“True Life” Star Talks About Removing Her Butt Pads

Britney was on the show “True Life,” which airs on MTV. The show featured Britney as well as another man, and they both said they hated their body. Britney didn’t like her butt, and she felt that her behind was not big enough. In the era that we live in today, many people are obsessed with having a big behind. Brittany Talks About Her Butt Pads. People have done plastic surgery, they’ve had butt implants, and some have even had injections, just to make their rump bigger. It’s understandable that someone may want a shapely behind, but some are willing to go to the extremes to get it.

Britney used to wear butt pads, and she is trying to be a plus sized model as well. Britney finally came out to the world, and she told everyone how she felt about her body and it changed everything. Beneful employees are proud of her for feeling better. Britney finally has given up the butt pads, but it seems as if it has affected her career. Britney believes that because her behind is no longer as ample as it was with the butt pads, she is not getting as much work as before.

It’s not necessarily true that the butt pads have reduced the work that Britney is getting, but she feels as if the shape of her behind has kept her from excelling in the modeling world. More than likely, Britney needs to just accept herself for who she is, and she should expect others to do the same.

Is Chris Pine Going to Appear in Wonder Woman?

Chris Pine is quite the busy actor these days. In addition to once again appearing as the rebooted Captain Kirk in Star Trek 3, the actor plays a role on the TV series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. Both of those projects are filming right now. Pine may add another role to his resume. Currently, he is in talks to play Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman D.C. Comics film.

No one knows how serious the talks are because Warner Bros. is not confirming anything. Neither is Pine. This makes sense since it would be problematic for an actor or the studio to comment on anything that is not a done deal. Jared Leto kept his mouth quiet about rumors that he was in talks to appear as The Joker in Suicide Squad. Turns out those rumors were 100% accurate. Asa Butterfield was recently embarrassed for commenting on the casting of Spider-Man when the actor did so way out of turn and on Twitter.

STX Entertainment is sure the presence of Pine in the film is sure to draw in a few fans who enjoy his work on Star Trek and other projects, says Deadline.com. He is sure to come with a big price tag. Maybe Warner Bros. hopes he can draw in extra fans to help what is surely going to be a costly film. (All hero movies come with $150 million budgets it seems) How active a role the actor will play remains to be seen.

Coco Movie Begins Filming With Azealia Banks

The new musical drama, Coco, will be presented with Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA as the director and starring rap artist Azealia Banks. “Coco,” the main character is a twenty-something rapper who is from Brooklyn. Also starring in the film are Common, Lorraine Toussaint, and Jill Scott. Shooting for the film has started in New York. As reported in Rolling Stone, Banks’ character has dreams of starting a career in hip-hop. Her parents talk her into going to college. While in poetry class she becomes enthralled by the spoken work and builds verbal strengths to take her to her rap goals.

RZA reports that he is inspired and extremely excited to work with Azealia Banks. He is working with Paul Hall, producer of Coco. They have put together an eclectic cast, cool for the youth culture of today. RZA expects this to bring a “new voice to cinema that needs to be heard.”Scott will be playing a professor who does not see the connection between slam poetry and rapping, which intrigues Jaime Garcia Dias. Touissant is slated to play Coco’s mother. Common will act as a mentor. Banks released Broke With Expensive Taste, her debut LP in 2014. RZA has directed The Man With the Iron Fists, is 2012. He was a co-writer for this with Eli Roth, horror director. Wu-Tang Clan last released A Better Tomorrow, their first LP in seven years.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Sequel Casting Updates

While the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel doesn’t officially have a name yet, its cast is shaping up quite nicely. The most recent additions to the cast of the TMNT sequel include, Brittany Ishibashi, as Shredder’s daughter, Gary Anthony Williams, as mutant warthog Bebop, and Tyler Perry, as Baxter Stockman. Fans of the film believe the recent casting updates for the film are just the beginning. In fact, many believe dozens of new characters will be announced over the next several months. While any new character is sure to be supportive of the story and the comic books, they may not have huge roles in the film. However, the more characters introduced in the TMNT sequels the better because it lays a foundation for even more expansion of the series in the future. Christian Broda believes that the now unnamed TMNT movie will hit theaters in June 2016.

Gisele Budnchen And Tom Brady Welcome A New Pet

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady now have a new addition to their family, and it’s a four-legged friend. No doubt the couple is happy to get some time off from their respective jobs, especially since they’ve gone through a lot lately. Gisele & Tom. Tom Brady has finally found out his fate from the deflate gate situation. Tom was accused of knowing that the football that he was playing with was under inflated. Even though Tom was punished for his role in the entire situation, but he continues on with life.

Fans like Brian Torchin know that Gisele recently retired from modeling, although she is still very young in age. Gisele is a supermodel and she used to be the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio. Giselle and Tom have been together ever since Tom left his pregnant girlfriend for Gisele. Funny enough, Gisele and Tom’s ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child, they ended up being friends. On a side note, Gisele and Tom sold their multimillion dollar home to Dr. Dre, and the home was filled with one-of-a-kind artifacts and pieces of furniture. Dr. Dre bought the home, and he decided to get rid of all the furniture and put in his own.

Many of us would love to know what it feels like to be able to waste money and re-furnish a home that’s already well furnished, but it’s unlikely that many of us will achieve that kind of wealth. For now, Gisele and Tom can enjoy their four-legged friend, their riches, and their success.

