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Project Syndicate recently published an article by George Soros. In the article, Soros stated that the European Union should be more concerned about the flood of refugees coming into Europe than ISIS or other terrorist concerns. Soros explained that the only way the terrorists will when is if Europe gives into fear. However, if Europe does not address and fix the refugee crisis, they will inevitably crumble.

Soros explained that the European Union is currently facing too many problems. These problems include Greece’s debt, terrorism and now the refugee influx. Soros also states that the European Union and the United States should understand that there are parties in the world that want the European Union to fail and so they are trying to exacerbate the situation. One individual that Soros mentioned by name was Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Forbes billionaire Soros said that Putin is under pressure. Russia’s foreign debt will mature in 2017 and oil prices are falling, these two issues, in combination with a few other economic problems, will cause the current Russian regime to fall. Putin’s only hope is that the European Union will fall first. If the EU falls, there will be no one to enforce policies such as the sanctions on Russia.

In order to make the European Union crumble, President Putin is attempting to flood Europe with refugees. He is bombing civilian regions of Syria. Tens of thousands of Syrians are fleeing with hopes of gaining asylum in Europe. The current climate of public opinion in Europe is not accepting of foreigners and major problems will arise if the refugee influx is not handled.

George Soros cares deeply about this problem because he greatly admires and respects the European Union and the principles that it was founded on. Soros is a big proponent of more open societies, more human rights for individuals and more transparent governments. This is likely due to his childhood in Hungary where he first lived under Nazi occupation and then under communist rule.

When he was 17, Soros fled to London and attended the London School of Economics. Soros then went to the United States where he had decades of success in the investment world. He made billions for himself and others, first working for New York investment firms and then creating his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Management.

In the 1980s, Soros felt he had made enough money so he switched his focus to philanthropy and found the Open Society Foundations. Ever since then, Soros has been actively advocating for individuals and their rights. The foundation is now operating in more than 100 countries globally and is attempting to spread the very same principles that the European Union holds so dearly.

Craft Beer Sales Are Up In The U.S. And Anheuser-Bush Wants More Market Share According To Brazilian Entrepreneur Ricardo Guimarães

Imported And Craft Beer sales have surged in the United States beer market. Old brands like Miller, Miller Lite, Bud and Bud Light are becoming dinosaurs in the foamy beverage market thanks to young beer drinkers that want flavor, great packaging and an independent brewery that is concerned about its customers. Anheuser-Bush, the Goliath of the worldwide beer industry, is licking their bottom line wounds because a new generation of beer drinkers think the old brands don’t cut it anymore.

That being said, Anheuser-Bush is not going broke anytime soon. The St. Louis-based brewery recorded over $10 billion in sales last year, but like all big companies investors want more. Imported and craft beer sales grew by 6.9 percent and 17.6 percent respectively last year, and those percentages are way above the growth of the overall beer market, according to Brazilian entrepreneur and banker, Ricardo Guimarães.

Ricardo Guimarães is a seasoned businessman that runs his family bank, but he is also a key figure in the soccer association in Brazil. Mr. Guimarães turned his small bank into one of the most admired banks in the country thanks to his idea to sponsor soccer clubs. Brazilian beer companies have always been soccer sponsors, and Guimarães thought banks could do the same thing, and he was right.

BMG bank is one of the most profitable banks in the consignment credit business in Brazil thanks to soccer sponsorships. Guimarães is also an investor that keeps up-to-date on the American market. When he discovered a new Anheuser-Bush incentive plan for beer distributors, he had to learn more about the plan. The more he learned, the more he questioned the legality of the plan.

The Anheuser incentive plan is designed to give AB InBev products more shelf space in retails stores. Distributors that sign up for the plan will promote AB InBev craft brands instead of independent craft brands. Every distributor that signs up for the plan will get half of their marketing and displays costs back from Anheuser-Bush. According to Guimarães, that sounds like something a Brazilian or Mexican company would do to force out competitors. Several craft breweries in the United States agree with Guimarães. Independent breweries notified the Department of Justice and an investigation is in progress.

Anheuser-Bush needs craft beer business in order to maintain a decent bottom line for investors. Without a strong group of craft brands, Anheuser-Bush will continue to lose market share. Being the biggest brewery in the world doesn’t matter to the new generation of beer drinkers. In fact, they find that style of business repulsing. Mr. Guimarães thinks AB InBev needs a new plan. A new plan that pays attention to what consumers want not what investors want.

