Communities Improved By Kevin Seawright

Financial steward Kevin Seawright has worked in the north east for many years and has been able to improve the economy in the cities that he has worked in. He has done so by giving the people opportunity and helping them create options for themselves instead of just giving handouts.

As the sitting Vice President and CFO of Newark CEDC, Seawright has worked within the Newark community to make it a better place, and from what he points to on Twitter they are accomplishing that goal. He has worked with the mayor as well as the residents to create opportunities for business owners and even opportunities for jobs within these businesses. The skills that he has in working with Newark are skills that he has gained throughout his career as a financial steward. The values that he has for these communities were ingrained into him at the young age of 12 by his parents, who were also financial stewards.

Before working with Newark CEDC, World Class Magazines implies that Kevin Seawright worked with a government agency that was based in Baltimore. The agency was created to help the community of Baltimore and Seawright was at the head of community help within that area. He worked to improve the community and made a lot of difference for the residents. He learned, though, that he was not cut out for work with a government agency. He began looking for other opportunities that he was able to use his skills and help the communities that he worked for during that time without having to worry about the government hanging over his head.

Philadelphia was the first community that Seawright worked to improve and was the place that he still refers to as home. This city gave him a lot in the way of skill cultivation and allowed him to truly practice what he would be doing for the rest of his life. He started working in Philadelphia with his parents and eventually started his own career in the city. He did so after he had worked his way through school and had gotten the education that he needed to be able to help the people of the Philadelphia community.

Kevin Seawright has attended both traditional and online schools as you can see from his resume. He sees them as a way for people to improve their lives and consistently pushes the people in the communities that he helps to go to school. He sees education as one of the only opportunities for rising above poverty and has worked to make education a reality for the communities that he works in. He has shown the people of the community that it is now easier than ever to get an education because of all of the ways that they can attend school on a schedule that works for their own lifestyle.

A Life Changing Experience

I just moved to New York about three months ago and I feel like I am still in my exploring stages. There is so many job opportunities in the city that it is beyond ridiculous. I am coming from a smaller town in Wyoming, so I guess everything is bigger than where I came from. I have always worked at minimum wage jobs so this time I want to take my time until I find something that is the perfect fit and something that I actually enjoy doing which is rare. I have come across many jobs in New York that I would love to do but I am seemingly not qualified enough for a lot of the positions that need to be filled.

What really bums me out the most is that I met a man named Stephen Murray CCMP Capital who used to be the president at CCMP Capital. He actually told me to go apply as they were hiring for a position coming up. Unfortunately, again, I was not qualified. The sad part of it all is that I got to talk to Stephen about the company and how successful and great they all are there. He was extremely compassionate about CCMP Capital and it honestly made me want the job more than I have ever wanted anything else. Everything just seemed so perfect about it. From the hours to the pay, I certainly could not go wrong landing a job there.

Instead of getting down in the dumps about the situation, I took Stephen Murray CCMP Capital advice. He had told me to write a list of what I needed to do to start working their and start crossing those things off. I called around to schools to find out what credentials I needed to work there and I got myself signed up! Whether it takes me a year or four years to get a degree, I will make it. They will be surprised when I show up later down the road, applying for the same position in Stephen Murray CCMP Capital but with a way better resume than before. I have never worked for something like this before so there is no way I will give up on it now. I used to always give up when things got complicated, but it is time for me to make a big change with that as well. All in all, this will be a life changing experience.

Why Kristen Stewart Would Love Jon Urbana

You know we love Kristen Stewart, and I like to think we know what she loves. One of those things would probably be Jon Urbana – if she knew him. I mean, look at this shot right here. That belongs on any Instagram feed.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

And look at this video about him. If that doesn’t say enough, then I don’t know what does. Kristen would love him.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

And did I mention that his songs rock? He’s also got more on Soundcloud if you’re into the whole EDM thing.

In 2011, I learned on Facebook that Jon Urbana decided that he wanted to create a place that would be a safe place for the future generations of lacrosse players to learn how to play lacrosse the right way, and so he and Lou Braun co-founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in 2011. Jon went to high school at Denver East High School, and this high school was where he started his lacrosse career. Not many people know that he was a two-time all-state pick and 3-time all-conference player, and not many people know that he also received 3 varsity letters having to do with his abilities in lacrosse and tennis. For more information concerning Jon Urbana’s career as a lacrosse player please visit this site.