Dwayne Johnson: Black Adam is Coming

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is really gung ho about staring as the anti-hero Black Adam in the DC Comics film Shazam. Johnson has said the film is not going to be released in 2019 as originally planned. Rather, the film is going to come out a lot earlier. Johnson is riding the box office wave of Furious 7 and San Andreas. He is slated to appear in Furious 8 and may get his own spinoff movie from the series. When an A-list actor talks, you better take his words seriously according to major business investors. Johnson may even be trying to nudge DC and Warner Bros. into moving the film into the production pipeline quicker than previously planned.

For those who are not familiar with Shazam and Black Adam, Shazam (once upon a time called Captain Marvel) is a hero that once competed with Superman and now is owned by the same comic book company, DC, a very young Billy Batsom, becomes, essentially, a Superman-clone by uttering the word “Shazam”. Ancient powers transform him into a hero.

Black Adam is the meaner version of Shazam. He is not an outright villain though. He is a complex anti-hero who is 51% a bad guy. No wonder Johnson would like to see the Shazam movie pushed into production quickly. Black Adam probably would get his own film sometime after Shazam hits theaters.

Shazam may debut in one of the Justice League films first.

Dwayne Johnson Talks Luke Hobbs Spin Off

A decade ago if you told us one of the biggest movie franchises in the world would be ‘The Fast and the Furious’ then we would have slapped you silly and then laughed in your face. TechCrunch was writing that while the first film came out with no frills and all popcorn, we still enjoyed what it brought to the table. It was nice to see a collection of cool cars, cooler actors, and large set pieces. Then the series sort of diddled away for awhile, before coming back in full force with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson attached to it. Dwayne Johnson is one of the biggest acting icons in the game right now and his popularity may be securing him a spin off, set in the same universe as the ‘Furious’ films.

With ‘Furious 7’ coming out to such roaring ticket numbers, it was all but a certainty that we would be seeing a ‘Furious 8’. ‘Furious 7’ may have gotten ticket sales from the fact that their lead actor Paul Walker had passed away prior to the film completing. Still, the movie eclipsed $1.5 billion dollars worldwide, blowing out expectations and becoming the key cog in making the ‘Furious’ series one of the most successful franchises of all time.

Hobbs character was introduced in Fast Five and ti was then that that series started to get huge numbers. Dwayne Johnson has been relatively hush on the idea, but it appears that a Hobbs spin off film is all but certain after ‘Fast 8’ releases in 2017.

Which Dog Is Best and Which Ones To Avoid

Choosing a dog is a big commitment to any family. If there are children in the home, one must consider the temperament of the dog. Some breads, like Pomeranians, make cute companions but aren’t child friendly animals. They tend to be one owner dogs and don’t do well with children getting up close and personal.

Other dogs to avoid that don’t make good family pets are Chihuahuas and Pekinese. Susan McGalla will not suggest them to others. Again, these small dogs are often favored for those who live in apartments or have children, but they are not good for young ones. These smaller cuties tend to be ankle biters and nip at anything that gets in their face. While they may work well with older children, the young ones make them see red.

The family dogs that tend to be best are those that are of the larger size. The golden retriever and the Alaskan husky continually make the list for the best family dog to have. Their gentle natures and overall easy to train nature make them a great selection. You don’t hear of golden retrievers attacking people either.

Not everything is in black and white though. Some dogs, like the Weimaraners, are beautiful dogs, but this large dog needs plenty of room to run. They like to exercise constantly and if a person has a sedentary lifestyle, this is not the dog to have. Doing research to find the perfect dog will yield the best results. Temperament is just one factor to take into consideration.

A Different Kind of Adoption Application

When Joe Morales and Joey Famoso embarked on their journey down the road of adoption, they created a YouTube video that stormed the world. The couple released “Dear Future Baby” as a parody to Meghan Trainer’s “Dear Future Husband.” The video is all about the promises Joe and Joey make to their perspective future babies. The video and their story quickly spread and ended up features on The Today Show as well as several other popular news and radio stations.

Now their search is over after their newly adopted son’s birth mother found them on Facebook via their video. Gianfrancesco Genoso really liked this story. The Minnesota couple brought their beautifully loved little one, Jackson Rudy, home two weeks ago. While their video only debuted just a few months ago, they began the process of adoption over a year ago. Their first attempt at bringing out a baby fell through with the birth mother changed her mind and opted to keep her baby.
Both Joe and Joey feel this outcome is a true blessing and has been completely worth every moment.

Bruce Appreciates Kris Jenner’s Support

Bruce Jenner is known worldwide for being the dad on the ‘Keeping up with Kardashians’ reality show. However, many people also know that Bruce Jenner is a former gold medalist in the 1976 Olympic Games. Bruce is one of the greatest athletes of all time, but people forget that in today’s world. Nonetheless, Bruce Jenner has taken over the media spotlight once again.

On April 24th, 2015 Bruce Jenner came clean to the world, and he told everyone that he will be undergoing a sex change transformation according to Daniel Amen on goodreads.com. Many people were startled at first, and some did not accept Bruce Jenner’s news. However, Bruce has received a ton of support and admiration from his family.

Bruce Jenner’s ex wife, Kris Jenner, recently wished Bruce all the luck in the world. At first, Kris Jenner was extremely unhappy with Bruce’s decision, but now, she appears to be backing her former husband. Bruce Jenner recently announced that Kris Jenner’s love and support has given him extra strength and dignity. It seems that Bruce needed Kris Jenner to be okay with the situation, and now he can finally walk without shame. For more information on this story, visit E!