Banker Ricardo Guimarães Doesn’t Favor For One Soccer Team He Roots For All Of Them

A recent article posted by, explains how Ricardo Guimarães got involved in the sport of soccer. Today, BMG Bank is the largest sponsor of soccer in Brazil, and Guimarães is the mastermind behind the bank’s success.

Like most Brazilian men, Guimarães grew up kicking a soccer ball. Ricardo was born in Belo Horizonte, so he played soccer in that city while he was attending lower school. He didn’t know it at the time, but he would eventually become the president of the Atlético Mineiro Club from his home state, and he would keep that position for five years.

Another article by, mentions how Guimarães was able to combine his banking career with his football career. Ricardo was born wealthy thanks to his grandfather Antonio and father Flavio. Ricardo had banking genes, and when he became president of the BMG Bank in 1998, he showed Brazil how those genes operate.

Guimarães decided to compete with the big banks in Brazil for the payroll loans that became fashionable in Brazil while Luis de Silva was president. Payroll loans are low-interest loans that are guaranteed by personal income. Guimarães developed a strategy that combined soccer advertising and sponsorships with a down-home type approach to lending. The strategy worked, and BMG Bank became more than a one state bank.

When the city of Belo Horizonte awarded the Diploma of Merit to one of their distinguished home-town men, Ricardo accepted the honor with appreciation and humility. Even though Guimarães had left Belo Horizonte for the bright banking lights of Sao Paulo, he never forgot the people in his birth city. Ricard donated his time and money as the city grew, and the city wanted to recognize Ricardo’s accomplishments by giving him the Diploma, according to an article published by

BMG Bank has experienced tremendous growth the last eight years under Ricardo’s leadership. The bank is now the second most profitable bank in the consignment credit business. BMG Bank has partnered with the fifth largest bank in the country, and opened another bank that only handles payroll loans because of the demand Guimarães created with soccer fans.

Soccer sponsorships have been rewarding, but Guimarães has expanded his sponsorship program. The bank is sponsoring Marcelo Melo; the tennis doubles sensation. The BMG logo will be on his tennis shirt during the Summer Olympics as well as when he plays other matches around the world. BMG Bank is being recognized by other countries because soccer and tennis fans around the globe support businesses that have a presence during matches. The bank is also sponsoring volleyball players, so BMG Bank will be well represented when the world comes to Brazil in August for the Olympics.

Legal Counsel Sam Tabar

The practice of law is something that is important for the functioning of many societies. People need the help of the law in order to be able to have a society where the rules are understood by everyone and applied equally to all those living there. Skilled counsel is often necessary in order to make sure that this system functions well. Lawyers are those who help make sure that all aspects of the legal system are applied in accordance with agreed upon laws. A lawyer who fully understands how to help their clients best is often one that can serve the needs of the community and the client at the same time.

LinkedIn shows that Sam Tabar is transplant from the United Kingdom who knows the importance of this process well. He has been heavily involved in many aspects of the legal system in the United States, including his specialty of business law. Business law is an area of law that deals with many kinds of complexities. Many lawyers like Sam Tabar know that this area of law is an area where they can be of service to clients who may need help doing important things such as managing a hedge fund or creating a new business of some kind. Skilled legal counsel is vital when conducting business of any kind. has a pretty detailed history on how Tabar has spent many years in the field of law working to help provide his clients with the kind of counsel they need. He attended Oxford University in the United Kingdom where he majored in law both as an undergraduate and as a graduate student when he earned his master’s degree in this field. After his graduation from this university, he moved to the United States to complete his education. He attended Columbia University where he earned a degree in law and graduated as one of the university’s editors. He then decided to make his home in New York City where he has lived ever since.

Since that time, he has taken several jobs in various fields of the law. He has focused most of his attention of the important field of business law, a focus that has helped him be heavily involved in many major business deals. His focus has been on helping provide legal counsel in the field of business law. Many of his clients have been pleased to have his skills at their disposal as they know they can rely on him to help them figure out how best to work with the current law in order to have the most favorable deal possible. His work has included work with clients such as Bank of America where he helped craft counsel that was focused on the Asian Pacific rim.  Currently in 2015, Sam Tabar has become CEO of Full Cycle Fund.