Beneful Offers Me Enough Choices So That My Pup Can Grow Up With the Brand

I picked out my new puppy a few weeks before he was old enough for me to bring home. This turned out to be perfect because it gave me time to prepare for his arrival. One thing I had to do first was look over dog foods to choose a brand for him to eat. I knew I wanted a brand that offered me plenty of options to grow with him. That is why I was so happy to come across the Beneful puppy brand. They have plenty of varieties that made me confident they would have something to offer him every step of his life.

First off, Purina’s Beneful had a great option for what I would need first, a great puppy food. Their Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food with real chicken was perfect for my little guy. The puppy formula offers plenty of great nutrients to help my pup grow including a lot of calcium, DHA to help with brain development, and of course great ingredients like chicken, carrots, and peas.

As my pup grows I know his nutritional needs will change, but with Beneful I don’t have to worry at all. For the first few years of his adult life when he is super active running with me, headed to the dog park, and on hikes I can feed him Beneful Playful Life.

Of course, as dog’s age their metabolism slows down so I hope that I can switch him to regular dog food like Beneful Originals range. There are three different flavors so that every dog can get the taste they like. Salmon, chicken, and real beef are all choices, and they all offer a nutritionally sound diet with plenty of nutrients to support my pup.

I hope that the Originals line will be enough, but if my pup starts to get a little hefty as he ages from less activity I can always switch him to Beneful’s Healthy Weight made with real chicken and with accents of carrots, apples, and green beans. This recipe has a better caloric mix for dogs that need some help meeting their healthy weight goals. All of these choices allow me to be extremely comfortable with choosing Beneful as the brand for my pup.


Are You Like to Founder of Computer Sciences Corporation?

As the founder of the Computer Sciences Corporation, Eric Pulier has made a very memorable name for himself in the world of venture capital and a powerful impact upon the startup community as well. Having founded 16+ businesses, all of which have been very successful, he has been able to sit along with the greats in Silicon Valley as one of its most profound investors and creative minds this century has ever seen.

Having founded the Computer Sciences Corporation, his ventures into the world of creativity stem from his early years at Harvard University, where he was the editor in chief of the Harvard Crimson campus newspaper. In addition, he also wrote his own weekly column, embracing technology and challenging the status quo. The thoughts he conveyed in his provocative writing frequently challenged his readers to rethink the very things they find important in their day-to-day lives.

As the initial investor of the Computer Sciences Corporation, he transferred his brilliant set of idealistic thoughts to the world of enhancing enterprise technology. Enterprise technology is a very interesting business model because there are very few people who actually have the chops to produce enterprise grade technology. Pulier being one of the only companies on earth with the ability to create this type of software along with his innovative and freethinking way of life earned him a wide variety of successful startup companies and lots of interest and investment term sheets thrown at him from the venture capital community.

Eventually, as a venture capitalist, he was able to invest in early and seed stage startups as well as groom these early startups to fruition and great success.

Having earned over a half $1 billion for his various businesses and startups, the world of venture capital just seems to naturally gravitate towards his ideologies and trust him immensely. With his stellar track record of 16 wins and zero losses, and every, single one of his startup companies flourishing into multi-million-dollar closeouts, it is no wondering why Eric Pulier has the ear of the entire startup community.

Eventually, Pulier decided to venture deeper into the world of philosophy and writing, his first passions. He wrote an almost autobiographical book explaining the steps in the mentality that it takes to be a truly successful investor and a powerful, charismatic leader.

Eric Pulier, an investor, takes a very different stand on what it means to be successful than most other investors. Where other investors felt that nothing could be done to change the status quo, he saw the silver lining and was able to make things possible that most people thought could never be. This is why Eric Pulier, founder of the Computer Sciences Corporation is one of the 21st century’s best tech investors.

