Month: September 2015

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Personal, Professional, Highly Qualified

Posted by in Cosmetic Surgery, Doctors

Dr. Jennifer Walden and her female staff are sensitive to a woman’s needs. Cosmetic surgery is a personal, well thought decision on the part of the patient. It is the plastic surgeon’s responsibility to support this decision and help the patient look and feel their best. Dr. Jennifer Walden achieves patient satisfaction with a high…

Russia Is Delivering a New Way to Look at Romance

Posted by in Dating Online, People

It’s often easy to see what’s most important to people simply by looking at language. The term romance, for example, is best understood by the context of a conversation. This is because the feelings one finds in his or her heart have been documented and discussed for as long as people have been around. This…

How To Choose The Right Makeup

Posted by in Beauty Tips

Choosing the right makeup can be the toughest part about transforming yourself. If you don’t properly use the right products, you can be missing out on enhancing your skin and look to the best of your ability. Getting the right makeup for your skin is so important. The best brands need to be on your…

Lime Crime Make-Up: Doe Deere’s Brainchild

Posted by in Cool Products

There is a new line of cosmetics that’s causing a sensation worldwide. It’s called Lime Crime and people have almost broken the internet in their rush to order the products. Lime Crime cosmetics come in a wide range of bright and beautiful colors. Many of them are outside the color palette used by traditional mainstream…


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