Another thing that many people (not even his Twitter followers) do not about Jon Urbana is that he has a Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification and a Federal Aviation Administration License. You have the ability to see all of the pilots that are certified on the Federal Aviation Administration’s website. This type of certification is no little thing, it requires a lot of experience and know-how to get certified for this. To read more on Jon Urbana’s life with aviation, go to this site.

Business Ventures

Between the years of 2001 and 2005, Urbana went to college at Vilanova University, where he was able to get his B.A. in Economics. For right now, Jon is working at the Next Level Lacrosse Camp as the coach and founder, and he is also working at Elispse USA. Jon Urbana has many skills that he is now able to use, sales, marketing strategy, entrepreneurship and strategic planning are just some of the great skills that he has. Watch this video to see more about Jon Urbana’s business ventures, or click here.

Charity Work

As far as charity work is concerned, Jon Urbana is a God-send. Recently, his animal lover instincts got a hold of him and he decided to start a fund-raiser for the non-profit organization the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society. The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is a wonderful place where people are able to adopt cats and donate to the cause, so that the injured and hungry cats are able to have a safe place to eat and live. This non-profit organization is the leading non-profit in the Denver area. For more information on how the fund-raiser is going, to donate or just to see what the fund-raiser is all about, you can visit their site here.

Financial Planning and Goal Setting

According to Brad Reifler, financial planning is nothing more than goal setting. You determine where you are now and where you want to be in the future. You then develop a definitive course of action to move you forward from point A to point B. Of course executing those goals by placing them in writing will increase your chances for success. Yet, only one in four people have developed a financial plan.

Developing a Foolproof Plan

Regardless of whether you are retiring soon, perhaps changing jobs, or simply looking toward your future, now is always a good time to develop a comprehensive plan. Unfortunately, many people sit and ponder whether they’ve waited too long, or they worry about being unprepared with retirement just around the corner. It doesn’t matter because a financial plan will help you reap more, and more is always better than less.

“Constructing an extensive financial plan is more psychological than monetary,” says Reifler. Plans often motivate you to move forward instead of stressing about money, and Brad knows a thing or two about putting together an ironclad plan. The next question is should you hire an advisor? That depends on your goals. Advisors know where to look and what to look out for to eliminate pitfalls. You don’t have to rush and hire a financial planner but once that financial plan is down on paper, an expert undoubtedly should review your goals.

Brad Reifler’s Instinct

Brad Reifler has enjoyed a successful career for more than three decades in the finance industry. He’s the classic example of turning a passion into an immense business success and enjoying the fruits of your labor, and Reifler has become a sparkling pantheon of the finance stars. From his start-up at Reifler Trading Company and then Pali Capital, and then Forefront Capital, LLC, Reiflter has proved that it’s possible to build rapid success without conforming to existing models. Brad Reifler’s outside-the-box thinking has led to a hugely successful conclusion.

Ricardo Guimarães of BMG is honored


In an article published at it is reported that the entrepreneur and Chairman of BMG, Ricardo Annes Guimarães, born in Belo Horizonte, received the City Council the diploma of Merit, on 18 April, at the request of Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno (PSB). Léo Bourgeois de Castro (PSDB), Speaker of the House, opened the ceremony before transferring to colleague the presidency of the meeting.

After opening the Speaker of the House, Daniel Nepomuceno took the lead of the meeting saying it was “a great honor” honor Ricardo Guimarães, for being “one of the entrepreneurs who invests most in sport in Brazil,” and also for ” support and help ” this He provided you in your career.

Léo Bourgeois recalled that in 2004 Guimarães was awarded the Grand Collar of the Legislative Merit and declared his satisfaction “reopen the doors of this house” to honor the entrepreneur, this time on an individual basis. The parliamentarian also stressed the work done for the sake of the sport and recalled its passage as president of Clube Atlético Mineiro from 2001 to 2006, when “saneou the team’s finances” and was responsible for the construction of the Training Center of “Rooster” considered one of the best equipped in the country.

State Representative Fred Costa highlighted the “broad curriculum” of the honoree, “the national sport patron” since, in addition to football; Guimarães also invests in gymnastics, tennis and volleyball. According to Costa, for the entrepreneur “sponsor is to contribute to the social development of the country.” The MP also stressed the Guimarães investments in Whale Hospital and St. Vincent de Paul Foundation.

Anastasia representing the governor, Alberto Pinto Coelho deputy governor declared that “this well-deserved tribute crown the saga of an important family, committed to the development of the sport.” Then the chairman of the House did reading the terms diploma and handed it to the honored along with Daniel Nepomuceno, who Fred Costa also gave Ricardo Guimarães a plate.


