Month: March 2016

Bernardo Chua Proves that Coffee Can Be Healthy

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There has lately been a little discussion about coffee. When people think about coffee, one of the things they think about is the huge amount of caffeine. One of the common beliefs is that coffee is actually not that good for the individual. However, Bernardo Chua has brought forth something that could change the minds…

iFunding Provides Real Estate Investment Opportunities

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Over the past five years, one of the largest changes to the private equity and venture capital industries has been the increase of crowd funding to help small businesses grow to the next level. Hundreds of new products are unveiled on an annual basis, which has helped small businesses to gain access to millions of…

How to Get the Perfect Instagram Picture

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If you don’t share an outfit on Instagram, is it truly stylish? You have put time, thought, and true effort into a series of perfect outfits, it is equally worth the effort to learn some tips to share the best picture of them you can with your friends. Vogue asks some of the best photographers…

The Manse On Marsh: How To Choose A Reliable Senior Community

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A reputable assisted living facility will ensure that residents live in a pleasant and safe environment. And that’s where The Manse On Marsh comes in – to provide the top quality amenities and services that meet the needs of families and their loves ones. If your elderly parent or relative is having more and more…

Olympic Valley Incorporation Efforts

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There are a lot of things going on in the travel industry right now. One of the biggest ones was when Andy Wirth fought the incorperation of his hospitality empire. What Happened? There were a lot of things that contributed to the propossed incorporation of Sunset Valley. Some of the biggest were the area and…

Wiki at Its Best

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Two friends are sitting in a cafe. The first states that King Henry the Eighth of England had three wives. The second friend does not agree. Both take out their phones to prove the other wrong. No matter which search engine is used, they will both most likely end up on Wikipedia. The online encyclopedia…


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