Month: September 2016

David Osio’s Davos Real Estate Group has released a New App

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Davos Real Estate has announced the release of a new mobile application known as the “Davos CAP Calculator.” While making the announcement, David Osio and other executive directors of Davos Real Estate Group said that the app will enable clients to make an estimate of ROIs on real estate investments. According to them, the app…

Kyle Bass Predicts Massive Devaluation of Currency in China

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  Kyle Bass is a billionaire hedge fund manager based out of Texas, but originally from Argentina, who made headlines when he bet against America’s sub-prime housing market in 2008, and the result was a recession from which Bass managed to profit considerably. Bass didn’t cause the recession, but he had the foresight to profit…

Makeup Artists Can Make Use Of Makari For Their Clients

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There are a lot of makeup artists who have regular clients they see who can help when there are things that have to be taken of on their skin. A makeup artist can cover up a lot with their supplies, but they still need to have Makari skin whitening cream when they want to help…

Thor Halvorssen Goes After What He Believes In

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One thing that helps people lead a fulfilling life is that they stand up for what they believe in. Some even build their lives around it, which include forming a career that is based around it. Thor Halvorssen is someone who has managed to live a fulfilling right. He believes in living a life that…

Investing in Brexit gold coins is an investment in your future

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When looking to invest in gold, it is important that you follow all the right steps. By doing so, you ensure that you can get the most amount of gold for your monetary investment. When you invest in gold the right way, you help to secure your savings. Due to economic issues, there is a…

Securus Technologies Keeps Inmates Connected During Flooding Crisis

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Securus Technologies, a major provider of civil and criminal justice technology services, announced on September 1, 2016 that in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, each inmate incarcerated in the state will be allowed one free telephone call per day, so they can stay connected with family and friends impacted by…

Reputation Management Fixers Will Help your Business Improve its Rankings

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Google ranking is an important aspect of any business entity that wishes to use its online presence to increase its profitability. However, when you notice a drop in your rankings you need to consider a number of things. The first element to consider is the issue of internal linking. Your site should be adequately connected…

Adam Goldenberg: One Of The Heroes Of The Fashion Industry

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The world is rather uninspired when it comes to fashion. A lot of people have resigned to being cookie cutter copies of each other. However, this is not necessarily because they choose to be. It is more because that they don’t really have much choice. A lot of the retail companies are selling the same…

Revolutionize Your Damaged Lips

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Having soft radiant lips is very important to most women. Your lips can feel the effects of the elements and signs of aging is possible. The best treatment for your lips is starting out early. Evolution of Smooth is providing an innovative lip balm for much less than their competitors. You’ll be able to get…


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