier is also a compassionate individual who has a strong connection with philanthropy. He understands his need to exercise social responsibility and make a difference in people’s lives. He is one of the board members of Active Turtle, an organization that supports children with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. He is also a board member of XPRIZE Foundation.

Pulier continues to traverse the world of technology with his brilliant ideas. He is an individual who is determined to make changes geared to making people’s lives better and simpler. He is also a role model who motivates people through his keynote speeches. Many young and brilliant people with great ideas look up to him for inspiration. Pulier is currently living in Los Angeles.

More about Eric:

George Soros Is Telling American Voters That Trump Is Fear Monger

George Soros is an American that believes in Democratic principles. Soros is the 32nd richest human in the world. He has more than $25 billion in his bank account. Of course, not all that money is in the bank. Soros spreads his wealth around, and in 2016 he showed the world how much he cares about democracy and the Democratic party. George has donated more than $25 million to elect Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. George Soros has given the super PACs that back Clinton $8 million so far, and it’s safe to say that Soros still has his checkbook open, and he will be writing more checks before election day. Soros is telling American voters that Donald Trump is helping terrorist fuel the terror, according to a recent article.

The article suggests that radical Islamists want to create a strong anti-Muslim feeling in the United States as well as in other parts of the world, so other Muslims have no other choice but to join the radical Islamic movement on Politico. Soros said Westerners have an overwhelming fear of death, and that creates a reaction against all Muslims. Trump is fueling the fear by taking a total anti-Muslim approach to terrorism. Trump does not have a strategy that makes sense, according to Soros, and that is one of the main reasons he is backing Clinton.

The Soros Open Society Foundation’s mission on Investopedia is to spread democracy, not fear, around the world. George has donated millions of dollars to stop the spread of communism in countries around the globe. He also wants to stop the Jihadists, and he has developed a strategy for the European Union to use, but the EU is too busy trying to keep its member nations away from bankruptcy. George Soros recently announced a $500 million investment in startup companies that are owned by refugees. Soros is a refugee, so he knows the meaning of the word. George left Hungary in 1947, and he fled to England so he could complete his education. Soros graduated from the London School of Economics, and his days of being a waiter to survive came to an end. Soros came to New York in the 1950s, and he found work on Wall Street. The former refugee became a stock broker. Soros had help from his friends in the investment business on, but he made his fortune on his own.

Being a rich Jewish American does come with perks, but Soros forgoes the perks, and he focuses on the issues. George Soros wants to help people that need help, and he wants to do it the old fashion way. He wants them to make the first move, and then he will help them on their journey.

Sam Tabar Offers Invaluable Tips to Novice Investors


A recent Fidelity Investments survey showed that 54% of consumers plan to make financial resolutions every year. But the complexities that come with securities can be overwhelming to amateurs. The renowned capital strategist and lawyer, Sam Tabar has revealed his top investment tips to assist the uninitiated who are looking to increase their net worth or plan for retirement.


Sam Tabar advises people to boost their portfolio with commodity trading since these types of investments are riskier than traditional bets such as mutual funds. He cautions novices and casual investors from investing in commodity markets. Tabar argues that commodity markets can be volatile than mutual funds or stock markets and for this reason, investors should do some research before investing in commodities.


Sam Tabar offers an alternative to traditional stock markets, investing in private business. As an entrepreneur, Tabar knows that social entrepreneurship is on the rise and investing in social startups is a good way to increase revenues while assisting others. Whatever the type of venture novices opt for, Tabar emphasizes the importance of a properly diversified portfolio.


Sam Tabar is a prominent capital strategist and attorney based in New York City. After graduating from Columbia Law School, Tabar started his career as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom law firm. At Skadden, Mr. Tabar was responsible for counseling clients on forming hedge funds, private placement memoranda, employment problems, agreements on investment management, side letters and regulatory and compliance problems.


In 2004, Tabar joined PMA Investment Advisors, a Hong Kong-based hedge fund unit of Japan’s Sparx Group Co. He quickly rose to become the co-head and managing director of Business Development. He later served as the director and head of capital strategy at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Tabar’s role was to find investors and introduce them to fund managers. He later returned to the legal field in 2013 when he joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP a senior associate dealing with hedge funds as well as fund formation.


Currently, Mr. Tabar serves as the chief operating officer for Fullcycle Energy Fund, a company that converts waste into clean, valuable fuel. Tabar’s responsibility is to oversee the company’s fund management strategy. As a capital strategist, Tabar has made a major investment in THINX, a designer underwear manufacturer that creates undergarments to assist women in menstruation and incontinence.  Check out Sam Victor Tabar’s page on the FullCycle website here:

The Goettl Way

Summer can get very hot. Pets can be especially at risk at this time. That is why Goettl Air Condition has named a number of helpful precautions that a pet owner can take. First, make sure they stay off the heat-absorbing pavement and truck beds. Second, before going out into the sun, give your pet a coating of pet-safe sunscreen. Third, make sure your pet is properly groomed for summer heat. Fourth, make sure they have constant access to clean water and cool shades. Fifth, provide your pet with a pet-sized pool. Sixth, make sure they don’t lap up any antifreeze that has leaked because of the heat.

Goettl Air conditioning was founded by Gust and Adam Goettl in 1939. It was purchased by Ken Goodrich in 2013 who moved the headquarters from its founding home in Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. He was born and raised here. As a boy, he was raised by his air conditioner repairman father to know the ins and outs of the trade. One thing his father taught him was a deep and abiding respect for the Goettle product. The Goettl website guarantees that their technicians and staff will exceed your expectations of their services.

Their considerable residential and commercial services include, but are not limited to, installation of central air units, heat pumps, ductless mini splits, air cleaners, humidifiers, UV germicidal lights, furnaces, radiant heating systems, repairs, and replacements. They also boast great customer service, 24/7 response, and a complete satisfaction guarantee. They promise that after they finish you will be always able to stay as cool as you want during the summer. Goettl also handles the heating end of things.

Goettl handles both minor and major repairs and annual tune-ups. They guarantee that their efficient services will provide you with a full winter of a well heated house. But Goettl does more than just provide coolness and heat. It is also an expert in ridding your air of contaminants and pollutants. To this end, Goettl is fully equipped with indoor air quality products, services, and humidifiers. Gentle is particularly expert in its duct cleaning service and making absolutely these ducts do not have any gaps that leak cool and heated air.

Goettl specializes in providing services for Commercial HVAC. To this end, they will do more than installation and repair work. They will also provide sound advice for effective heating and cooling of a facility.