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P3 Executive Consulting Founder Susan McGalla Said The Experts Underestimated Apple’s Retail Store Success

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Everyone has an opinion when it comes to retail shopping. Retail shopping is three dimensional these days thanks to the Internet. The old days of jumping in the car and heading to a mall are over for a lot of folks, according to P3Executive Consulting founder, Susan McGalla. Consumers are shopping online more now than…

Magic Mike is Back!

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The 2012 surprise hit Magic Mike is back for round two with the highly anticipated sequel Magic Mike XXL. It is indeed bigger and bolder than it’s predecessor and sure to be a hit with the ladies. Three years after the events of the first film, Mike (Channing Tatum) has put the stripper life behind…

Technology mogul has spent career at the top

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Shaygan Kheradpir is a mogul of building technology and leading IT teams with experience in several sophisticated financial and communications corporations. Born in London, Kheradpir was educated in Switzerland and later at Cornell University in Upstate New York. His education and training in electrical engineering has made him a sought-after technology professional. GTE Corporation was…

Brian Boner’s Strategic Expansion of ITEC

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Brian Bonar is the sitting CEO of ITEC, Imaging Technologies Corporation. This company is leading the way in color management software SDLC, software development life cycle. ITEC also leads the way in integration and service management for digital imaging hardware. Recently, the company did a migration from a developer/manufacturer to a marketing/services business model. This…

Image Recognition Is Changing the Face Of Business

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Over the past few years, a new technology called product recognition has emerged upon the scene of future consumerism. Once imagined as some sort of science fiction, the idea of using your smartphone to identify and purchase anything you could focus your camera lens on became a reality. Just picture seeing a dress you simply…

Writing for Wikipedia

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When it comes down to it, there really is only one stop on the entire internet where users can be expected to find the information that they desire. Wikipedia has been the worlds premier encyclopedia, yes including Britannica, for almost the past decade. Every passing year it seems like the volunteer driven, open source encyclopedia…

The Major Achievements of James Dondero

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Jim Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He has enjoyed a vast career with over 3 decades of experience in credit and also equity markets. He now lives In Dallas, Texas. Dondero has had a successful career acquiring a number of accolades and achievements throughout his work career. His work ethics…

Bruce Levenson

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I always enjoy researching people like Bruce Levenson. He exemplifies what’s great about this country. From a modest beginning, he has worked hard and made it big. I was not able to find anything about the limits of his wealth, but anyone who is or was a majority owner of an NBA team is not…

merging Market Property Investments Look Promising To Highland Capital’s CEO James Dondero

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EInvestors are talking a lot about emerging markets and how to make money in those markets now that most of them are in a recession or suffering from a high inflation rate. Jim Dondero the CEO of Highland Capital Management is one of those investors. Highland Capital, under his guidance, has more than $28 billion…

The Continuing Successful Acting Career of Crystal Hunt

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Crystal Hunt, born on 1985, is a successful American actress and producer from Clearwater, Florida. Crystal’s interest in acting started at an extremely young age and so did her success. Hunt participated in talent pageants when she was only two years old showing off her impressive talents at such a young age. She later appeared…

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