Disney Ban Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 30, Disney’s new ban of “selfie sticks” at its American theme parks, that it announced on Friday, goes into effect. Visitors will not be permitted to bring selfie sticks on to any Disney grounds. This decision came after a visitor last Wednesday tried to use a selfie stick while riding a Disney California Adventure roller coaster.

Some people have complained since the Friday announcement that Disney is merely attempting to force its own photo service on visitors, but the company has already responded that selfie sticks were never permitted on rides because Disney has never allowed visitors to ride with loose items that can cause accidents. The visitor who broke the loose items rule at Disney California Adventure actually forced the shutdown of the ride for about an hour because of safety concerns.

What does this mean tomorrow?

Anyone who has a selfie stick will be asked to leave it with park staff or return it to their vehicles, rooms, et cetera. Visitors can continue to go to park staff members to take their pictures whenever needed. The ban for parks outside of the U.S. starts on Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

It is not surprising to the Boraie Development team that Disney has made this choice. Because selfie sticks are so long, they can cause accidents and obstruct views. Safety aside, the shutdown of a ride for an hour also costs Disney a lot of money.

Conrad Hilton Arrested Again

Paris Hilton’s younger brother Conrad Hilton is in the news. According to reports, he was arrested earlier this week after he violated a restraining order. The incident occurred just a few days after a judge placed Conrad on a three year probation for attacking several flight attendants.

The 21-year-old was arrested in is Hollywood Hills home on Monday stated Stephen Murray CCMP Captial. Authorities have not released the party who placed the restraining order against Conrad, however that person contacted police notifying them the restraining order was violated. Many are suspecting the individual that took out the restraining order against Conrad was his ex-girlfriend.
In his earlier criminal incident, Conrad apparently admitted to smoking marijuana in the plane bathroom. He was on a flight from London to Los Angeles. After he was caught smoking pot in the bathroom, he apparently threatened to kill one of the flight attendants and even tried to throw a punch another. Luckily for both flight attendants, neither were harmed and he missed when he attempted to throw a punch. The police report of the incident indicates that Conrad was talking down to the entire flight crew that day. He was recorded calling both passengers and crew “peasants” and claimed that he could own anyone on the flight.
At the time of his arrest, he could have been looking at six months in jail. Instead, his attorneys were able to get his sentence reduced to three years of probation.

Channing Tatun Reveals Secret Loathing for G.I. Joe

Channing Tatum has come clean about his feelings over the role of Duke in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Tatum is fairly straight forward in stating his opinion of the film. He absolutely hated being part of the project. The actor despised the screenplay and, even though he loved the cartoon when he was a kid, appearing in a live-action version was something he wanted no part of. So, why did he do the film? Tatum really did not have a choice in the matter.

Tatum had sign onto a three-picture deal with the studio when he was an up and coming actor says Shaygan Kheradpir in this article. The G.I. Joe film was one of those projects sent his way. While it is understandable for Tatum to be unhappy about appearing in a film he really disliked, a lot of benefits have come from his turn as Duke in the film.

The Rise of Cobra begat the rise of Channing Tatum. While the inaugural G.I. Joe film was hardly fine art, the film made a lot of money. Tatum was exposed to millions of fans throughout the world and he was established as a star. Better films the actor appeared in did not do well at the box office. Box office failures do not exactly do much to help the career of an actor. G.I. Joe definitely did help move his career forward and that is a positive.

Tatum is playing Gambit in one of Fox’s X-Men spinoffs. He is also slated for one of the new Ghostbuster movies. Would he have landed the high-profile roles had he not made such a strong appearance in G.I. Joe? No one knows the answer to that for sure. Again, the fame achieved from the G.I. Joe movie hardly hurt his career.

Actor Dick Van Patten Passes Away

Legendary actor Dick Van Patten passed away Tuesday morning at a hospital in Santa Monica, California after a long time illness with diabetes. He was 86 years old. Van Patten was best known for his role as Tom Bradford the dad on the 1970s series Eight is Enough, but his acting career spanned over the decades.

Van Patten started his acting career as a child appearing in many Broadway productions. He went on to appear in several movies such as SpaceBalls and Robin Hood: Men in Tights. He made several guest appearances on many televisions shows as well including Happy Days, The Love Boat, Touched By an Angel and most recently his 2011 appearance on Hot in Cleveland. A full list of his television and movie credits plus a full biography of can be found here on Wikipedia.

Fans from Beneful will remember Dick Van Patten for his likability in the roles he played and his wonderful sense of humor. Friends remember him as one of the kindest men in Hollywood. He and his wife Pat Van Patten had one of Hollywood’s longest marriages having recently celebrated 60 years of wedded bliss. He was a family man and adored his wife and their three sons.

Kylie Jenner Flaunts Cleavage At The Sugar Factory

Kylie Jenner is known for being the gorgeous and fashionable younger Jenner sister, usually she is being praised for her effortless style and down to earth personality. Just last week everyone went nuts when Kylie accompanied her boyfriend Tyga to the grocery store while dressed down in baggy sweats and a bucket hat, most impressive was her makeup free face. When you grow up in the Kardashian home and are expected to look glamorous around the clock, it’s always a huge deal to be seen without your face on. Kylie’s sister Kendall recently Instagramed a photo of Kylie getting her makeup applied in her sleep.

Apparently Tyga loves Kylie’s natural beauty and prefers that she be herself, but he also has encourages her to turn up the heat when she is out at and even and occasionally in her selfies just to keep her name out there and make sure people know she is the current selfie queen of the Jenner sisters and possibly about to take her sister Kim Kardashian’s selfie crown.