Get a Clean Home with The Push of a Button

I love it when my home shines. What I don’t like is having to make it shine by cleaning it myself. People hire cleaners for several reasons. They might be working a lot. Or maybe they are ill. The people like me just hate cleaning. But I also hated hiring cleaners on It was such a headache not to mention a little stressful. I wanted them to clean my home but some cleaners don’t have background checks and I had to worry if they were emptying it instead of cleaning.

Handy was one cleaning company that made it their passion to find out what people really needed and wanted from home cleaners. Handy, aka Handybook was started by Umang Dua and Osin Hanrahan. Realizing that today’s society wanted a service fast and efficient to order they created the company so that you only need to push a button on your iPhone.

No phone calls,being put on hold or waiting for someone to call you back. You just enter how many rooms you want cleaned,a time to start and your zip. The iPhone app shows you a quoted price and if you like it you confirm and your credit card is charged. You won’t need cash for tipping either as tips are included in your quote. Handy on fortune takes the worry away too, They do thorough background checks, personal interviews, and reference checks on every potential cleaner hired. In fact they only hire 3% of thousands because their requirements are stringent so you know the cleaner you get is safe. Growth of the new company has been so successful it has exploded nationally and gets over 1 million bookings a week for their services. Additionally Handy offers services in Canada and London internationally.

Another bonus I love is that you have a trail of your payments for tax purposes which adds to a good credit rating. If you are hiring cleaners the old way like I used to chances are you pay in cash. Cash is not IRS friendly meaning record-keeping is more difficult. With the Handy home cleaning platform I have the proper records for both taxes and my credit report. That can make every difference when you need to buy on credit. I could tell companies I paid for home cleaning without fail in cash but since it never made a trail of successful payments it’s like you don’t even have it. Places like car companies won’t use cash cleaning payments when allowing you credit but they will with Handy Cleaning Service payments.

Handy continues to grow and strives to bring the best cleaners and services to your home with ease with push button ordering. Because they know like you and I do. Nothing is better than a fresh clean shining home, except a fresh clean shining home where you didn’t have to life a finger other than to order.

Bone Spurs Is The Pain That Nobilis Health Took Away

Years ago, I was diagnosed with bone spurs. I went to the doctor a couple of years ago because I was having symptoms that I just couldn’t relieve on my own. I had been experiencing pain in my back, which were dull and sharp pains that were worse when I walked around. I also had pain in my shoulders, daily headaches, and even my legs and arms would sometimes go numb as well. All of these symptoms had become too much to bear, so I had some tests done. Sure enough, I had bone spurs in my spine. This was a surprise to me because I was and still am fairly healthy. When I went back to talk to my doctor, he told me that I would need surgery to relieve these symptoms and to get the bone spurs taken care of. I really didn’t want to have surgery, but I also knew that all of these symptoms I saw on cantechletter wouldn’t go away on their own. The good thing was that after talking to my doctor, he told me that the recovery time from the surgery wouldn’t be long at all. I was ready to get the surgery done because I had some vacation days from work built up anyways. I didn’t want to use vacation days as my sick days, but it’s better than being in pain every day. Overall, my surgery and the recovery time went great. I had the surgery performed at the Nobilis Health Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center in Dallas. They were very friendly, and they made sure that I didn’t have any questions before they began the surgery. I was taken back to surgery and put under anesthesia. Before I knew it, they were ready to send me home to begin my recovery. At first I couldn’t see any difference because of the pain from the surgery, but the pain went away in about five days. After five days things changed for me. After the surgery, I no longer had the pain I suffered from before. I only had random headaches about once a week, instead of every single day. I also didn’t have the numbing sensation at all anymore. I am so happy that I chose to have that surgery performed, and I am very happy that Nobilis Health did so well in my case too in a report on yahoo. They were great, and they even called me a couple of days after my surgery to check on me, which is something I didn’t get from any other healthcare centers. When I went to see the doctor for my follow-up, he said that everything went great. I told him how well I felt, and he told me that while things might be worse on some days, I should surely experience some more good days than bad ones because I had the surgery. I really would recommend Nobilis Health facilities to anyone who is in need of surgery for their back or neck area.