Ricardo Guimarães thanked “kindness” Alderman Daniel Nepomuceno and said that in Belo Horizonte are their family and professional roots. He said he was honored to be able to keep the tradition started by his grandfather and said the BMG is the bank that most invests in sports and athletes activities.

The businessman stressed the state capital as “test market for any business segment,” information that the speaker said “able to confirm through consolidated activities by BMG and exported to other states.”

Also present were the father of the honoree , Flávio Guimarães Pentagna , son Flávio Guimarães Neto Pentagna and Angela Guimarães; President of the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Diniz Pinheiro ; the Municipal Secretary of Finance, José Afonso da Silva Bicalho Beltrao , represented the mayor Marcio Lacerda ; Congressman Wellington Prado ; Judge Jose Marcos Rodrigues Vieira; the Secretary of State of Government , Danilo de Castro; Luiz Otavio ‘ Ziza ‘ Valadares ; the state representative Luzia Ferreira; the state representative Savio Souza Cruz ; Deputy CEO of National School of Magistrates , Judge Jose Nepomuceno da Silva , representing the Association of Brazilian Magistrates .

Ricardo Guimarães serves as President of BMG. In addition to his current position, he is also the owner. His professional life also grants him time to serve on the Member of the Board of Councilors of Banco BMG S.G.

Madison Street Capital’s Assets Management

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Asset management can be a huge headache for business establishments. In fact, a company has to buy and sell to gain profit. Part of the buying and selling process involves the acquisition and sale of corporate assets.

Asset Management plays a critical role in determining the overall value of a business. In most cases, the more assets a company holds the more it’s likely to gain profits. However, the current market volatility presents unique challenges.

Investment banks come in to lighten the burden of asset management. They possess extensive knowledge of market forces and through an evaluation of a business, they can offer long term solutions. Every organization can benefit from the advisory services of an investment bank.

However, the investment banking industry is experiencing its unique set of internal challenges. As a result, firms in the industry have had to reinvent the trade. A classic example of such companies is Madison Street Capital. They specialize in the transfer of assets and ownership between businesses. Read more here

A unique feature of Madison Street Capital lies in their specialization in the emerging market segments of global economies. Here, firms are constantly looking to expand business operations. As companies grow and restructure, they require to merge and acquire the assets of other enterprises.

The merging and acquisition process starts with an evaluation of both parties which leads to an analysis of individual performance and profitability. Madison Street Capital has perfected the entire process, therefore, providing optimal outcomes and advising their clients accordingly. The firm has learned the values of leadership and client-oriented practice.

All their initiatives and opinions work towards building the client’s short and long-term goals. Their sound investment strategies pave the way for the success of their clientele. The company guides and furthers the interest of the customer throughout the long assets management cycle. It’s not a surprise that Madison Street Capital has taken a leading role in investment banking today.

CCMP and Services Provided by Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was the CEO of the CCMP Capital investment firm that specialized in equity of different buyout sectors. He was one of the top CEOs that the company saw and was a major player in the world of investment. He was able to provide his clients as well as his employees with some of the top information in the world. He provided a large number of investment opportunities for these people based on his industry expertise. He used his experience that he was in for the length of his career to help his client basis to feel more secure with what they are doing relating to their investment opportunities. At the age of 52, Stephen Murray passed away, still in the position of CEO. Since March of 2015 when his death occurred, the company has been working to transition into a new CEO personnel and has done so to ensure that they remain one of the top companies in the world.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a firm that focuses its attention on he growth that can be done with opportunities. They take companies that are struggling, put their investment money into the company and enjoy the profits that the company is able to cut them when they grow as a result of the investment toward the company. This is a great way that they breathe new life into the economy while still managing to make more money for themselves. They use the client’s misfortune of a failing company to their advantage as well as the client’s and ensure that the client can build back their profits.

Another major thing that the CCMP Capital firm is able to do is buyouts. They are able to completely buy out failing businesses. They use their investment capital as well as the industry expertise that is seen in all four of their divisions to ensure that they are able to revive the company. This revival allows the company to become better than what it was before and is a great way that the CCMP firm is able to make more money for itself as well as the clients it serves.

In the past, CCMP was closely connected to JP Morgan. They were one in the same and worked hand in hand with each other. The companies functioned as one and the JP Morgan name actually forms one of the letters in the abbreviation of CCMP. Since 2006, the entities have been separate and they have functioned as two different companies. They have both been able to improve what they are able to do in each of their specialties. This is a result of the two of them being able to spit apart and focus on their own success.