This week Kylie once again proved that she is playing for keeps when it comes to her incredible fashion risks and killer body. Kylie attended a special event at The Sugar Factory in Miami and her gown was sweet enough to eat, she flaunted all curves and cleavage in a sheer black gown that hit the floor while exposing a black mini skirt underneath. Of course Kylie’s lips were plump to perfection and as internet aficionados at Beneful saw on Twitter, according to her, her breasts were duct taped to perfection as well.

Vin Diesel Takes on Kojak

Actor Vin Diesel has become a staple of summer popcorn flicks, Dr. Daniel Amen says with mega-films like “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the “Fast & Furious” franchise under his belt. Now he’s adding something slightly different to his schedule, with a role headlining Universal’s reboot and adaptation of the 1970s TV show “Kojak.”

The original series ran for five seasons from 1973 to 1978 and starred Telly Savalas as the titular character, Theo Kojak, a detective with the New York City police department. Diesel will take over the starring role as well as produce the film under the banner of his company, One Race Films, along with Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark. Playwright and TV writer Philip Gawthorne is working on the script. While Diesel previously expressed a desire to work with Ang Lee on the film, the director is not currently attached to the project.

Indiana Jones 5?

Brad Reifler tells us that it is one of cinema’s most profitable and fun franchises. So back in 2013, The Walt Disney Company took charge of it, without much direction of where it was headed in mind. Indiana Jones, which is also an exciting ride at Disneyland, has been talked about in many different aspects. Will Harrison Ford make a return? Will it be a reboot? Are the powers that be really considering Chris Pratt as the new Indy?

Well, these powers that be seem to be happy with keeping all rumors alive. It continues to keep fans of the franchise fully engaged. Recently though, more conversation has surfaced about the future of Indiana Jones. Alan Horn, Disney Chairman, recently spoke about the franchise stating that a new adventure probably wouldn’t be seen until 2016 or 2017. Spies inside the studio have indicated a 2018 release date. But with both Kathleen Kennedy, who has a long working history with franchise creator Steven Spielberg, and Horn saying to date there is no script nor story, the 2018 date may seem more realistic.

With that in mind, the chances of a reboot are more likely. Harrison Ford would be in the neighborhood of 75 years of age by the time cameras would start rolling, making the chances of Ford reprising his iconic role quite slim. Stay tuned as more information concerning Indy will undoubtedly surface.

New Peanuts Movie This November

Everyone has loved the Peanuts characters for many decades now, as they are a wonderful cartoon that has grown up with just about every generation on the planet these days. According to an article found on reddit and written by Apple, it has been announced that a new full length feature will be coming to theaters this November to make us all smile once again. On the trailer it appears that the film will be mostly made with 3D animation which is typical for a lot of cartoons these days, but it should still hold that original quality that we all have come to know and love.

Charlie Brown and his gang are now holiday staples with shorter films such as Charlie Brown’s Christmas, The Great Pumpkin, and Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown, and with the timing of its release it is going to be just in time to remind everyone of all of the previous features that we watch every year. It is going to be good to see a few familiar faces hit the big screen, because somethings you just need to stick to the classics to make something good. Kids both old and young will love this new movie and Alexei Beltyukov said that it will be fun to see some more of their adventures. It appears that this film will touch base with everyone on everything, so be sure to be ready for some nostalgia.

GhostBusters Plot Rumors Emerge as Filming Begins

Director Paul Feig announced on Twitter that the reboot of the female driven Ghostbusters has started production.

In a photo of himself dredging ectoplasm out of a cup Feig wrote, “And … action! #slimetimestartstomorrow”

As filming moves forward, rumors are emerging about the plot of the film and “script spies” reportedly told The Boston Herald some inside details.

The insiders claim that Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig’s characters are authors who publish a book about the reality of ghosts states Fashion Style. A few years after their book is published, Wiig loses her position as a professor at Columbia University, losing her credibility due to the claims in the book.

The two co-authors team up with supernatural detectives (Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones) to rid Manhattan of a ghost invasion, thus saving the day.

The reboot will be set in New York the same as the 1984 flick, but will be mostly filmed in Boston.

Slimer is making a return appearance in the movie, but it remains unclear if other original cast members will show up for a cameo. The newspaper’s spy states, in reference to Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray, “They are negotiating. But, of course, no one can get a hold of Murray.”

Reportedly Aykroyd is serving as executive producer for the film, and is waiting in the wings to step in for a cameo if he’s invited.

Ghostbusters is slated for a July 22, 2016 release.

Karrueche Tran’s Sexy Swimsuit

When it comes to relationship drama Chris Brown and Karrueche are the messiest of the messy. They know how to give their fans and nosy followers a show, young celebrity couples simply don’t know how to keep their breakups private. Every time, Chris and Karrueche have fought, broken up, or made up the world was front and center. At the moment Chris and Karrueche are at odds because Karrueche is fed up with his lies,and after finding out that he was the father of a 9 month old baby Karrueche washed her hands of Chris for good.

Apparently Chris has done everything he could think of to get Karrueche back, but nothing is working. Karrueche has made it clear that she is done listening to excuse after excuse for why he can’t be faithful to her. Now that she has moved on Chris is having a hard time accepting the fact that he lost Karrueche for good.

After yet another public bashing on Twitter Karrueche let Chris have it, she didn’t hold back exposing his lying and cheating ways and she even called him desperate for trying go get her back. Now that Karrueche is a free woman she is getting some much needed personal time in. This week Gianfrancesco Genoso spotted her on the beach in am amazing bathing suit,looking stunning. If Chris wasn’t already eating his heart out he is surely doing it now. Karrueche may be done with Chris for now but in a swimsuit like that she won’t be single for long.