Month: January 2016

The Good and the Bad Surrounding Kyle Bass

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According to some, investor Kyle Bass is someone that most people need to pay attention to. According to others, he is nothing more than an opportunist who is willing to take advantage of other people when they are at the worst point of their lives. The truth is, he is probably somewhere in the middle….

Contributions Made by Sergio Cortes as a Medical Executive

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Recently, Sergio Cortes, the Brazilian State secretary of Health, was in Xerem. He surveyed the areas affected by floods. The government established the Dengue Hydration Center at the Xerem health center. The establishment can serve a number of 300 people per day. The center was set up as a preventive measure against the dengue Mosquito…

Crystal Hunt Has Become a Celebrity

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Born February 5th, 1985, this Emmy-nominated actress first captured America’s attention at the age of seventeen as the misguided, troubled “Lizzie Spaulding” in Guiding Light, a CBS daytime series. She gained her fame through daytime dramas such as Guiding Light and One Life to Live. For her role as Lizzie, she would earn an Emmy…

Ricardo Guimaraes, A Great Businessman and Supporter of Sports in Brazil

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Ricardo Guimaraes is a skilled businessman born in Belo Horizonte to Flavio Guimaraes. He is the grandson of Antonio Mourao Guimaraes, the founder of BMG Bank where Ricardo Guimaraes has served as the president. Ricardo Guimaraes received a Merit Honor diploma from the city council of Belo Horizonte on April 18th 2011. He started his…

Premium Dog Foods By Beneful And Insider Information

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The food that you feed your dogs is what keeps them healthy and active. Buying high quality dog food is the responsibility of every good pet owner. We keep our dogs healthy by giving them the right foods with the right ingredients. High quality ingredients cost more to purchase from Amazon, so the companies that…


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