Month: December 2015

Communities Improved By Kevin Seawright

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Kevin seawright and the newark community economic development corporation from Kevin Seawright Financial steward Kevin Seawright has worked in the north east for many years and has been able to improve the economy in the cities that he has worked in. He has done so by giving the people opportunity and helping them create options…

A Life Changing Experience

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I just moved to New York about three months ago and I feel like I am still in my exploring stages. There is so many job opportunities in the city that it is beyond ridiculous. I am coming from a smaller town in Wyoming, so I guess everything is bigger than where I came from….

Why Kristen Stewart Would Love Jon Urbana

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You know we love Kristen Stewart, and I like to think we know what she loves. One of those things would probably be Jon Urbana – if she knew him. I mean, look at this shot right here. That belongs on any Instagram feed. Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana And look at this video…

Financial Planning and Goal Setting

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According to Brad Reifler, financial planning is nothing more than goal setting. You determine where you are now and where you want to be in the future. You then develop a definitive course of action to move you forward from point A to point B. Of course executing those goals by placing them in writing…

Ricardo Guimarães of BMG is honored

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  In an article published at it is reported that the entrepreneur and Chairman of BMG, Ricardo Annes Guimarães, born in Belo Horizonte, received the City Council the diploma of Merit, on 18 April, at the request of Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno (PSB). Léo Bourgeois de Castro (PSDB), Speaker of the House, opened the ceremony…

Madison Street Capital’s Assets Management

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Follow MSC on YouTube Asset management can be a huge headache for business establishments. In fact, a company has to buy and sell to gain profit. Part of the buying and selling process involves the acquisition and sale of corporate assets. Asset Management plays a critical role in determining the overall value of a business….

CCMP and Services Provided by Stephen Murray

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Stephen Murray was the CEO of the CCMP Capital investment firm that specialized in equity of different buyout sectors. He was one of the top CEOs that the company saw and was a major player in the world of investment. He was able to provide his clients as well as his employees with some of…


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